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THAD TAROT -THE HERMETIC ANGEL DECK explores the interaction between the energies from planets, to plants and to the healing abilities contained in Homeopathy, TCM and Ayerveda. Either in a single application or in an extraordinary blending that creates a harmony that is expressed as a healing state. There are 22 cards. The Master Number 22 transfers the energies and subtle attributes of intuition and passion, balance and harmony creating and enhancing redemption.  THAD TAROT -THE HERMETIC ANGEL DECK is an evolution of idealism, philanthropy and service to manifest your ideals and desires. Number 22 is a number of power and accomplishment. Number 22 can turn the most ambitious of dreams into reality and encourages you to bring things through to fruition on both the spiritual and material planes.  NOTE:  that the planets do not work in isolation but in a complex interaction. As represented by THAD TAROT.

THE ARCANA ARE ARCHETYPAL – influences drawn from Christianity, Buddhism- Hinduism and Hermetic.

1.  Archangel Michael – Sun

2.  Archangel Gabriel – Moon

3.  Archangel Raphael–Mercury

4.  Archangel Samael-Mars

5.  Archangel Anael – Venus

6.  Archangel Cassiel – Saturn

7.  Archangel Sachiel – Jupiter

8.  God – Sun

9.  Jesus -Earth

10.  Our Lady of Fatima – Earth

11.  Asmodeus– Neptune/Uranus/Pluto

12.  Rahu & Ketu– Saturn /Uranus

13.  Shiva– Navagraha

14.  Ganesh – Saturn

15.  Ose- Neptune/Pluto

16.  Padre Pio– Saturn /Pluto

17.  King Cobra -KRITIKKA-Venus/pluto/Saturn

18.  Phoneix – Sun

19.  Hermes – Mercury

20.  Bael- Neptune / Saturn

21.  Our Lady of Guadalupe– Moon /Venus

22.  AVALOKITESVARA –              Venus /Jupiter

*Navagraha-Includes the planets: Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn, the Sun, the Moon, as well as positions in the sky, Rahu (north or ascending lunar node) and Ketu (south or descending lunar node). *URANUS and NEPTUNE are similar to Venus and the Moon.

THAD TAROT- THE HERMETIC ANGEL DECK as portrayed by the cards, each features the Angels, the Denizens, the Archetypes and the Demons with the Planets. The Planets are associated with certain characteristics for eg. Jupiter: expansion, growth, optimism etc., as well as certain organs and disorders. The Angels, The Archetypes, Denizens and Demons as explained via planetary placements can guide you to better health and prosperity.  You can apply the Angel Card formations to choose the right herbs and homeopathy to promote and guide you to better health. As you use the Angel cards you can see and experience planetary alignments that are affecting you and you can then be guided to produce a remedy very specific to your condition. You can use it to predict or prevent all afflictions. In placing the cards in a typical Celtic cross formation, you can note the position of the angels, the planets involved and reference the planets back to herbs and remedies. As above so Below! You can now begin to understand, direct and in as many ways as you can change the course of your affliction through enlightenment. You can consult your Homeopathic, Ayervedic or Naturopathic doctors with more knowledge and understanding of the nature of your experiences.

The Celtic-Cross formation of THE HERMETIC ANGEL DECK

The 10 card Celtic-Cross is the most common Tarot card layout. Below is one that can be used with comments about the interaction of the placements.

The Celtic-Cross works best when used to answer specific questions. Remember to put some thought into the formulation of the question you wish to ask

Card 1: The present
Card 2: The immediate challenge facing the querent; You will often pull a difficult card here, which will indicate an obstacle that must be overcome. When you pull a “good” card here, examine it carefully because it will still represent a challenge. As the good card will show the planets involved and those planets and its interaction may be the cause behind the affliction

*Card 3: Distant past, genetic foundations. This card should indicate the root of the subject matter of the question. You may have a genetic predisposition to this afflication and that may be part of the miasms.  Miasma once referred to as unhealthy vapors rising from the ground or other sources permeate the literature of Homeoapthy and create a base point to understand diseases that can be inherited, and effects diluted and transfer assymptotamic but devastating illness through space and time. They can in part be explained through epigenetics.

*Epigenetics – Inbiology, epigenetics is the study of heritable changes in gene expression or cellularphenotype, caused by mechanisms other than changes in the underlying DNA sequence.  It refers to functionally relevant modifications to the genome that do not involve a change in the nucleotide sequence. These changes may remain through cell divisions for the remainder of the cell’s life and may also last for multiple generations. However, there is no change in the underlying DNA sequence of the organism instead, non-genetic factors cause the organism’s genes to behave (or “express themselves”) differently.

But also create many karmic based circumstances. You may be living the expression of the afflication in your daily lives.Your life can be a syndrome.THAD may bring conscious awareness and can lead you to treat and be aware of the language of affliction that dicate ordinary life choices. The mundane questions of Romance, Career, Wealth,can all be expored as a function of THAD. There are many ELIXIRS of LIFE.

The Following is a list of MIASMATIC CLASSIFICATIONS (reference: Rajan Sankaran, System of Homeopathy & An Insight into Plants vol I) These are examples of miasams and their planetary links. In pulling the cards – Asmodeus – Bael – Ose – Hermes… you are pulling cards that deal with strong miasmic influences. Transference of these ailments through the ancestral line can include acts of spirtitual censure. For example acts of Suicide, Murder and violence of all kinds, malicious intent and generations of severe crushing poverty can form part of the miasmic realm of illness. The results can be codified as the following. DNA is a vibration that when corrupted can lead to profound illness that are deemed asymptomatic. Descriptions are as per Sankaran. This is for your englightenment via entertainment. It can be used as a puedo diagnostic tool to engage the querant in thought or discussion.


A difficult situation where one has to struggle in order to succeed. There is anxiety with doubts about his ability, but failure does not mean the end of the world. A struggle to stand on ones own two feet. The task is well within his reach. Some effort made, and it will be accomplished.

Optimism. Making the effort. Getting it done.
Give up easily. Despair of recovery. Lack of self confidence.
Functional pathologies.
Poverty/Wealth. Materialsim. Greed.
Assimilation/Elimination. Poor nutrition. Poor immunity – frequent colds.
Never well since flu, infections, parasites, sprains and injuries.
Easy spraining of joints. Weakness of connective tissues.
Ailments after change or upheaval. Difficulty adapting to change.
Remedies: Sulphur, Psorinum, Calc, Lyc, Cuprum –  THAD- Archangel Cassiel –Ganesh-Rahu/Ketu-Bael-Padre Pio



Fixed irredemiable weakness within. The person tends to cope with it or hide it from others. Acceptance of limitations and tries to cover them up.   Fixed in their ways. Rigid ideas. Ritualistic behaviour.  Hypersensitive reaction too many things, so their life is restricted.
Guilt. Remorse. Self-reproach. Fear of being exposed.  Asthma. Soft or pedunculated Warts. Neuroses. Overgrowth. Moles.  Catarrh of bladder. Suppressed gonorrhea. Horny callosities. Hardness of prostate.  Weeping on being spoken to. Aliments from anticipation. Anxiety before an engagement.
Always washing their hands. Fear before an examination. Delusion pursued. Timidity about appearing in public. Introverted.  Discharges stain indelibly. Condylomata. Benign tumors.  Avoids things rather than faces them. Accepts things they cannot change. Catarrh of bladder from suppressed gonorrhea. Hardness of prostate.  Tender horny callosities on soles of feet. Discharges stain indelibly fast. Submission. Accommodation. Manipulation. Adaption.  Hormonal imbalances – masculine women, feminine men. Hair on unwanted parts. Fishy smelling discharges. Excessive catarrh. Nail biting. Nappy rashes. Amelioration in the evening or at night. Night owls.
Remedies: Copaiva, Med, Mangifera, Puls, Sabadilla, Thuja, Silicea, Nat-sulph, Sil  THAD – Asmodeus – Oso – Bael


 Situation is beyond salvage. Complete hopelessness and despair. Desperate efforts to change or destroy the situation. Health deteriorates. Cannot cope with anything, not even oneself. Death is the only way out. Has committed an unpardonable crime. Homicide. Suicide. Self destructive behavior like alcoholism. Catatonic withdrawal. Total indifference. Captain of a sinking ship.
Ulcers. Heart attack. Psychoses. Paralysis. Necrosis.
Always discontented. Disposed to become a criminal without remorse.
Morbid impulses. Anxiety with suicidal disposition. Mental symptoms come on during perspiration. Abscesses, esp. those hard to mature. Sunken nose. Injected cornea. Ulcers > warmth. Ulcers with painful margins. Inflammation and degeneration of the bones.
Threatened gangrene with blueness of the part.
Destruction. Homocide. Despair. Psychosis. Devastation.
Things have become impossible to live with.

Remedies: Merc sol, Syphilinum, Aurum, Baryta carb, Huang-nan, Leptandra, Echinacea, Clematis erecta, Lachesis, Hepar sulph, Dendroaspis polyepsis

THAD – Asmodeus – Ose – Padre Pio



Intense oppression and exploitation with a desire for change. Must do things in an intense and hectic way in order to break free.  Old age is narrowing in on him. Has little time to live. Lots of things left to accomplish. Works at a hectic pace. Racing against time.
Caught. Suffocated. Compressed. Oppression.  Burnt out. Going towards total destruction.
Like a man trapped in a very narrow tunnel. Tuberculosis. Asthma. Eczema. Allergies.
Temper tantrums, especially to get attention.
Wanders from place to place – intense restlessness.
Intense dissatisfaction with their lives.
Aversion to routine. Craves change.
Strong feelings of being romantically unfulfilled. Many affairs out of boredom. Fear of boredom. Cannot stick to one thing. Needs new things all the time. Cosmopolitan.
Burned out from desire to do too much. Wants to experience everything before they die.

Remedies: Abrotanum, Acalypha-indica, Agraphis, Tub bov, Baccilinum, Drosera, Calc-phos, Balsam-p, Phos, Tarentula  – THAD – Rahu/Ketu–Asmodeus


Weakness and incapacity within. Needs to perform exceedingly well and to live up to very high expectations. Reaction is a superhuman effort stretching himself beyond the limits of his capacity. A continuous and prolonged struggle which seems to have no end. Failure means death and destruction. Unable to accomplish many of the things he planned to.
Tasks seem out of his reach, but there is the slightest hope if he stretches himself beyond his capabilities. No control over his life anymore. His life is slipping away.
Things will get destroyed if they do not keep control
Chaos. Order. Perfectionist. Fastidious. Must have total control of surroundings. Cancer. Diabetes. Impulse to jump from a height.
Cannot rest when things are not in their proper place.
Ailments from rudeness of others.

Remedies: Anacardium, Anhalonium, Bellis-p, Carcinonsinum, Nitric acid,

Arg-nit, Ignatia, Staph, Conium, Arsenicum, Kail-arsenicum

THAD-Padre Pio- Ose- Asmodeus



An acute threat, and the reaction is strong and instinctive.
Instinctive. Uncomplicated.
Suddenness, then nothing. Sudden great danger.
The threat is too big. Must escape or run away. Being beside oneself with anxiety. Panic. Shock. Stupefied. Immobile. Terror. As if a bomb explodes or there is an earthquake.
Helplessness. Run for your life. Safety once the danger is passed.
Panic attacks. Sudden manifestations of illness. Apoplexy. Mania. Fever.
To kill as an act of self defense Voice lost from injuries to the head. Traumatic. Violent pains. Threatening abortion. Cardiac anguish. Anguish during labor.
Reflex actions. Alarm. Storms.

Remedies: Aconite, Arnica, Belladonna, Chocolate, Crot-tig, Lyssin, Stramonium, Veratrum alb, Camphor

THAD- Rahu/Ketu – Asmodeus


TYPHOID (Acute-Psoric)

A critical situation which if handled properly for a critical period, will end in total recovery. The reaction is an intense struggle against it.
Impatient. Demanding. Competitive.
Bed is sinking. Losing position of comfort and security.
Sudden loss or business failure.
Do or die. Intense short effort. Grab it all right now. Wants quick results. Taking chances recovering lost ground. Given up. Sinking. No effort. No action of will. Profound exhaustion. As if your house is on fire. Crash in the stock market.
Able to rest at the end if you can just make it that far.
Subacute problems. Crisis. Emergency. Demanding help. Clinging. Desire to go home.  When away from home. Continued fevers with muscular soreness. Continued fevers run very high. Continued fevers with headaches. Pneumonia. Cerebral fevers.
Fear of being sold. Talks always of business. Busy delirium.
Diarrhoea from fever. Dreams of physical exertion.
Desires to change their position. Anxiety drives them out of bed.

Remedies: Bryonia, Nux-vom, Rhus-tox, Cham, Hyos, Baptisia, Paris quad, Nux-mosh, Pyrogen, Phos-ac, Carbo-veg.
THAD- Asmodeus – Oso – Bael


RINGWORM (Psoric-Sycotic)
Alternates between periods of struggle with anxiety about success and periods of despair and giving up.
Makes the effort but slides down again.
Theme is of unsuccessful efforts. Effort cannot be sustained for success.
The task is beyond easy reach. Always trying but not succeeding.
Gives up hope. Just sits and does nothing. No more trying.
Situation of a woman trying to lose weight.
Hopeful for awhile, then gives up for awhile, then hopeful again, then gives up again.
Dry or Moist Herpes. Herpes which stings. Tinea. Large warts often on the hands. Hard or inflamed warts. Acne. General discomfort.
Irritation – irritability that occurs during the daytime.

Remedies: Calc-sulph, Calc-sil, Mag-sulph, Teucrium, Sars, Dulc, Tarax, Viol-t, Chrysar.

THAD- Archangel Cassiel –Ganesh-Rahu/Ketu-Bael-Padre Pio

MALARIA ( Acute-Sycotic)
Acute feeling of threat comes up intermittently in phases, between which is an underlying chronic fixed feeling of being deficient.
Sudden acute manifestations that come up from time to time, followed by periods of quiescence.
A feeling of weakness which the person accepts.
Periodic attacks.
Dependent but unable to do anything about it.
Feels hindered and obstructed. Feels unfortunate and stuck.
Fear of being injured, of being attacked.
Worried about the future.
Alternates between excitement and acceptance.
Suppressed anger. Contemptuous.
Feels things are not good enough, are unworthy.
Limited. Imprisoned. Miserable. Brooding. Sentimental.
Phobic, paroxysmal fears.
Migraines, neuralgia, worms, colic, colitis, rheumatism, meniere’s , asthma. Stuck in a dependent position, powerless but attacked from time to time
Ravenous appetite esp. from worms. Respiration is impeded during palpitations.
Sticking in the epigastrium impedes respiration.

Remedies: Berberis-v, Capsicum, Cina, China, Colocynth, Spigelia, Nat-mur, Ant-crude THAD- Asmodeus – Oso – Bael


LEPROSY ( Tubercular- Syphilitic)
Intense oppression, hopelessness and a desire for change.
Can no longer make himself useful.
Difficulty relating to people (younger people)
Cast off by society and by family. Displaced and pushed into a corner.
No hope left, only death.
Intense sense of isolation. Abandoned. Forsaken. Repudiated.
Mocked. Criticised. Looked down upon. Hunted down. Poisoned. Destroyed. Dirty. Disgusting.
Suicidal. Homicidal. Tears himself. Biting. Despair.
An outcast, with no hope of being normal, so they isolate themselves and feel disgust for themselves. Sadism and perversion. Gangrene. Paralysis. Warts are withered.
Dreams of walking among ruins.
Inclination to uncover. Avoids the sight of people.
Suicidal disposition to throw himself from a height.
Desires to travel. Desires to kill. Contemptuous. Destructive.
Remedies: Secale, Hura, Ocimum-s, Aloe, Cicuta, Mandragora, Curare, Iodum

THAD-Padre Pio- Ose- Asmodeus


The Celtic-Cross formation of THE HERMETIC ANGEL DECK  continued.

Card 4: More recent past, including events. This will indicate events taking place, not necessarily directly connected to the question. For example, if a love affair going wrong Card 3 would show the root of why it is going wrong, whereas Card 4 will show something that recently happened to reflect this. You could see this as a “check comment” card – a way of seeing that the reading is sound. The Hermetic Angel Deck can read all influences that manifest in human life. This is Karma.
Card 5: The best that can be achieved. This is directly related to the question. Note that this may not necessarily gel against Card 10 – it depends whether you are able to get the best. However, a negative card here probably means that it is worth cutting your losses rather than putting any more effort into the situation.
Card 6: Immediate Future. This indicates events in the next few days or week(s). This read does not cover months.
Card 7: Factors or inner feelings affecting the situation. Compare this against Card 1 in order to understand underlying forces/trends. If there is conflict between them this tends to indicate that the querent is going in the wrong direction.
Card 8: External influences.People, energies or events which will affect the outcome of the question and are beyond the querent’s control.
Card 9: Hopes or fears around the situation. This may produce a card that confuses us badly. Always bear in mind that hopes and fears are closely intertwined, therefore that which we hope for may also be that which we fear, and so may fail to happen. Sometimes it is useful to draw a second card for clarification after the reading has been laid, and to read the two together.
Card 10: Final outcome. This is a fairly self explanatory card. However it is worth saying that if the card comes up somewhat ambiguous, once again it may be worth drawing 3 extra cards to clarify. These should be interpreted through the lens of Card 10.

If the card drawn is ASMODEUS and we draw the PHONEIX, ARCHANGEL ANAEL and OSE in a reading about a condition, the ASMODEUS card would indicate that it is time to look deeply into all rationale as per the condition. The PHONEIX suggests that a new healing is promised with a resurrection ahead. The ARCHANGEL ANAEL brings new loving healing through the Venusian herbs. The OSE shows deep levels of contentment and happiness, and many options for progress by exposing all the deception that was involved in previous treatments.


1 .Archangel Michael – Sun: This card indicates that the condition is soon resolved. The cards immediately before and after AM-Sun provide the remedy or cure to you. The Sun sheds its light and hastens the healing. On the mundane levels, it can address the issues of the ego and the self, which create the personalities expression of the condition. The sun can be toxic as much as beneficial. A little wine is great, a lot can harm you. The sun can give you life, but also burn the land and create famine. The psyche can be healed from the Sun condition to its overall influences. The Heart is ruled by the Sun.
2.Archangel Gabriel – Moon: As the moon has many remedies, the overall card line up will show the moon conjunct with malifcs such as Saturn, or benefics such as Sun and Jupiter. If you count the amount of moon remedies and look at the associate remedy, the moon remedy can be ignored in favor of the harsher remedy or larger planetary influence. The moon can indicate the dreams, the fears and the emotions of the querent. Look for the moon placement in the astrological chart in both house and constellation. You will find that the Moon placement, eg. Moon in Scorpio in the 10th house, is a Saturn, Mars, Pluto remedy but the moon is referenced. Ovaries are ruled by the Moon
3. Archangel Raphael –Mercury: Mercury is often a misunderstood malefic. You experience it as a Malefic with Hermes. It carries the darker influences and can be the flu that becomes Pneumonia or it’s just that.,a cold. ( a Trickster) Look to the other cards to understand the message. It can also indicate the secrets and opinions of others that are around you. You can see from your card placements the truth and govern your self accordingly. Look to the family and you will see more than you could see before. Brain, Nerves and Respiratory systems are ruled by Mercury and Uranus.
4. Archangel Samael-Mars: Mars is a catalyst and can be the transformer to activate many levels of the pyche. Mars can predict the event long before it occurs and can be used to heal depressions and give you the courage to make the changes you need to make. Arteries, Teeth Nails, Hair and Muscles are ruled by Mars
5. Archangel Anael – Venus: Venus herbs relate to: beauty, fidelity, friendship, love, and youth. These are relationship based remedies and can relate to child birth and or Childhood issues. Mother issues are summoned with this card and can relate to your need for nurturing you. If you are carrying a congenital issue it can be focused on the maternal line. Kidneys, the Reproduction system and the Digestive system are ruled by Venus


6. Archangel Cassiel – Saturn: Saturn is always a malefic – Treat this card with Respect. It can be used to limit or time the condition. Look to the paternal line for any influence of the condition. Bones, spleen and external skin conditions can be indicated. Treatments need time and that is measured in years. If a Mundane influence is considered, such as a Relationship, it can give you a better outcome as in Strength and or maturity, if well aspected. Skin, Bones,Skeleton and Veins are ruled by Saturn.

7. Archangel Sachiel – Jupiter: TheLiver is ruled by Jupiter. This card is usually a benefit and indicates a speedy and efficious answer for the querent. No matter its placement.
8. God – Sun-With GOD, you have a sword of Damocles situation. You have to be very specific as it’s the power of faith, prayer and devotion to what is GOD. Is it the will of GOD, do you surrender to GOD, or do you through your will become that GOD and focus all your stregth and energy until you have won. It’s Victory none the less, pyrrhic though it may be. As after all it’s the WILL OF GOD!!
9. Jesus –Earth- The Story of JESUS -fact or fiction is off this earth. But what makes Jesus divine is the simple fact – energy cannot be destroyed when created and absolute devotion to JESUS has caused this powerful energy to exist that can create a Miracle. This card is about a MIRACLE. NEED one – TAKE one – just make it happen.  Male principle of Compassion related to Kritikka. The earth created the myth of Jesus and the earth, created the Divine. Others who adopted this philosophy inturn embraced the planets expression of Faith. A card of immense benefit – Help is on the way, in all things.
10. Our Lady of Fatima – Earth – The Story of Our Lady of Fatima -fact or fiction is off this earth. But what makes her divine is the simple fact – energy cannot be destroyed when created and absolute devotion to Our Lady has caused this powerful energy to exist that can create a Miracle. This is the feminine principle and indicates that kindness, devotion and nursing is more of the answer than a longer explanation. If troubled by impoverished relationships turn within – Mother yourself. The earth created these myths and the earth card is immense benefit – Help is on the way, in all things. seek the Divine. Others who adopted this philosophy in turn embraced the planets expression of Faith.
11. Asmodeus – Neptune/Uranus/Pluto. |The Endocrine system is ruled by Neptune and Uranus. This card is related to the TOWER in Tarot. It’s a corruption, of the Body, Mind and Soul by massive Trauma and Abuse. Either in this life or passed on through the genetic ancestral code.  Once this card shows up abandon the current reading and remove all other malefic cards from your query. Place Asmodeus as the central card anduse only the positive cards – Jesus, AVALOKITESVARA,Padre Pio, Shiva, Our Lady of Fatima, Ganesh, Phoneix, Our Lady of Guadalupe and God. Use the light coded frequencys of prayers and chants and use the remedies that are governed by these enlightened beings.
12. Rahu & Ketu – Saturn /Uranus- Endocrine system are ruled by Neptune and Uranus. A card of extreme upheaval on all fronts. A time for extreme care and devotion. Say as many mantras as you know, as the universe has indeed pulled the plug. Can be very freeing – if you survive it. But it’s a critical card. In this case go for remedies that are of Pluto, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune. Seek out the lathanides.
13. Shiva – Navagraha – Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn, the Sun, the Moon, A great card to have, as if it covers you – protection is there – invoke all Shiva rituals . The Maha Mrituanda is one. If a mundane question – the seekers need to ignore the situation as it’s trivial.
14. Ganesh – Saturn- The usual negatives don’t apply, if Ganesh arrives. Ganesh portrays a quick resolution to the harsh elements. If reversed Ganesh indicates a period on introspection and you through your will, make the change.
15. Ose- Neptune/Pluto-the Endocrine system is ruled by Neptune and Uranus. If you have this card in a promenint position, you are suffering with a “curse”. A curse being defined as a incurable or deeply painful existence based on Karma. You should take out all stops, move locations, and seek out the impossible. Do the impossible. Break the curse.
16. Padre Pio – Saturn /Pluto–The Testes are ruled by Pluto. If a Miracle is required, this card guarntees your divine intention is to be honoured. Invoke if you will, take the remedies, but you are covered, blessed if you will.
17. King Cobra – Kritikka (Plaedis) -Venus/Pluto/Saturn- If you want the woo woo, you got it. The plaedis a difficult but exalted state of consciousness. A state of fragility through tranquality. Patience you need, One day at a time but through exaltation daily- by the minute, focus – can bring peace, prosperity and abundance. Give up and surrender and you win everything.
18. Phoneix – Sun – A positive card, bringing in all the positive aspects. There is no – NO here. Its all possible.
19. Hermes – Mercury. This is the trickster position, heralding the negative and the destructive. This is a permanent retrograde position. It will apply to all cards, if this is the 31 position – indicating overall not a good time for seeking a resolution.  But that can be from a 24 hour delay to months. Flip 3 more cards to verify and see if the situation is resolved speedily.
20. Bael- Neptune / Saturn- a strange card – Many glimmers of hope here. Bael will bring you gifts of healing and love. If he was spurned in his own time, he is what love can be. A bit possessive.
21. Our Lady of Guadalupe – Moon /Venus – A loving stabilizing influence. A veneration card, a segue to a positive change. All is good here.
22. AVALOKITESVARA – Venus /Jupiter- Buddha – a precious card. A benevolent experience- if you pull this and all the other uber positive cards. You are blessed – Nothing is denied you.





angelica ash tree bay tree burnet
butterbur camomile celandine small centaury
eyebright juniper lovage marigold
pimpernel rosemary rue saffron
St. John’s wort St. Peter’s wort sundew tormentil
turnsole heart-trefoil vine viper’s bugloss walnut tree


adder’s tongue arrach brankursine chickweed
clary cleavers colewort coralwort
cuckoo-flower cucumber duckmeat fleur de lys (or water flag)
fluellein lettuce loosestrife moonwort
mouse-ear orpine pearl-trefoil pellitory of Spain
rattle-grass saxifrage stonecrop wallflower
water caltrop water cress water-lily white lily
willow tree      


bitter-sweet calamint caraway dill
elecampane fennel fern germander
golden maiden-hair hazelnut horehound houndstongue
honeysuckle lavender lily of the valley liquorice
marjoram mulberry tree nailwort oats
parsley parsnip pellitory of the wall sauce-alone (garlic cress)
savory scabius smallage southernwood
wall rue (or white maiden-hair) wild carrot valerian  


alehoof or ground ivy alkanet archangel bean artichoke
bishop’s weed black or common alder tree blites bramble
bugle burdock cherry tree chickpease
coltsfoot columbine cowslip crab’s claw
crosswort cudweed daisy devil’s bit
dog mercury dropwort earth chestnuts eringo
featherfew figwort foxglove french mercury
golden rod gooseberry gromel groundsel
herb-robert kidneywort ladies’ mantle marshmallow
mint moneywort motherwort mugwort
nep or catmint orchis parsley piert parsnip
pear tree pennyroyal periwinkle plantain
plum tree poppy purslane primrose
privet queen of the meadows ragwort rye
sanicle self-heal soapwort sorrel
sow-thistle spignel strawberry tansy
teasel true-love vervain wheat
wild arrach woodsage yarrow  


all-heal barberry basil benedictus
briony burze bush cardines crowfoot
dovesfoot flax-weed garlic gentian
ground pine hawthorn hedge-hyssop hop
horse radish madder master-wort nettle
onion pepperwort prunella vulgaris rhubarb
savine star thistle tobacco wormwood


agrimony alexander asparagus balm
bilberry borage chervil chestnut tree
cinque foil clove-gilliflowers costmary dandelion
dock dog’s grass endive fig tree
hart’s tongue house-leek hyssop lady’s thistle
livewort lungwort maple tree melilot
oak tree roses sage samphire scurvy-grass
white beet wild parsley    


amaranthus barley beech tree bifoil
birds-foot black hellebore black thorn blue bottle
buck’s horn plantain comfrey corn darnel
dodder elm tree fleawort flux weed
fumitory gladwin goutwort hawkweed
heart’s ease hemlock henbane holly
horsetail ivy knapweed knotgrass
medlar tree melancholy thistle mosses mullein
nightshade polypody of the oak poplar tree quince tree
red beet Saracen’s consound sciatica-cress service tree
shepherds purse Solomon’s seal spleen-wort tamarisk tree
thorough wax tutsan water-fern willow herb
winter green woad yew tree  



The following is an alphabetical list of herbs from A – Z
In the list are the planets that rule them. If the planets grouped show that the malefics are more present for example Uranus, Neptune, Saturn and Pluto remedies have to be chosen to offset the malefics.  You can see that some herbs can be linked to 2 or more planets, giving you a wider selection of choice. Or combination of choice. The use of a pendulum can direct you to the exact formula for you to use during the period of the affliction which can be from weeks – months – or even years.  I highlited a sample, for example Moon. As you can see there are many remedies with moon but they do alighn with other planets. So the remedies reflect this alighnment. NOTE – you can make remedies that are direct archetypals of the planets that afflict you. Example Uranium (URANUS) Plutonium (PLUTO) NEPTUNIUM ( NEPTUNE) LIGHT of SATURN (SATURN) BLACK HOLE & ECLPIPSES.




abelmoschus (musk seed) moon
abies canadensis (hemlock spruce) moon
abies nigra (black spruce) moon
abrotanum (southernwood) saturn, moon
abrus precatorius (carb’s eye vine) sun
absinthium (common wormwood) moon
acalypha indica (Indian nettle) moon, mercury
acetanilidum (antifebrinum) sun, mercury
acetic acid (vinegar) saturn, mars
achyranthes (herb of fever) mars
aconite napellus (monkshood) mars
aconitinum mars
aconitum cammarum moon, mercury
aconitum ferox (Indian aconite) sun, mercury
aconitum lycotonum moon
actea spicata (baneberry) saturn
adelheidsquelle (mineral springs) moon
adonis vernalis (pheasant’s eye) sun
adoxa (moschatel) moon
adrenalin (adrenal gland) mars
aesculus glabra (ohio buckeye) jupiter
aesculus hippocastanum (horse chestnut) jupiter, venus
aethiops antimonalis mercury
aethiops mercurialus mercury
aethusa (fool’s parsley) moon
agaricus emeticus moon
agaricus muscarius (amanita) moon, saturn
agaricus pantherinus (spotted amanita) moon
agaricus phalloides (amanita bulbosa) moon
agave americana (century plant) mars
agave tequilana mercury
agnus castus (chaste tree) venus, saturn
agraphis nutans (bluebell) mercury
agrimony* (oversensitivity) mercury, moon
agrostema (corn cockle) moon
ailanthus gland (tree of heaven) saturn
alchemilla arvensis (parsley piert) venus
alchemilla vulgaris (lady’s mantle) venus
alcohol (ethyl alcohol) moon, jupiter
aletris farinosa (stargrass) venus, mars
alfalfa (medicago sativa) jupiter, saturn
allium cepa (red onion) mercury, sun
allium sativum (garlic) jupiter, mars
alloxanum jupiter
alnus rubra (red alder) saturn
aloe socotrina (socotrine aloes) jupiter, mars
aloe vera (aloe barbadenis) jupiter, mars
alstonia constricta (bitter bark) mars
alumen (potash alum) moon, saturn
alumina (oxide of aluminum) moon, saturn
alumina silicata (kaolin) mercury
aluminum acetate moon
ambra grisea (ambergris) moon
ambrosia (ragweed) sun
ammoniacum (gum ammoniac) sun, mercury
ammonium aceticum (acetate of amonia) mercury, mars
ammonium benzoicum (benzoate of ammonia) saturn, venus
ammonium bromatum (bromide of ammonia) jupiter
ammonium carb (sal volatile) jupiter
ammonium causticum (spirits of hartshorn) moon
ammonium iodatum (iodide of ammonia) mercury
ammonium muriaticum (sal ammoniac) jupiter, saturn
ammonium phosphoricum (phosphate of ammonia) saturn
ammonium picricum (picrate of ammonia) jupiter
ammonium valerianicum (valerianate of ammonia) moon
amorphophallus rivieri (chinese umbel) mercury
ampelopsis quinquefolia (Virginia creeper venus
amphisbena (lizard) saturn
amygdalus amara aqua (bitter almond) moon
amygdalus persica (peach tree) moon
amylenum nitrosum (amyl nitrate) sun, moon
anacardium occidentale (cashew nut) saturn
anacardium orientale (marking nut) moon
anagallis arvensis (scarlet pimpernel) saturn, mars
anantherum (cuscus grass) saturn
anemopsis californica (yerba mansa) venus, mars
angelica atropurpurea jupiter
angelica sinensis (don quay) venus
angophora lanceolata (red gum) moon
angustura vera (galipea cusparia bark) saturn, mars
anhalonium (peyote buttons) sun, moon
anilinum (amidobenzene) saturn, moon
anise stellatum (star anise) jupiter
anthemis nobilis (Roman chamomile) moon
anthoxanthum (sweet vernal grass) sun
anthracinum (anthrax nosode) saturn, mars
anthrakokali (anthracite coal) saturn
antimonium arsenicosum (arsenite of antimony) mercury
antimonium crudum (sulphide of antimony) jupiter, moon, saturn
antimonium iodatum (teriodide of antimony) mercury
antimonium muriaticum (butter of antimony) saturn
antimonium sulph. auratum (golden sulphuret of antimony) mercury
antimonium tartaricum (tartar emetic) mercury, saturn
antipyrinum (phenazone) saturn, moon
aphis chenopodii glauci (aphids) mercury
apis mellifica (honey bee) mars, venus
apium graveolens (common celery) venus, saturn
apocynum andros (spreading dogbane) saturn
apocynum cannabinum (indian hemp) moon, sun
apomorphinum (alkaloid of morphine) moon
aqua marina (sea water) moon, jupiter
aqua pura (alchemical water) saturn, mars
aquilegia vulgaris (columbine) moon
aragallus lamberti (white loco weed) moon
aralia hispida (wild elder) venus
aralia racemosa (American spikenard) mercury
aranea diadema (papal cross spider) moon, saturn
aranea ixobola (cross spider) mercury
aranea scinencia (gray spider) moon
arbutus andrachne (strawberry tree) saturn
areca catechu (betel nut) moon, mercury
argemone mexicana (prickly poppy) venus, saturn
argentum cyanatum (silver cyanide) mercury
argentum iodatum (silver iodide) mercury
argentum metallicum (silver) moon, saturn
argentum nitricum (silver nitrate) moon, jupiter
aristolochia clematitis moon, venus
aristolochia milhomens (brazilian snake root) mars, saturn
aristolochia serpentaria (Virginia snake root) jupiter, venus
arnica montana (leopard’s bane) mars, venus
arsenicum album (white oxide of arsenic) saturn, mars
arsenicum bromatum (bromide of arsenic) saturn
arsenicum hydrogenisatum (arseniuretted hydrogen) saturn
arsenicum iodatum (iodide of arsenic) mercury, sun
arsenicum metallicum (metallic arsenic) saturn
arsenicum sulfurat. flav. (orpiment saturn
arsenicum sulfurat. rub. (realgar) saturn, mercury
artemesia vulgaris (mugwort) moon
arum dracontium (green dragon) mercury
arum dracunculus mars
arum italicum moon
arum maculatum (cuckoo pint) moon
arum triphyllum (jack in the pulpit) moon, mercury
arundo mauritanica (reed) sun, mercury
asafoetida (gum of stinkasand) saturn, moon
asarum canadense (wild ginger) moon
asarum europaeum (European snake-root) moon
asclepias cornuti (milkweed, silkweed) mercury, venus
asclepias incarnata (swamp milkweed) venus
asclepias tuberosa (pleurisy root) mercury, saturn
asclepias vincetoxicum (swallow wart) moon, jupiter
asimina triloba (american papaw) moon
asparagus (garden asparagus) venus, saturn
aspen* (for fear) moon
astacus fluviatilis (crawfish) jupiter, moon
asterias rubens (red starfish) moon
astragalus excapus mercury
astragalus menziesii moon
astragalus mollissimus (purple loco-weed) moon
athamantha moon
atrax robustus (Australian spider) moon
atropine (atropinum) sun, moon
aurum arsenicum (arseniate of gold) sun, saturn
aurum bromatum (bromide of gold) moon
aurum iodatum (iodide of gold) sun, saturn
aurum metallicum (metallic gold) sun, saturn
aurum muriatic. kalinatum (potassium chloroaurate) saturn, moon
aurum muriatic. natronatum (sodium chloroaurate) sun saturn
aurum muriaticum (chloride of gold) sun, venus, saturn
aurum sulphuratum (gold sulphide) sun, moon
avena sativa (oatstraw) moon, mercury
azadirachta indica (margosa bark) mars, saturn
bacillinum (tb nosode) mercury, saturn
bacillinum testium mercury
bacillus no. seven saturn
bacillus no. ten (none given)
badiaga (fresh water sponge) moon, sun
balsamum peruvianum (balsam of Peru) mercury
balsamum tolutanum mercury
baptisia confusa acetica mercury
baptisia tinctoria (wild indigo) mars, saturn
barosma crenulatum (buchu) venus
baryta acetica (acetate of barium) moon
baryta carbonica (carbonate of barium) saturn, moon
baryta iodata (iodide of barium) moon, mars
baryta muriatica (barium chloride) sun, saturn
beech* (over-care for others’ welfare) moon
belladona (deadly nightshade) mars, sun, moon
bellis perenis (daisy) mar, saturn
benzinum (benzol) mars, sun, moon
benzinum dinitricum sun
benzinum nitricum (nitro benzene) moon
benzoic acid (benzoicum acidum) venus, saturn
benzoinum oderiferum (spice bush) moon
berberis aquifolium (oregon grape) mars, jupiter
berberis vulgaris (barberry) venus, jupiter, saturn
beryllium mercury, saturn
beta vulgaris (beet root) mercury
betonica stachys (wood betony) moon
bismuthum (sub-nitrate ofbismuth) moon
bixa orellana saturn
blatta americana (American cockroach) jupiter
blatta orientalis (Indian cockroach) mercury, jupiter
boldoa fragrans jupiter
boldus peumus jupiter
boletus laricis (white agaric) moon, jupiter
boletus luridus moon
boletus satanus moon
bombyx processionea (procession moth) mars
borax (borate of sodium) mercury, moon
boric acidum (boric acid) venus
bothrops (yellow viper) moon, saturn
botulinum moon
bovista (puff ball) moon
brachyglottis (New Zealand puka-puka) venus
brassica napus (cole seed) saturn
bromium (bromine) moon, saturn
brucea antidysenterica (angustura spuria) moon
brucinum (brucine) moon
bryonia alba (wild hops) mars, saturn
bufo rana (toad poison) moon, mars, saturn
bunias orientalis mercury
buthus australis (scorpion venom) mars
butyric acid jupiter
cacao (cocoa) jupiter
cactus gandiflora (night blooming cereus) sun, moon
cadmium bromatum (cadmium bromide) moon
cadmium flourata (cadmium fluoride) saturn
cadmium iodatum (cadmium iodide) moon
cadmium metalicum (metallic cadmium) saturn
cadmium sulphuricum (cadmium sulphate) saturn
caffeine (alkaloid from coffee) mercury
cainca racemosa (chinococca racemosa) venus
cajuputum (cajuput oil) mercury
caladium (american arum) venus, mercury
calcarea acetica (acetate of lime) saturn
calcarea arsenicosa (arsenite of lime) jupiter, moon
calcarea bromata (bromide of calcium) moon
calcarea carbonica (carbonate of lime) saturn, jupiter
calcarea caustica (lime water) saturn
calcarea chlorinata (chlorinated lime) saturn
calcarea fluorica (fluoride of lime) saturn
calcarea hypophosphorosa (hypophosphite of lime) saturn
calcarea iodata (iodide of lime) moon, jupiter
calcarea muriatica (chloride of lime) mercury, moon
calcarea ovi testae (egg shell) venus
calcarea phosphorica (calcium phosphate) saturn, moon
calcarea picrica (picrate of calcium) saturn
calcarea renalis (kidney stone) saturn
calcarea silicata (silicate of lime) saturn
calcarea sulphuricum (gypsum, sulphate of lime) saturn
calendula (pot marigold) mars
calothopis gigantea (madar bark) mercury, saturn
caltha palustris (cowslip) mars, moon
camphora (camphor) moon
camphora bromata moon
canchalagua (centaury) mars
cannabis indica (marijuana) moon, mercury, venus
cannabis sativa (hemp, marijuana) venus, moon
cantharis (spanish fly) mars, venus
capsicum (cayenne pepper) jupiter, mars
carbo animalis (animal charcoal) saturn, moon
carbo vegetabilis (vegetable charcoal) saturn, moon, venus
carbolic acid (carbolicum acidum) moon, mars, saturn
carbon tetrachloride moon
carboneum (lamp-black) moon
carboneum hydrogen (carburetted hydrogen) mars, moon
carboneum oxygen moon
carboneum sulphuratum (bisulphide of carbon) saturn, moon
carcinocin (cancer nosode) saturn, moon, mars
carduus benedictus (blessed thistle) sun
carduus marianus (St. Mary’s thistle) jupiter, saturn
carlsbad aqua (carlsbad water) jupiter
carya alba (shell bark) moon
cascara sagrada (sacred bark) jupiter
cascarilla (sweet bark) moon
castanea vesca (chestnut leaves) moon
castor equi (thumnail of the horse) saturn, moon
castoreum (beaver secretion) moon
cataria nepeta (catnip) venus, saturn
caulophyllum (blue cohosh) venus, saturn
causticum mars, saturn, moon
ceanothus (red root) saturn, moon
cedron (rattlesnake bean) moon
cement saturn
cenchris (copperhead snake) moon, venus
centaurea tagana sun
centaury* (oversensitivity to influences/others) moon
cephalanthus (crane willow) moon, mars
cerato* (uncertainty) moon
cereus bonplandi (var. of cactus gand) sun, saturn
cereus serpentinus moon
cerium oxalicum (oxalate of cerium) moon
cervus campestris (Brazilian deer) mercury
cetraria islandica (Iceland moss) mercury, saturn
chamomilla (German chamomile) mercury, mars
chaparro amargoso (goat-bush) jupiter
chaulmoogra (taraktogenos) saturn
cheiranthus cheiri (wallflower) mercury
chelidonium (greater celandine) jupiter, mars
chelone glabra (snakehead) jupiter, moon
chenopodium anthelminticum (jerusalem oak) moon, mars
chenopodium vulvaria (stinkender) moon, saturn
cherry plum fear moon
chestnut* (not suff. interest in present) moon
chicory* (over care for others) moon
chimaphila maculata (spotted wintergreen) moon, mars
chimaphila umbellata (pipsissewa) venus, moon
china arsenicosum mercury
china boliviana jupiter
china officinalis (peruvian bark) jupiter moon
china salicylicum (salicylate of quinine) mercury
china sulphuricum (sulphate of quinine) mercury, saturn
chininum muriaticum (muriate of quinine) moon, sun
chionanthus virginica (fringe tree) jupiter, moon
chloralum hydratum (chloral hydrate) moon, mercury
chloramphenicol moon
chloroform (chloroformum) moon
chlorpromazine (largactil) moon
chlorum aqua (chlorine water) mercury
chocolate (cocoa) moon
cholesterinum (cholesterine) jupiter, saturn
chromic acid saturn
chromium kali sulphuratum (chrome alum.potassic) sun
chrysanthemum (ox-eye daisy) mercury
chrysarobinum (goa powder) saturn
chrysophanicum acid saturn
cichorium intybus (chicory) moon
cicuta maculata (spotted cowbane) moon
cicuta virosa (water hemlock) moon, mars
cimex (bedbug) saturn
cimicifuga (black cohosh) venus, saturn
cina artemisia (wormseed) moon
cineraria maritima (dusty miller) sun, saturn
cinnabaris (red mercuric sulphide) mercury, venus
cinnamonum (cinnamon) moon
cistus canadensis (rock rose) moon, saturn
citric acid moon, saturn
citrus decumana (grape-fruit) (none given)
citrus limon (lemon) moon, saturn
citrus vulgaris (bitter orange) moon
clematis erecta (virgin’s bower) moon, saturn
clematis vitalba* (no suff. interet in present) moon
cobaltum metallicum (cobalt metal) saturn, venus
cobaltum nitricum (nitrate of cobalt) saturn, moon
coca (coca leaves) mercury, moon
cocaine (coca leaf alkaloid) mercury
coccinella (lady bug) mercury
cocculus indica (indian cockle) moon
coccus cacti (cochineal) mercury, venus
cochlearia armoracia (horse radish) venus
codeine (alkaloid from opium) moon
coffea cruda (unroasted coffee) mercury
coffea tosta (roasted coffee) mercury, moon
colchicine (alkaloid of colchicum) saturn
colchicum autumnale (meadow saffron) saturn
collinsonia (stone root) jupiter, venus
colocynthinum mercury, moon
colocynthis (bitter cucumber) mars
colostrum moon
comocladia dentata (guao) saturn
conchiolinum (mother of pearl) saturn
conium maculatum (poison hemlock) moon, mars, saturn
convallaria majalis (lily of the valley) sun
convolvulus arvensis (bind-weed) moon
convolvulus duartinus (morning glory) moon
copaiva (balsam of copaiva) venus, mercury
corallium rubrum (red coral) mercury
corallorhiza (crawley root) mars
cordyceps (caterpillar fungus) jupiter, mercury
coriaria ruscifolia (toot berry) moon
cornus alternifolia (swamp walnut) saturn
cornus circinata (round-leaved dogwood) jupiter
cornus florida (dogwood) mercury, moon
cortisone moon, saturn
corydalis formosa (turkey pea) saturn
coto bark moon
cotyledon umbilicus (pennywort) moon, saturn
crab apple* (despondency, despair) moon
crataegus (hawthorn berries) sun, mars
cresol mercury
crocus sativa (saffron) moon
crotalus cascavella (Brazilian rattlesnake) moon
crotalus horridus (rattle snake) moon, jupiter
croton tiglium (croton oil) mars, saturn
cubeba (cubebs-fruit)) venus
cucurbita citrullus (watermelon seeds) venus
cucurbita pepo (pumpkin seeds) moon
culex musca (mosquito) mars
cundurango (condor plant) saturn, moon
cuphea viscosissima (flux -weed) moon
cupressus australis venus, saturn
cupressus lawsoniana saturn
cuprum aceticum (acetate of copper) moon, venus
cuprum arsenicosum (arsenite of copper) venus
cuprum metallicum (copper) venus, moon
cuprum sulphuricum (sulphate of copper) moon
curare (arrow poison) moon, mars
cyclamen (sow bread) venus,moon
cynodon dactylon (doorba-grass in India) venus
cypripedium (yellow lady’s slipper) moon
cystisus laburnum (laburnum anagyroides) moon
damiana (turnera aphrodisiaca) venus
daphne indica (spurge laurel) saturn
datura aborea moon
datura ferox moon
datura metel moon
deoxy-ribonucleic acid (DNA) moon
derris pinnata mercury
dichapetalum saturn
dictamnus venus, moon
digitalinum sun, mars
digitalis (fox glove) sun, jupiter, venus
digitoxinum sun
dioscorea (wild yam) mars, saturn
diosma lincaris (buku) moon, saturn
diphtherinum mercury
diptheria, pertussis, tetanus (DPT vaccine) mars, moon, mercury
dirca palustris (leatherwood) moon
dolichos (cowhage) jupiter
doryphora (colorado potato-bug) venus
drosera (sundew-plant) mercury, moon
duboisia (corkwood tree) moon, sun
duboisinum sun, moon
dulcamara (woody nightshade) moon, saturn
dysentery bacillus moon
echinacea angustifolia (purple cole flower) mars, saturn
echinacea purpurea (black sampson) mars, saturn
elaeis guineensis saturn
elaps corallinus (coral snake) moon
elaterium (squirting cucumber) moon
electricitas (electricity) moon
elm* (despondency/despair) moon
emetine (alkaloid of ipecac) moon
eosinum (eosin) saturn
ephedra vulgarius mercury
epigea repens (gravel weed) venus, saturn
epilobium palustre (willow herb) mercury
epiphegus virginiana (beech-drop) mercury
epiphysterinum moon
equisetum (horsetail) venus, saturn
erechthites (fire weed) moon
ergotinum moon, venus
erigeron (fleabane) moon, venus
eriodictyon (yerba santa) mercury
erodium (hemlock stork’s bill) moon
eryngium aquaticum (button snake root) venus
eryngium maritimum (sea holly) venus
erythrinus (red mullet fish) mercury
eschscholtzia (california poppy) moon
eserine (eserinum) sun
ether (etherum) moon
eucalyptus (blue gum tree) moon, mercury
eugenia jambos* (rose apple) moon
euonyminum jupiter
euonymus atropurpurea (wahoo, burning bush) jupiter, venus, saturn
euonymus europaea (spindle tree) jupiter
eupatorium aromaticum (white snake root) moon
eupatorium perfoliatum (bone-set) mars, saturn
eupatrium purpureum (gravel root) venus
euphorbia amygdaloides (wood spurge) moon
euphorbia corollata moon
euphorbia cyparissias (cypress spurge) mars
euphorbia heterodoxa moon, mars
euphorbia hypericifolia (large spotted spurge) moon
euphorbia ipecacuanhae (ipecacuan spurge) moon
euphorbia lathyris (gopher plant) moon, saturn
euphorbia peplus (petty spurge) mercury
euphorbia pilulifera venus
euphorbia polycarpa (golondrina) mars
euphorbium officinarum (gum euphorbium) saturn
euphrasia (eyebright) sun
eupionum (wood-tar) mercury, moon
eyesenhardtia (orteaga) venus
fabiana imbricata (pichi pichi) venus
fagopyrum (buckwheat) jupiter, saturn
fagus sylvatica (beech nuts) moon
fel tauri (ox gall) jupiter
ferrum aceticum (acetate of iron) venus, mercury
ferrum arsenicosum (arseniate of iron) mars
ferrum bromatum (bromide of iron) mars, venus
ferrum cyanatum (cyanide of iron) mars, moon
ferrum iodatum (iodide of iron) mars, moon
ferrum magneticum (loadstone) moon
ferrum metallicum (iron) mars, venus
ferrum muriaticum mars, venus
ferrum pernitricum (pernitrate of iron) mercury
ferrum phosphoricum (phosphate of iron) mars, moon
ferrum picricum (picrate of iron) jupiter
ferrum sulphuricum (sulphate of iron) saturn
ferrum tartaricum mars, sun
ferula glauca moon
ficus religiosa (ashwathya) moon
filix mas (male fern) moon
flavus bacillus moon
flor de piedra moon
fluoricum acidum (hydrofluoric acid) saturn
folliculinum (ovarian follicle) moon, venus
formaldehyde (formalinum) mercury
formic acid mars, saturn
formica rufa (red ants) mars, saturn
fragaria vesca (wood strawberry) moon
franciscea uniflora (Brazilian manaca root) saturn
franzensbad aqua moon
fraxinus americana (white ash) moon, venus
fraxinus excelsior (European ash) saturn
fuchsinum venus, mercury
fucus vesiculosus (sea kelp) jupiter
fuligo ligni (soot) moon, saturn
gadus morrhua (cod fish) mercury
gaertner bacillus (bowel nosode) jupiter, saturn
galanthus nivalis (snow drop) moon, sun
galega (goat’s rue) moon
galium aparine (goose grass) venus, saturn
gallic acid (gallicum acidum) moon, mercury
galphimia glauca mercury
galvanismus (galvanism) moon
gambogia (gummi gutti) mercury
gastein aqua (hot springs) saturn
gaultheria (wintergreen) saturn, venus
gelsemium (yellow jasmine) moon, mercury
genista tinctoria (dyer’s weed) moon
genitian * (uncertainty) moon
gentiana cruciata (cross leaved gentian) moon
gentiana lutea (yellow gentian) jupiter, moon
gentiana quinqueflora (five flowered gentian) jupiter
geranium maculatum (crane’s bill) moon
gettysburg aqua saturn
geum rivale (water avens) venus
ginkgo biloba mercury, moon
ginseng (wild ginseng) saturn, venus
glonoine (nitro-glycerine) mars, sun
glycerine (glycerinum) jupiter
gnaphalium (cud weed, old balsam) mercury
gorse* (uncertainty) moon
gossypium (cotton plant) moon
granatum (pomegranate root bark) moon
granite saturn, moon
graphites (black lead) saturn, jupiter
gratiola officinalis (hedge hyssop) moon, venus
grindelia robusta (rosin wood) saturn
guaco (climbing hemp weed) mars
guaiacum (resin of lignum vite) saturn
guarana (Brazilian coca) mercury
guarea trichiloides (ballwood) sun
guatteria jupiter, venus
gunpowder (black gunpowder) mars, saturn
gymnema sylvestre mars
gymnocladus (American coffee-tree) mercury
haematoxylon (logwood tree) sun
hall aqua moon
haloperidol moon
hamamelis (witch hazel) venus, moon, mars
heather* ((loneliness) moon
hecla lava (volcanic ash) saturn
hedeoma pulegioides (pennyroyal) venus
hedra helix (common ivy) saturn
hedysarum (Brazilian burdock) sun, venus
helianthus (sunflower) sun, saturn
heliotropinum (heliotrophe) mercury
helix tosta (toasted snail) mercury, moon
helleborus fetidus (bear’s foot) saturn
helleborus niger (snow rose) moon, mercury
helleborus orientalis mercury
helleborus viridis (green hellebore) moon
heloderma (gila monster) moon
helonias dioica (unicorn root) venus, moon
hepar sulphuris (calcium sulphide) mercury, saturn
hepatica triloba (liver-wort) jupiter
heracleum sphondylium (hogweed) moon
hippomanes (horse meconium) moon
hippozaeninum (glanders nosode) moon, saturn
hippuric acid saturn
hirudo medicinalis (leech) moon
histamine mercury
hoitzia coccinea (colibri flower) mars, moon
holly * (oversensitive to influences/ideas) moon
homarus (lobster digestive fluid) moon, mercury
homeria collina (cape tulip) moon
honey saturn, mars
honeysuckle* (not sufficient interest in present) moon
hornbeam* (uncertainty) moon
hura brasiliensis (assaku) saturn
hura crepitans (monkey’s dinner-bell) moon
hydrangea (seven barks) venus, saturn
hydrastinum muriaticum (muriate of hydrastia) moon
hydrastis (golden seal) jupiter, saturn
hydrobromic acid mercury
hydrocotyle (gotu kola) mercury, saturn
hydrocyanic acid (prussic acid) moon
hydrogen (the element) moon
hydrophis cyanocinctus (sea serpent) mercury, moon
hydrophyllum (Virginian waterleaf) sun
hyoscyamine (alkaloid of hyoscyamus) moon
hyoscyamus (henbane) moon
hypericum (st. johnswort) mars, mercury
hypothalamus moon
iberis amara (bitter candytuft) sun
ichthyolum saturn
ictodes fetidus (skunk cabbage) mercury
ignatia (st. ignacius bean) moon, mercury
ilex aquifolium (American holly) saturn
ilex paraguayensis (yerba mate) sun, venus
ilex vomitoria (yaupon) venus
impatiens* (loneliness) moon
imperatoria mercury
indigo tinctoria moon, mars
indium (the metal) venus, moon
indol saturn
influenzinum (flu nosode) mercury
insulin jupiter
inula helenium (scabwort) venus
iodium (iodine) jupiter, saturn
iodoformum (iodoform) mercury, saturn
ipecacuanha (ipecac root) moon
ipomoea purpurea (morning glory) venus
iridium (the metal) saturn, moon
iridium chloride mercury
iris fetidissima moon
iris florentina (oris root) moon
iris germanica moon
iris tenax moon
iris versicolor (blue flag) jupiter
itu mercury
jaborandi (pilocarpus) moon, mercury
jacaranda caroba (Brazilian caroba venus, saturn
jacaranda gualandai saturn
Jalapa moon
jasmine moon
jatropha curas (purging nut) moon
jatropha urens (spurge nettle) sun, saturn
jonosia asoca venus, moon
juglans cinerea (butternut) jupiter, saturn
juglans regia (walnut) moon, saturn
juncus effusus (soft rush) venus, saturn
juniperus communis (juniper berries) venus, sun
juniperus virginianus (red cedar) moon
justicia mercury, moon
kali aceticum (acetate of potash) venus, jupiter
kali arsenicosum (Fowler’s solution) saturn
kali bichromium (bichromate of potash) jupiter, saturn, moon
kali bromatum (bromide of potash) moon
kali carbonicum (carbonate of potassium) saturn
kali chloricum (chlorate of potassium) moon, saturn, venus
kali chlorosum (Javelle water) mercury
kali citricum (potassium citrate) venus, saturn
kali cyanatum (potassium cyanide) saturn
kali ferrocyanatum (prussian blue) moon
kali hypophosphoricum (hypophosphate of potassium) mars
kali iodatum (iodide of potassium) saturn
kali muriaticum (chloride of potassium) mercury
kali nitricum (saltpetre) mercury, saturn
kali oxalicum (potassium bioxalate) moon
kali permanganicum (permanganate of potassium) mars, saturn
kali phosphoricum (phosphate of potassium) moon, mercury
kali silicicum (silicate of potash) saturn
kali sulphuricum (potassium sulphate) mercury, venus
kali tartaricum (tartrate of potash) moon
kali telluricum (potassium tellurate) mercury
kalmia (mountain laurel) sun, saturn
kamala moon, saturn
karaka (kopi tree) moon
karwinskia moon
kerosolenum moon
kissingen aqua jupiter
kousso (Brayera anthelmintic) moon
kreosotum (beechwood kreosote) saturn, moon
lac caninum (dog’s milk) moon, saturn
lac defloratum (skimmed milk) moon, jupiter
lac felinum (cat’s milk) sun
lac humanum (human breast milk) moon
lac vaccinum (cow’s milk) moon
lac vaccinum coagulatum (milk curds) moon
lacerta agillis (green lizard) moon
lachesis (bushmaster snake) mars, moon, sun
lachnantes (spirit weed) saturn, mercury
lactic acid (lacticum acidum) moon, saturn
lactis vaccini flos (milk cream) moon
lactuca virosa (wild lettuce) moon
lamium album (whiten nettle) moon, venus
lapathum sylvestre (common dock) moon, venus
lapis albus (silico-fluoride of calcium) moon, saturn
lappa arctium (burdock) moon, venus
lapsana communis (nipple wort) moon
larch* (despondency/despair) moon
lathyrus sativa (chick pea) moon
latrodectus hasselti (black spider) mars, moon
latrodectus katipo (New Zealand spider) moon, mars
latrodectus mactans (black widow spider) sun, mars
laurocerasus (cherry laurel) mercury, moon
lecithin moon
lemna minor (duckweed) mercury
leonurus cardiaca (motherwort) moon
lepidium bonariense (Brazilian cress) moon, sun
leptandra virginica (Culver’s root) jupiter, mars
levico aqua saturn
levomepromazine moon, mercury
liatris spicata (colic root) jupiter
lilium tigrinum (tiger lily) venus, sun
limulus cyclops (king-crab) moon
linaria vulgaris (snap dragon) moon, jupiter
linum catharticum (purging flax) moon
linum usitatissimum (common flax) venus, mercury
lippia mexicana mercury
lippspringe aqua moon
lithium benzoicum (benzoate of lithium) saturn
lithium bromatum (bromate of lithium) moon
lithium carbonicum (carbonate of lithium) saturn
lithium lacticum (lactate of lithium) saturn
lithium muriaticum (muriate of lithium) moon, mercury
lobelia cardinalis (red lobelia) mercury
lobelia dortmanna mercury
lobelia erinus saturn
lobelia purpurascens (purple lobelia) mercury, mars
lobelia syphilitica (great blue lobelia) mercury
lobelia inflata (Indian tobacco) mercury, moon
lolium temulentum (darnel) mercury, moon
lonicera periclymenum (woodbine) mars
lonicera xylosteum (fly woodbine) moon, mercury
luffa operculata mercury
luna (moonlight) moon
lupulus humulus (hops) moon
lycopersicum (tomato) mercury, saturn
lycopodium (club moss) jupiter, venus
lycopus (bugle weed) sun, mars, moon
lysidinum venus
lyssin (rabies nosode/ hydrophobinum) moon
macrotinum saturn
magnesia carbonica (carbonate of magnesia) jupiter, saturn
magnesia fluoride (fluoride of magnesia) mercury
magnesia muriaticum (chloride of magnesia) jupiter, moon
magnesia phosphoricum (phosphate of magnesia) mars, moon
magnesia sulphurica (epsom salt) venus, moon
magnetis poli ambo (magnet) moon, saturn
magnetis polus articus (north pole of magnet) moon
magnetis polus australias (south pole of magnet) saturn
magnolia glauca (sweet magnolia) mercury
magnolia grandiflora saturn, sun
malandrinum (grease of horses) saturn
malaria officinalis saturn
mancinella (manganeel apple) moon, mercury
mandragora (mandrake) moon
manganum aceticum (manganese acetate) mercury, saturn
manganum muriaticum (chloride of manganese) saturn
manganum oxydatum mercury, moon
manganum sulhuricum (sulphate of manganese) moon
mangifera indica (mango tree) moon
marrubium vulgare (horehound) mercury
matthiola graeca (giliflower) saturn
medorrhinum (gonorrhea nosode) venus, mars, saturn
medusa (jelly fish) moon
mel cum sale (honey with salt) venus, moon
melaleuka alternifolia (tea tree oil) saturn, venus
melastoma ackermanni venus
melilotus officinalis (yellow clover, sweet clover) moon, mars
melissa officinalis (lemon balm) moon, mercury
melitagrinum moon
menispermum canadense (moonseed) moon
mentha piperita mercury
mentha pulegium (English pennyroyal) venus
menthol mercury
menyanthes (buckbean) moon
mephitis (skunk secretion) mercury
mercurialis perennis (dog mercury) moon, mars
mercurius aceticus (mercury acetate) mercury
mercurius corrosivus (corrosive sublimate) mercury
mercurius cyanatus (cyanide of mercury) mercury, mars
mercurius dulcis (calomel) mercury
mercurius iodat. flavus (proto-iodide of mercury) mercury, moon
mercurius iodat. ruber (Bin iodide of mercury) mercury
mercurius nitrosus (mercury nitrate) saturn, venus
mercurius praecip. albus (mercuric ammonium chloride) saturn
mercurius precip. ruber (red oxide of mercury) mercury
mercurius sulphocyanatus (pharoh’s serpents) mercury
mercurius sulphuricus (yellow sulphate of mercury) mercury
mercurius vivus (mercurius solub. hahnemanniquicksilver-mercury) mercury
methylene blue (an aniline dye) moon
mezereum (spurge olive) saturn
micromeria douglasii (yerba buena) moon, jupiter
millefolium (yarrow) mars, moon
mimosa humilis (sensitive plant) saturn
mimosa pudica moon
mimulus* (fear) moon
mitchella repens (partridge-berry) moon, venus
momordica balsamina (balsam apple) jupiter
momordica charantia jupiter
morbilinum (measles nosode) mercury
morgan bacillus saturn, jupiter
morphine (alkaloid of opium) moon
moschus (deer musk) moon
mucuna urens (horse-eye) moon, venus
murex (purple fish) moon, venus
muriaticum acidum (hydrochloric acid) mars, saturn
musa sapientum (banana) venus
muscarine mercury
mustard* (lack of interest in present) moon
mutabile bacillus Mercury
mygale lasiodora (black cuban spider) moon
myosotis (forget-me-not) mercury
myrica cerifera (bayberry) jupiter
myristica sebifera (Brazilian Ucuba) mars, saturn
myrrh (gum myrrh) mercury
myrtus chekan mercury
myrtus communis (myrtle) mercury
nabalus serpentaria (white lettuce) moon
naja (cobra venom) sun, moon
naphthaline (tar camphor) sun, saturn
narcissus (daffodil) sun, mercury
narcotinum (alkaloid of opium) moon
nasturtium (water cress) venus
natrum arsenicosum (arseniate of sodium) saturn
natrum cacodylicum (cacodylate of soda) mercury, saturn
natrum carbonicum (carbonate of sodium) jupiter, sun
natrum fluoratum (sodium flouride) mars
natrum hypochlorosum (Labarraque’s solution) saturn
natrum iodatum (sodium iodide) sun, saturn
natrum muriaticum (common salt) sun, venus
natrum nitricum (nitrate of sodium) moon, saturn
natrum nitrosum (nitrite of sodium) moon
natrum phosphoricum (phosphate of sodium) venus, moon
natrum salicylicum (salicylate of sodium) mercury
natrum selenicum (selenate of sodium) mercury
natrum silicofluoricum (sulphate of sodium) saturn
natrum sulphuricum (sulphate of sodium) mars, venus
natrum sulphurosum (sulphite of sodium) moon
nectrianinum moon
negundium (box elder) moon
nepenthe moon
niccolum metallicum (nickel) mercury, moon
niccolum sulphuricum (sulphate of nickel) moon, mercury
nicotine (nicotinum) moon, mercury
nigella sativa (black cumin) moon, mercury
nitri spiritus dulcis (sweet spirits of nitre) mars
nitric acid (aqua fortis) mercury, saturn
nitro-muriatic acid (aqua regia) saturn
nitrous oxide (nitrogenium oxygenatum) moon
nuphar luteum (yellow pond-lily) venus
nux moschata (nutmeg) moon
nux vomica (poison nut) mars, jupiter, moon
nyctanthes (sad tree) mars, saturn
nymphea odorata (sweet water lily) venus
oak * (despondent/despair) moon
ocimum canum (Brazilian Alfavaca) venus
oenanthe (water dropwart) moon
oenothera biennis (large evening primrose) moon
oleander (rose laurel) moon
oleum animale (Dippel’s animal oil) moon
oleum jecoris aselli (cod liver oil) saturn, jupiter
oleum santali not found on p 1230
olive * (lack interest in present) moon
oniscus asellus (wood-louse) moon
ononis spinosa (rest-harrow) moon
onosmodium (false cromwell) sun, moon
opium (poppy) moon, mercury
opuntia vulgaris (prickly pear) moon
orchitinum (testes extract) moon
oreodaphne (California laurel) moon
origanum (sweet marjoram) venus, moon
ornithogalum (star of Bethlehem) moon
oscillococcinum mercury
osmium (the element) mercury
osteo-arthritic-nosode (O.A.N.) saturn
ostrya virginica (ironwood) jupiter
ovary gland (oophorinum) moon, venus
ovi gallinae pellicula (membrane of egg shell) moon
oxalic acid (sorrel acid) mercury, saturn
oxydendron (sorrel tree) venus, saturn
oxygen (oxygenium, ozone) moon
oxytropis (loco-weed) moon
paeonia (peony) moon
palladium (metal) venus
paloondo (gobernadora) saturn
palustre (marsh tea) mars, saturn
pancreatinum jupiter
paraffine (purified paraffin) moon
parathyroid saturn
pareira brava (virgin-vine) venus
parietaria (pellitory-of-the-wall) venus
paris quadrifolia (one-berry) moon
paronichia moon
parotidinum moon
parthenium (bitter broom) moon
passiflora (passion flower) moon, mercury
pastinaca (parsnip) moon
pecten jacobaeus (scallop) mercury
pediculus capitis (head lice) mercury
pelargonium moon
penicillinum (antibiotic drug) mars, venus
penthorum sedoides (Virginia stonecrop) mercury
pepsinum (digestive enzyme) not given
pertussin (whooping cough nosode) mercury
pestinum (plague nosode) mars
petiveria mercury
petroleum (crude rock oil) saturn, moon
petroselinum (parsley) venus
phallus impudicus (stinkhorn fungus) moon
phaseolus (dwarf-bean) sun, jupiter
phellandrium (water dropwort) mercury
phenacetinm mars, mercury
phenobarbital moon
phlorizinum moon
phosphoric acid (phosphoricum acidum) moon, sun
phosphorus (the element) moon, mercury
phosphorus hydrogenatus (phosphoretted hydrogen) moon, mercury
phosphorus muriaticus mercury
physalia (Portugese man-of-war) mars
physostigma (calabar bean) sun
phytolacca (pokeweed/pokeroot) moon, saturn
picric acid (picricum acidum) moon, mercury
picrotoxin (alkaloid from fruit of cocc. ind.) moon, mercury
pilocarpine (jaborandi alkaloid) mercury, moon
pimenta (allspice) mercury
pimpinella (bibernell) mercury
pine * moon
pinus lambertiana (sugar pine) moon
pinus sylvestris (scotch pine) saturn
piper methysticum (kava-kava) moon, saturn
piper nigrum (black pepper) moon, mercury
piperazinum venus
piscidia (Jamaica dog-wood) moon
pituitrin (pituitary gland) moon
pix liquida (pine tar) moon
plantago major (plantain) mars, mercury, moon
platanus (sycamore buttonwood) saturn
platina (the metal) moon, venus
platinum muriat. natron. (chloroplatinate of
platinum muriaticum (chloride of platinum) mercury, saturn
plectranthus (labiate) mercury, saturn
plumbago (N.O. Plumbaginaceae) mercury
plumbum aceticum (acetate of lead) moon
plumbum chromicum (chromate of lead) moon, saturn
plumbum iodatum (iodide of lead) saturn
plumbum metallicum (lead) saturn, moon
pneumococcinum mercury
podophyllum jupiter
polygonum aviculare (knot-grass) mercury
polygonum punctatum (smartweed) saturn, venus
polygonum sagittatum (arrow-leaved) venus
polyporus pinicola (pine-agaric) moon
populus candicans (balm of Gilead) mercury
populus tremuloides (American aspen) moon
primula obconica (primrose) mercury, saturn
primula veris (cowslip) moon, saturn
primula vugaris (primulaceae) sun, moon
prinos verticillatus (black alder) moon
propylaminum saturn
proteus bacillus (intestinal bacteria) moon
prunus padusrheum (bird cherry) sun, moon
prunus spinosa (black thorn) sun
prunus virginiana (choke-cherry) sun
psorinum (scabies nosode) saturn, mercury
ptelea (hop tree) moon, jupiter
pulex irritans (common flea) venus
pulmo vulpis (fox’s lung) mercury
pulmo vulpis (fox’s lung) mercury
pulsatilla (pasque-flower) venus, mercury
pulsatilla nuttaliana (Amercian pasque flower) saturn, mercury
pyrethrum (feverfew) moon
pyrogen (rotten meat pus) mars, saturn
pyrus Americannus (mountain ash) moon, saturn
quassia amara (quassia wood) moon
quebracho aspidosperma (quebracho) mercury, moon
quercus glandium spiritus (acorn kernels) saturn
quillaya saponaria (Chile soap bark) mercury
radium bromatum (radium bromide) saturn
rajania mars
ranunculus acris (goldcup) saturn
ranunculus bulbosus (buttercup) moon, mercury
ranunculus ficaria (lesser celandine) moon
ranunculus flammula saturn
ranunculus glacialis (reindeer flower) mercury
ranunculus repens (creeping buttercup) moon
ranunculus sceleratus (marsh buttercup) mercury
raphanus (black garden radish) moon, jupiter
ratanhia (mapato) moon
rauwolfia S. (N.O. apocynaceae) moon, sun
red chestnur* (fear) moon
rescue remedy* (star of bethlehem, cherry plum, clematis, rock rose, impatiens) mars, moon
reserpine (alkaloid of rauwolfia S.) moon, sun
rhamnus californica (California coffee tree) saturn, mars
rhamnus catharticus (buckthorn) moon
rhamnus frangula (alder buckthorn) moon
rheum palmatum (turkey rhubarb) moon
rhodium (metallic element) moon, mercury
rhodium oydat. nitricum (nitrate of rhodium oxide) moon, mercury
rhododendron (yellow snow rose) saturn, moon
rhus aromatica (fragrant sumach) venus, moon
rhus diversiloba (California poison oak) mars
rhus glabra (smooth sumach) moon
rhus toxicodendron (poison oak) mars, saturn
rhus venenata (poison elder) mars, saturn
rhus venenata (poison elder) mars, saturn
ribonucleic acid
ricinus communis
robinia (yellow locust) moon
rock rose *
rock water *
rosa canina
rosa damascena
rubis tinctorum
rumex acetosa
rumex crispus (yellow dock/curled dock) mercury, mars
russula foetens
ruta grav. (garden rue) mars, saturn
sabadilla (cevadilla seed) sun, moon
sabal serrulata
sabina moon, venus
saccharum lactis venus, mercury
saccharum officinale saturn, jupiter
salicylic acid
salix mollissima
salix nigra
salix purpurea
salvia officinalis
sambucus canadensis
sambucus nigra (elder) mercury
sanguinaria (blood root) mars, jupiter
sanguinaria nitricum mercury
sanguinarinum tartaricum
sanicula aqua saturn, moon
santalum album (sandalwood) venus
santalum oleum venus
santonin (santoninum) moon
saponaria (soap root) mercury
saponinum saturn
sarcolactic acid mars, saturn
sarothamnus (broom) sun, venus
sarracenia (pitcher plant) moon
sarsaparilla (wild liquorice) venus, saturn
saururus cernuus (lizard’s tail) venus
scammonium (scammony) moon
scarlatininum (scarlet fever nosode) mars, venus
schinus molle moon, jupiter
scirrhinum (cancer nosode) saturn, moon
scleranthus * uncertainty moon
scolopendra (centipede) moon
scorpion (european scorpion) mars
scrophularia (knotted figwort) moon
scutellaria (skullcap) moon
secale (ergot of rye) saturn, moon
sedum acre (small houseleek) saturn
selenium venus
sempervivum (houseleek) mars, saturn
senecio aureus (golden ragwort) venus, moon
senecio jacobea (st. james wort)) moon, saturn
senega (snakewort) mars
senna (cassia acutifolia) moon, jupiter
sepia (cuttlefish ink) moon, venus
serum anguillae (eel serum) venus, sun, mars
silica (pure flint) saturn
silica marina (beach-sand) mercury, saturn
silphium laciniatum (rosin-weed) mercury
simaruba amara (mountain damson) none listed
sinapis alba (white mustard) moon
sinapis nigra (black mustard) mercury
sisyrinchium (blue eyed grass) mars
sium latifolium (water parsnip) saturn, moon
skatolum (skatol) saturn
skookum chuck (salt water-med.lake) saturn
slag jupiter, saturn
sol (sunlight) sun
solanium mercury, moon
solanium arrebenta moon
solanum carolinense (horse-nettle) moon
solanum mammosum
solanum nigrum (black nightshade) moon
solanum oleraceum (juquerioba) moon
solanum tuberosum aegrotans (rotten potato) moon
solanum tuberosum (potato) mercury, saturn
solidago (goldenrod) venus, mercury
sphingurus (porcupine tree) moon, mercury
spigelia anthelmintica (pinkroot) sun, moon
spigelia marylandica (worm grass) moon
spiraea ulmaria (meadow sweet) moon
spiranthes (lady’s tresses) moon
spongia (roasted sponge) mercury, sun
squilla (sea onion) mercury, saturn
stannum iodatum (iodide of tin) mercury
stannum metallicum (tin) jupiter, mercury
staphylococcinum (bacteria) saturn
staphysagria (stavesacre) venus, mars, saturn
star of bethlehem * despondent moon
stellaria (chickweed) saturn
sterculia (kola nut) sun ?
sticta pulmonaria (lungwort) mercury, saturn
stigmata maydis (corn silk) venus
stillingia (queen’s root) saturn
stramonium (jimson weed) mars, moon
streptococcinum (bacteria) mars
strontium bromatum moon, venus
strontium carbonicum mars, saturn
strontium nitricum venus, moon
strophanhus (kombe seed) sun
strychnine (alkaloid of nux vomica) moon, mercury
strychnine phosphorica moon
strychnos gaultheriana (hoang nan) saturn
succinum (amber) saturn, moon
sulfanilamide moon
sulfonal (coal tar product) moon
sulphur saturn, mars
sulphur hydrogen mars
sulphur iodatum saturn, venus
sulphur terebinthinatum saturn, moon
sulphuric acid (vitriol) mars, moon, saturn
sulphurosum acidum (sulph dioxide) mars, mercury
sumbul (musk-root) moon
sweet chestnut* despondent moon
sycotic bacillus venus
symphoricarpus (snowberry) moon
symphytum (comfrey) saturn, mars
syphilinum (nosode) mercury
syzygium (jambol seeds) jupiter
tabacum mercury, moon
tamus communis (ladies’ seal) saturn
tanacetum (tansy) moon
tanghinia moon
tannic acid moon
taraxacum (dandelion) jupiter, venus
tarentula cubenses (cuban spider) mars, saturn
tarentula hispanica mars, moon
tartaric acid moon
taxus baccata (yew) saturn
tela aranearum (spider’s web) mercury, moon
tellurium saturn
teplitz aqua saturn
terebinthina (turpentine) venus, moon
tetradymite mars
teucrium marum (cat thyme) saturn, moon
teucrium scorodonia (wood sage) mercury
thalamus moon
thallium moon
thea (tea) mercury
theridion (orange spider) mercury, moon
thevetia moon
thiosinaminum (oil of mustard seed) saturn
thlaspi bursa pastoris (shepher’s purse) moon, venus
thuja occidentalis (arvor vitae) venus, moon
thuja lobbi (red cedar) sun, moon
thymol (thyme camphor) moon
thymus serpyllum (wild thyme) mercury
thyroidinum (thyroid gland) jupiter
thyroiodinum jupiter
tilia (linden) moon, venus
titanium moon, venus
tongo (coumarouna seeds) moon
torula cervisiae (yeast plant) saturn
toxicophis (mocassin snake) mars
trachinus (stingfish) mars, saturn
tradescantia venus
tribulus (ikshugandha) venus
trifolim pratense (red clover) mars
trifolium repens (white clover) mercury
trillium (lamb’s quarter, birthroot) moon
trinitrotoluenum (TNT) mars
triosteum (fever root) mars
triticum repens (couch grass) venus
trombidum muscae (red acarus of the fly) moon
tropeolum majus
tuberculinium aviaire (chicken tub) mercury
tuberculinum mercury, saturn, moon
tussilago farfara (coltsfoot) mercury
tussilago fragrans jupiter
tussilago petasites (bitter burr) venus
ulmus campestris (slippery elm bark) mercury
uncaria tomentosa (cat’s claw) not given (mars, saturn?)
upas antiaris mars
upas tieute (upas tree) moon
uranium nitricum jupiter
urea pura (carbamide) saturn, venus
uric acid saturn
urinum humanum (human urine) venus, saturn
urtica urens (stinging nettle) mars, moon, saturn
ustilago (sorn smut) moon, saturn
uva ursi (bearberry) venus
vaccininum (nosode) saturn
vaccinium myrtillus (bilberry) moon
valeriana moon, mercury
vanadium jupiter
vanilla aromatica venus
variolinum (small pox nosode) venus, saturn
venus mercenaria (american scallop) venus
veratrinum moon
veratrum album (white hellebore) moon
veratrum nigrum mercury
veratrum viride (American Hellebore) moon, mars
verbascum (mullein oil) mercury
verbena hastata (blue vervain) moon, mercury
veronal moon
versicaria communis venus
vervain * over care for others moon
vespa crabro (wasp) mars, sun
viburnum opulus (cramp bark) moon
viburnum prunifolium (black haw) moon
viburnum tinus moon
vichy aqua saturn, jupiter
vinca minor (lesser periwinkle) moon
vine * over care for others moon
viola odorata(violet) moon, saturn
viola tricolor (pansy) moon, venus, saturn
vipera berus (german viper) moon
viscum album (mistletoe) moon
vitex trifolia (indian arnica) mars
voeslau aqua venus
walnut * oversensitivity to influences moon
water violet moon
white chestnut * moon
wiesbaden aqua saturn
wild oat * uncertainty moon
wild rose * lack of interest moon
wildbad aqua saturn
willow * despondent moon
wyethia he lenoides (poison weed) mercury,sun
x-ray saturn
xanthorrhea arborea venus
xanthorrhiza apifolia (shrub yellow root) moon, saturn
xanthoxylum fraxineum (prickly ash) venus, mercury
xerophyllum (basket grass flower) mars
yohimbinum (yohimbe bark) venus, moon
yucca filamentosa (bear grass) jupiter
zea italica (corn silk) not given
zincum aceticum moon
zincum arsenicosum not given
zincum bromatium moon, mercury
zincum chromate moon
zincum cyanatum moon
zincum iodatum mercury
zincum metallicum moon
zincum muriaticum moon
zincum oxydatum saturn, moon
zincum phosphoricum moon, venus
zincum picricum moon
zincum sulphuricum moon
zincum valerianum moon
zingiber officinale jupiter, venus
zizia aurea (meadow parsnip) moon
Bach Flower Remedies:
Undertainty: cerato, gentian, gorse, hornbeam, wild oat
Despondency, despair: star of bethlehem, crab apple, oak, willow, sweet chestnut, elm,pine, larch
Overcare for others’ welfare – rock water, beech, vervain, chicory
oversensitivity to influences and ideas: walnut, agrimony, centaury, holly
lack of interest to present circumstances: white chestnut, clematis, honeysuckle, wildrose, olive, mustard and chestnut bud for those who have fear: cherry plum, rock rose, mimulus, aspen, red
A fuller description can be found in Dr. Murphy’s Lotus Materia Medica.



Poste cards-comppressed




The Hermetic Angel Deck is for Entertainment purposes Only!

Please consult your local Homeopathic clinic practitioners.Ayervedic or Naturpathic for further details.

entertainment – an activity that is diverting and that holds the attention

Meet Christopher De Caermichael, life long New Ager The creator of THAD. A seeker that used Homeopathy and Naturopathy to treat many ailments following the planets to understand a greater efficacy of healing and an expanded awareness of consciousness that led to the development of The Hermetic Angel Deck of cards. All references are to Sankaran and Murphy etal. There are many elixirs for Life!

You can contact Cristoph via -:

 INSTAGRAM- @cristophde




THAD TAROT 2. file:///C:/Users/Cristoph-Dell/Desktop/IMPORTANT/CRISTOPH/KARMA.pdf









 file:///C:/Users/Cristoph-Dell/Desktop/IMPORTANT/CRISTOPH/KARMA.pdf 29.


  1. -Un esclusivo sguardo affascinante nel mondo segreto dello sciamanesimo malese di origine antropologica. Avvertendo immagini intense che ritraggono l’inferno di Dante attraverso statue.Alcune delle immagini sono inquietanti e possono influire sulle menti di alcuni spettatori. Questo è tutto reale e gli eventi spettrali avvengono in questo regno buio che ricorda Tartaro.
  2. Nella mitologia greca Tartaro (/ tɑːrtərəs /; Greco antico: Τάρταρος Tartaros) è l’abisso profondo che viene utilizzato come una prigione di tormento e sofferenza per i malvagi e come la prigione per i Titani. Tartaro è il luogo dove, secondo Platone a Gorgias (400 aC), le anime sono state giudicate dopo la morte e dove i malvagi hanno ricevuto la punizione divina. Come altri soggetti primari (come la Terra, la Notte e l’Ora), Tartaro è stato considerato anche una forza primordiale o una divinità.


The Videos will make Dante’s inferno real and the road less travelled.

THE Shaman’s quest. Story to come but here are the videos.


The full documentary is 40 minutes.




This is the musical collage of the Shaman’s journey










Lando Zawawi and the Brotherhood of Mercy in Shah Alam Malaysia                                                    








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