25-1 The UP and Down Man – Copy – Copy


Chapter 1 – Story 1


Ouch, you are hurting my back, move to the right, stop standing on my left side … move over ..Puleeze (please)! Some of you people just don’t know how to walk… you move like a sack of potatoes, all (1)wonky and lumpy… come on move to the right!

I feel so old, I know to you, I am nothing but a piece of steel and you feel as if you just have to stand there, worse some of you run and stomp and jump up and down on me… oh my back… my aching back. Oh! Oh! here comes trouble! Every day this lady, I know her name, but I can’t tell you … but maybe I will, Mrs Kimble.. she brings her baby and feeds her Ice Cream .. She is doing it again, and oops.. I could cry.. Every day the kid drops the ice cream into my grooves.

Shudder, shudder, yuck, it sticks in my grooves and mixes with your very, very dirty feet…… there it goes around and around. I have a good mind to … yes I am going to do it. GRRRRRRRRRRIND! (grind)SCREETTCH!  (Screech) Bam! STOP!

I’ve got the power! POWER ! Now you just have to walk, no more riding on my back.. get off, of my back and stand to the right ………..I am getting old. They should recycle me.


Do you know what I am? Some people confuse me with the other E- Word, but I am much longer … Ha-ha-ha-ha! and stronger and I am everywhere.


My name is Mr ESCALATOR.

Moral- Remember to keep our public facilities clean and follow the rules of Public etiquette and safety.



Key Words: 

Escalator- ( s k -l t r) A moving stairway consisting of steps attached to a continuously circulating belt.

Elevator- ( l -v t r) A platform or an enclosure raised and lowered in a vertical shaft to transport people or freight.

Public (p b l k) Of, concerning, or affecting the community or the people

Facilities (f -s l -t ) Something created to serve a particular function

Etiquette ( t -k t , -k t) The practices and forms prescribed by social convention or by authority


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