25-10 The longest trunk – Copy – Copy


The Longest Trunk


Oh, No!” Elephant nurse said. “What is the matter? Is my Baby okay?” Says, Mama Elephant. “Well he is perfectly fine, but he really has a very long nose,” says Nurse Elephant.

Papa Elephant replied, “In my Pachyderm family, we all have long noses, those are our trunks”

“Yes, Yes” says Nurse Elephant but Oh, Dear, his is very special”

Everyone stared at the Beautiful Baby Elephant and they all gasped “His trunk is so LONG”

The Baby elephant just stared at them with huge beautiful eyes and his very long trunk wrapped itself around his body as he fell fast asleep.


Days, Weeks and Months went by. The Baby Elephant was called – Pinocchio. And his trunk was so very special. At first his friends all laughed at him and that hurt his feelings and he would run away into the forest and cry. On one such day, as he was in the forest crying, a Toucan spoke to him.

“Pinocchio, don’t cry, all you need to do is learn how to use your nose, I mean your trunk.” 

“Learn to use my trunk, what do you mean?” says Pinocchio Elephant. “Your trunk is your gift. You will one day be a Mighty Elephant, Bigger than anyone you know and the first thing that grows on everyone is their NOSE, I mean your trunk. Trust me your body will just grow and your trunk will be normal to your body size.” said the sagacious Toucan.


So Pinocchio Elephant practised. He could reach the tallest mangoes, coconuts and sugar apples and he could move anything with his trunk. Big Logs of wood, huge rocks and he could spray water up to 100 meters. His feats of dexterity and strength grew as he grew and soon he was the Biggest Elephant ever seen by Elephant Kind. He became famous and lived a Happy, Prosperous Life. Long live, his Very long Trunk.


The Moral to the story, there are Ugly Ducklings that become Swans. All that are different often grow into remarkable things, be it people or animals. In humans as young adults our noses are the first to grow and we sometimes experience that uncomfortable feeling of awkwardness, which adolescence is.




Key Words:

  • Famous (f m s) Well or widely known
  • Practice (pr k t s) To do or perform (something) repeatedly in order to acquire or polish a skill
  • Dexterity (d k-st r -t )Skill and grace in physical movement
  • Prosperous (pr s p r- s) Having success; flourishing
  • Pachyderm (p k -derm ) Any of various large, thick-skinned, hoofed mammals such as the elephant
  • Sagacious (s -g sh s) Having or showing keen discernment, sound judgment, and farsight




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