25-12 The Miracle – The Boy and the Sunbeams – Copy – Copy


The Miracle – The Boy and the Sunbeams


A long time ago deep in the forest, in a small cottage cellar, lived a poor sick boy.  He had been sick from his childhood, and he walked on (1)crutches.  His family was so poor and though they did their very best for him, he was not getting better. On some summer days, the sun would send the sunbeams to him and these beams would lie on the floor of the cellar and the poor sick boy would sit warming himself in the sunshine.


The boy asked the sunbeams to tell him stories of where the sun had been. Where, he could never go. The sunbeams told him of far of lands and oceans, of the whales and dolphins and of elephants and lions. The Sunbeams filled his mind and his heart and spirit with an incredible thirst for adventure and life. One day the boy knew he was dying and asked the sunbeams to take him to heaven. They did and he travelled deeper into space and through time, he saw everything. His mind saw the world, the planets; he went deep into the sun and then beyond the sun.


When, he awoke from his journey, he could suddenly stand, and move without his crutches. He ran up the stairs and told his parents about his journey into the Sun. No one believed him of course. But it did not matter, from that day forward; he grew stronger and stronger and moved out from the cellar into the world.

Moral – Vitamin D Comes From the Sun

Sunlight is the best and only natural source of vitamin D. Sun exposure to the skin is the human race’s natural, intended, most effective and most neglected source of vitamin D. Vitamin D sufficiency, along with diet and exercise, has emerged as one of the most important preventive factors in human health. Sunlight-induced vitamin D, it’s the way your body is intended to make it!


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