As a woman, when you buy a shoe, especially a high heel shoe, do you not experience a momentary thrill that mimics the sheer pleasure and excitement women feel when they slip on this licentious objet d’art, the high heel shoe?   What you are not knowingly doing with this love affair, went not to an object, but much deeper than that. Women are peeling back the layers of (1)femininity and getting closer to the truth of their own sacred self, the seat of a woman’s human soul, her egg.


High heel shoes, the human soul and our eggs? Deep into this tiny cell, capable of letting us experience this sensation, that even the choice of buying a shoe, could it be, just biology, neatly wrapped up in thousands of years of human evolution, culture and mass media or? This routine act embodies so much from the worlds of science, sociology and communication. Let’s look at the egg and the sperm, not quite as we have always understood them but let’s take a new retrospective of that which is known, into the unknown. We need to understand the way cultural content in scientific descriptions changes as biological discoveries unfold. The nature-nurture debate is over. Our DNA is more alike than differentiated that seeking out gender based genetics is redundant. In the old days, the sperm penetrated the egg, wiggling itself into that place where the west was won. New views indicate that it’s the egg, causing the wiggling, due to the death like grip that the egg, has placed onto the head of the sperm. It makes one think of the black widow spider as she devours her mate. The egg is now seen to play a larger more aggressive role. Mimicry, in our cultural stereotypes creates the femme fatale, the egg is the aggressor, who captures and tethers the male. Observe the provocative language, aggressor, tethers, and femme fatale and was it the sperm that was wiggling or was the sperm acting out a more uncelebrated move from the seducer, the egg, creating the wiggle. Is our female culture more powerful than we thought, until now? This deviates from the traditional perspective but as expressed by the labelling of behaviour or appearance as deviant will change over time, and will vary by place, revealing its social and historical construction”.


Femininity can be experienced as culture. Culture is involved with all practices that are not genetically programmed, but which carry meaning and value to us, which then can be meaningfully interpreted, by others. Culture in this sense permeates all of society. It’s what distinguishes the human element in social life, from what is biologically driven. Our feminine culture, as represented in the high heels, was introduced in the1500s and the modern day stiletto-Italian for a small penetrating dagger- the high heel evolved. The high heel, a dangerous seducer, focused the egg-sperm wiggle, moved it to the sway of the hips accentuated, now by the high-heel shoe.  Yes, the stiletto, a slender heel, equated height with style arousing erectile images and sexual desire.  Now that’s a SHOE!





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