THE BOOK OF 25 – Chapter 2 – Story 2

25-2 Pumpkin Coach – Copy – Copy

Chapter 2 –  Story 2            The Pumpkin Coach

Like with all very good Fairy tales, I grew up hearing about this one. In the pumpkin patch where I lived, the grown- ups talked about it, even in their sleep. I heard… one day, I will be a beautiful coach, all shiny and molten gold, covered in Diamonds and Sapphires and many other precious stones. Some say, they will have a crown of Rubies and others say, that they will be the Biggest, most splendid coach in the whole world, or even in the universe. I say “Pumpkins… Get a Life, you are just a pumpkin and soon you will be PIE not a Coach. You are nothing but FOOD… Illusions of Gold and Jewels are just pumpkin pie dreams.”

Look over there, you see what I mean, there is Pumpkin Pete a little past his prime… but he is so big…. Oh Oh! .. No ..sweet Pete ‘s Gone.. Gone! Someone just cut him loose. He is going to be a PIEEEEEEE! (Pie)

As night falls and the world is silent a full moon casts a brilliant glow over the whole patch, indeed the whole world.. the Fairy Kingdom comes alive, some flitted here, some there, tap tap, tap tap… “Uh who is waking me up?” I wondered.

This voice says … “Dreams do come true, arise fair pumpkin, you are the most beautiful of all.” “Oh come on, I am sleeping…. Uh oh … I am growing, bigger and bigger and stronger and stronger. My Body is Gold, I have a crown, there are jewels everywhere …. I have horses and a Fairy Princess rides within me. I’m, flying on Moon beams up, up and away ……”Good Bye, Pumpkin World, no more Pie For Me, I am FREEEEEE! (Free)

The Moral: to some you may be a Pumpkin but even if you do not believe in yourself, the universe believes in you!

 Key Words:                                                                                                            

  1. Patch (p ch) A small plot or piece of land, used for growing specific vegetation, e.g. pumpkins are gourds.
  2. Molten (m l t n) brilliantly glowing, from or as if from intense heat
  3. Splendid (spl n d d) Imposing by reason of showiness or grandeur; magnificent:
  4. Illusions ( -l zh n) Something, such as a fantastic plan or desire, that causes an erroneous belief or perception.
  5. Traditional (tr -d sh -n l) Of, relating to, or in accord with tradition

Pumpkin Pie is a traditional dish for North American Thanks Giving.


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