25-22 Rock , Paper, Scissors- Lexical Grammar explained – Copy


Rock, Paper, Scissors

A philosophy of (1) modernist-reductionism; You play by the rules and the rules reference a point where Rock beats scissors and scissors beats paper, or?  We can struggle and twist and turn, alter our thinking and direction, but in the end, we return to a rather un-characteristic point of view.  Can the simple Rock, Paper, Scissors be the dog eat dog method or is it a monkey see, monkey do application?

Is Rock, a metaphor for society, solid, unyielding yet a support upon which we can build? Using the steel of the implied scissors or the fragility of the emotional “paper” to follow through on any thought construct you may plan, conceive or wager.

Lets’ make a choice. We can play this alone doing a three times per as a requisite response. I am rock, when I am steadfast in my moment of choice. With scissors I can cut through my choices that may be challenges and remind myself that there is a choice. As for paper, perhaps the choice is that fleeting or ephemeral.

But really it’s a child game. A game of natural selection.  I may always be the paper, or the scissors or even the rock, but in the end, I have made my choice and it’s all that simple. Life is but a game, reduced to a moment in time. You choose Rock, Paper or Scissors. Would you ever let a simple game dictate your life choices or is it in reality the game of life is that simple? 

As its name implies, Rock, Paper, and Scissors, is akin to a really limited periodic table, involves three elements. Each one of these elements has a winning, losing, and tying combination against an opponent. On paper, this sounds like there is only ever a 1/3 chance of winning with each throw. But introduce a little human psychology into your game, and you have an edge and a game plan for winning.

Males tend to come out aggressive with Rock on their first throw. Turn the odds in your favor with Paper. Expect experienced players who tend to throw Paper when they play against a newcomer. Showing Scissors should put him in his place. Because of their lack of mental stamina, when inexperienced players lose they tend to copycat the last winning throw. Crush them with its opposite. For the math-stats geek, or those who like to play the odds, paper is thrown the least often at 29.6% of the time. Rock and Scissors are thrown the most often, at 35.4% and 35%, respectively. When there is a need for a changeup, use Paper as an unexpected option to surprise your opponent. And you thought it was just a child’s game.


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