25-4 I am 4 eyes – Copy – Copy

Chapter 4 Story 4

I am 4 eyes

Why do people stare at me? Well sort of at me, or through me. They seem to take a lot of time, holding me, turning me this way and then that way. I have 2 arms, I sit on a Bridge and I have 2 holes that are (1) perfection to behold.

Sure I look great most of the time, but I hate when they drop me, sit on me and just Use, Loose and Abuse me. To some I am replaceable but they need me, truly, truly I say they do! They hunt for me, scream, “Where are you? I left you here and you just disappeared. I swear you just got up and walked away.”

I kid you not, they say these things. I have no legs, but I have arms, so I can’t walk away …How SILLY … !

Perhaps you should look for me in my bed, where you put me. Perhaps you should look in your pocket, where you put me. Perhaps if you weren’t half blind you will see that I am here …RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU! Well on top of you as you have me, perched on your head. As if I could see from that position.

With me you have FOUR EYES, Yes It is true, some say I must be a Monster… for only Monsters have four eyes..

But I am not a Monster, I am just your GLASSES!


Moral- Glasses are great for enhancing your vision plus they are known for how easy they are often lost or misplaced. 4 eyes refer to the combination of your eyes and your lenses in your glasses. 2+2 = 4 eyes.


Key Words:

  1. Perfection  (p r-f k sh n) An instance of excellence
  2. Replaceable (r -pl s ) To be or provide a substitute for
  3. Disappeared (d s -ppeared ) To pass out of sight; vanish

Enhancing ( n-h nsing ) To make greater, as in value, beauty, or effectiveness; augment


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