25-5 The Pig Noses – Copy – Copy

The Pig’s Noses    

So the stories goes on and on about a lot of huffin (huffing) and puffin(puffing),  and blowing some poor little pigs house down. The truth is there was never any Wolf. We pigs like our privacy and Love our smelly pig pen. How is a big bad wolf going to come into our pigpen.. it smells so BAD and Mama Pig has a real bad temper, if that Big bad wolf was going on and on about his huffin and puffin she would just (1) kick his keister out of town.

The real secret is that we pigs become INVISIBLE. That’s right we just POOF disappear ..into thin air …well it is a secret, you can’t tell. We actually .. I can’t say it ..I will spell it. We C-A-M-O-U-F-L-A-U-G-E ourselves. You know we wear a costume or a disguise. In our case, I will whisper it, M-U-D.

Okay I am sworn to secrecy so I have to spell it. It’s M-U-D!

Shh! Not so loud .. keep it down I heard you ..It’s MUD! All that you can see of us is… yep you guessed it .. our Noses …

So the real story is the three Pig Noses not the other one, three little pigs indeed ! Remember it is MUD! So, if you ever want to just vanish? Just go play in the Mud, your Momma will love you, ours does.

Don’t you?? Mama! Mama!                                           

Moral, Playing in Mud is pure Fun!

Key Words:


  1. huffin- huffing (h ffing) To blow hard
  2. Puffin –Puffing (p ffing) A short forceful exhalation of breath
  3. Camouflage (k m -flage ) To conceal by the use of disguise
  4. Invisible ( n-v z -b l) Not easily noticed or detected; inconspicuous
  5. Keister (k st r) Slang The buttocks.
  6. Pigpen (p g p n ) A dirty or very untidy place. A fenced enclosure for animals e.g. Pigs





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