25-8 HRH Apple – Copy – Copy


HRH Princess Apple

Hello, Everyone I am HRH Princess Apple,    Yes that is my name Princess Apple!.

I am “The Apple-HRH Apple that everyone talks about.  Yes, yes, you can bow before me! What? You have not heard about me? Go on, sure you have. Remember the Evil Queen in that story where she gives that poor girl a poisoned apple. Well, that Apple was my Great- Great- Great– Great Grandmother. Well maybe a few more Greats, the apples in my family are all Great, Just Delicious.

But that poor girl was very lucky, as you know an Apple a Day can keep the Doctor away. So the girl in that story could never have been harmed. We are very Magical us, Princess Apples. We can charm and bewitch you with our special flavour and our sweet taste. That Story was just written by a jealous fruit, maybe a Kiwi or an Orange, they are always jealous of our Beauty. Look at our gorgeous colour. A beautiful Bright Red.

“Hey Princess Apple, are you still talking about that story. Its’ true that you are beautiful but look at us – We Oranges are Glorious golden bits of the Sun and we are much more popular than you can ever be.” said the Orange.

“Orange, them is fighting words” said Princess Apple and with that a HUGE Fruit Fight broke out. It was quite funny to see the beautiful Red Apples and the Golden Oranges flying from their perch in the trees. Knocking each other down,

Pow, Splat, Kabing,Kabang, Ouch, Oooooo, Splish ! Got Ya, Zing, Pling,  etc!

A fruit war is very serious; there were hundreds of once beautiful Apples and Oranges strewn like confetti all over the Orchard. Many lay injured and bruised. Some were pureed beyond recognition. Some were juiced and peace had to be made.

The Moral to the tale, don’t take Fairy Tales too seriously. Both Apples and Oranges fight for a special place in our hearts and tummies.

Key Words:

  1. Lucky  (l k )Occurring by chance; fortuitous.
  2. Magical (m j -k l) The practice of using charms, spells, or rituals to attempt to produce supernatural effects or control events in nature
  3. Fighting words A statement bound to start a quarrel or fight. It is often expressed as them’s fighting words; The ungrammatical use of them’s for “those are” emphasizes the folksy tone of this colloquialism, Gulliver’s Travels (1917).
  4. Perch (prch) A position that is secure, advantageous, or prominent
  5. Confetti (k n-f t ) Small pieces or streamers of coloured paper that are scattered around during the course of festive occasions

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