“BAD” Sex and the city of Toronto

Jian Ghomeshi – Sex and the city of Toronto

Toronto Canada

London  U.K. born Jian Ghomeshi a Canadian Broadcasting Corporation host, has been charged thus far with eight counts of violent acts against women. Investigations continue and further charges are expected to be laid in the future. This melee of a situation has exploded from the studios of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation aka CBC, where Ghomeshi was employed as the quintessential genial host of “Q” a radio show and quickly became a ”Canadian Celebrity”. He was considered warm and beguilingly intimate and captivated his audience, especially women with his charismatic allure.

A celebrity, which by his own now infamous admissions, harbored a dark and dangerous side. He gloried in his single status as a “Bad Boy’ Hollywood style. A man now publicly known for his many romantic trysts, which involved severe sexual assault, battery and choking. A Bad boy indeed, now feeling the pressure of Canadian courts as he was finally outed by numerous women who over time had endured, his version of romance now being expressed as Rape culture.

Jian Ghomeshi has recently become Canada’s Poster boy Elect to represent an insidious issue that apparently 65% of North American women have experienced. Sexual assault is the politically accepted term now used to whiten the word Rape. And Rape or sexual assault has been a questionable crime based on the relationship between the victim and assailant as they usually know each other either as colleagues or through dating, coining another euphemistic term : DATE-RAPE. This long-term victimization is at the crux of all the allegations of sexual assault.

Recent North American news has contained several stories of a phenomenon that has loosely been termed as “Rape Culture” and it is a hotly debated topic in Canada and the United States of America. Several stories that evoke the cult of celebrity, as per Jian Ghomeshi and his antics are the fodder for the grist of North American news and talk shows. Many women that are victims of these crimes from the past are coming forward to bring international testimony to the savage reality of sexual assault for more than one publicly acclaimed celebrity. Ghomeshi is it seems not alone in this sexual assault scandal.

Comedian Bill Cosby is facing a similar public trial in Canada with his own allegations that completely mirror the style of Jian Ghomeshi. Popular Television Actor Stephen Collins, who played a non-denominational Christian pastor who supported family virtues also publicly confessed to predatory sexual offences with minors all female, including his juvenile sister-in-law. All men so far involved with this criminal activity are in the glare of the media spotlight with fame and all its privileges accredited to them. All simultaneously are being exposed publicly for violent sexual assaults to women. Art and life met when a Prayer Palace Church pastor Paul David Melnichuk was charged today with 5 sexual assault charges.

That term “Dating”, familiarity has become a contentious issue in Rape culture and it took a bevy of distressed victims to seal Ghomeshi’s fate. A fate that he publicly stimulated, by continual and still ongoing posting to his social media page on FACEBOOK. His confession of sorts on October 26th, prior to his arrest sparked media frenzy. He had shown a video of his sexual partner’s injuries to CBC and insisted that the bruising and breaking of bones took place through his version of consensual sex. He then wrote about it on social media. He has often publicly revealed his inner most self, first on his show , “Q” a hip cool radio that fed his cult followers, his brand of cool and allowed him instant access to his prey, women and lots of them.

Written by – Cristoph De Caermichael


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