A Food ADVENTURE Series Everywhere – Seoul – Thailand – Vietnam

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According to Gourmet Magazine, the global interest in Dining is estimated to generate revenues in excess of 2 billion US dollars a year. This includes the purchase of magazines and videos as well as the enjoyment by Epicureans of the fare offered in fine dining establishments. In America alone, that figure is collectively estimated at 1 billion US dollars and in Canada it is 700 million US dollars per year. This conveys a substantial interest in food and food shows.

FOOD DUDE is REAL TV. Food for thought for our viewer’s enjoyment, demonstrating the intimate knowledge of food preparation and the ingenuity of our gifted artisans.

FOOD DUDE episodes are fun filled adventures, which offer versatility through entertainment not erudition. It is HIP, in your face, SURVIVOR style television. Who says Music and Food don’t mix. It is all about the MIX that creates great food and great music.

TRINIDAD is fast developing as the Caribbean’s  greatest Food Mecca and is establishing a reputation that reflects an emerging Trans-National Food Landscape. Food is a journey of experience and culture and is one of the more social achievements that we share. FOOD DUDE highlights the best parts of TRINIDAD cooking through FUN and ADVENTURE.

FOOD DUDE is designed to bring a new awareness of to the art of fine and not so fine dining. Our collection of world-class chefs will reveal their vast knowledge and experience of the importance of food and its many creative methods of preparationWe will focus on a fascinating and interesting fusion of cuisine a la TRINIDAD.  Put your name here – in pursuit of Love realizes that the way to a girl’s heart is through food. Except he knows nothing about food and the problem is which girl. Food Dude is anonymous quest to find out about food and love. Okay it is strictly lust.

FOOD DUDE Is a thematic, gutsy FOOD SHOW, not afraid to show the behind the scenes chaos of our talented chefs. A chaos that anonymous thrives on. It is a good-hearted mockumentary that blends REAL LIFE, SURVIVOR STYLE television with the urbane and the very funny talented, personality of anonymous. anonymous is more known for his Rhyming, and his books.  AS THE FOOD DUDE Lyndon Baptiste is incredible not so much for what he knows but for What he does not know. His comedic talents unite this series, FOOD DUDE as A FOOD (Mis) ADVENTURE.

Song Titles can become Episode Titles and reflect a style of food and carry a fun mix of food, fun and introduces a new generation in to the land of food as fun. Special guests will appear – eg. Anya AyoungChee, Minister Jack Austin Warner, Dwight Yorke, Destra Garcia, Iwer George etal. And the likes of Trinidad’s emerging entertainment scene.


This was written for Canada but Trinidad / Tobago is better for this show


Using Trinidad food as a backdrop to REFOCUS a Positive Eye on the Country. Focus can be on many of these restaurants, the viewer’s homes, Liming – Shark and Bake at Maracas.

Each week, we will follow different Chefs and personalities at their Restaurants , Pubs, Bars and watering holes ..  through their routines and discover the contributing factors that influence their creative food decisions as well as plate and style presentation.  We will explore each Chef’s personal philosophy of food preparation as well as their inspiration and we will see them perform their art in the ritual of creating our own exquisite cuisine. We will also feature Surprise guests and friends of anonymous from the world of Entertainment.

With a rapping rhyming star whose titles and lyrics become the base point for the series anything is possible. You take No means No and Loose Control & Lollipop wrap them in hip food cuisine and you have Food Entertainment.


Episode ONE

Devotee – FOOD DUDE


The Chefs interpretation of classic recipes led him to be chosen as one of only four North American members of the International Chambre Syndicale de Haute Cuisine Francaise.A temperature controlled wine cellar boasts more than 10,000 bottles. With a wide selection of Champagnes by the glass. Ricky J schmooses the chef and attempts to take all the credit to impress his Love interest.

Episode TWO



5 of Toronto’s TOP CHEFS design wearable eatable art. From Louis the 14th Wigs and headdresses A team of chefs prepare their culinary magic at this “highest restaurant on the planet”, 1100 feet above downtown Toronto. 360’s philosophy is to use first-choice fresh Ontario produce, with the best ingredients Canada has to offer, and incorporate their own contemporary flair. At the center of it all, the world’s highest award-winning wine cellar, and 500-label wine list to Street fashion. From Top to bottom with unmentionables for desert.





JAMES SPRY, Ecoffier Society President discusses his success and shows us the behind the scenes culinary tips as the cast of characters from the VERY GAY night Club Odyssey engage us in their favorite Dream whip, Jell-O and fruit creations.


Character DINNER

ACQUA    The waterfall in the terazzo grotto soothes away daily tensions, and the vast variety of food and wine do the rest. A spectacular bar wows both the after-work and theatre-going crowds. That is the Atmosphere but the reality is the strangest pairings of Off-Beat comedians, with RICKY J.




Our Chefs create incredible food for a real life Princess. A peasant and a Loser.  These perfect strangers from such diverse worlds will meet for the first time and enjoy each other’s company and food. Guests to include Jeanne Baker of Fashion TV and Nic M, Toronto’s  male answer to Martha Stewart.



Retail is theater, especially upscale retail, and Swiss-Master plays it well. Läderach Steven helped defined the magic of upscale chocolates in Canada during the eighties. She is most influential chocolate force in Canada. Läderach-Steven has an ability, which very few chocolateurs begin to possess. She also is prepared to take risks based on her own thinking, which often differs from the norm…” Ricky J is not the NORM and Chocolate comes in many forms.


… the scene for this whooping hollering episode. We have chosen Ostrich as our game and four very Sexy COUGARS, great women in their Prime will whip it up as they dance and corral their pups, sexy young muscle bound men to have dinner with them. Uniquely located on the 54th floor of the Toronto Dominion Bank Tower is one of Canada’s finest restaurants. It’s big and bold, with a spectacular bar and bsolutely breathtaking view that makes it one of T.O.’s hottest after-work destinations. Canoe brings a passion for food, wine and innovation to the heart of Toronto’s business and theatre district.




The very funky and eclectic DOWN TOWN CORE is the setting for this episode. 7 friends gather and cannot decide where to have dinner? So the dining experience begins from the Appetizers to the desert as we go to all of their favorite haunts. Witty conversation and bonhomie prevail.

The scene: Latin Americans—friends, families, lovers—gather at this traditional taqueria in search of the food that reminds them of home

The neighbourhood: It’s known as Little Korea, but in among the sushi and barbecue nestles a handful of El Salvadorean joints, Eastern European delis and an East Indian grocery.

The concept: A taqueria, like the simple eat-in stalls you’d find at a Mexican city market. Down south, tacos and other fast foods are a national tradition, not a mass-marketing campaign

Tip: Nine Latino beers, many of the brands unfamiliar, make the best match with Mexican. For those still on the wagon, there’s creamy homemade horchata (a cinnamon-scented rice drink with peanuts



RUDE FOOD  @ Far Niente

As the name implies this is food that is suggestive of the latent carnality that we all want. It is sexy food from the ubiquitous oyster known to increase your libido to the Blow Fish that can kill you in one mistimed bite. Some people find flirting with death sexy… all with appropriate commentary and plate presentation. A little bit of California in Toronto. Visit Far Niente and discover the warm, comfortable glow of Napa Valley. Complement your meal with a bottle of wine from the 10,000 bottle cellar





Join RICKY J  with TORONTO’s  version of Celion, Barbra and Mariah. Talent, song and a couple of Dons to entertain you. They will actually sing for their supper. Featuring  guests, TBA.One of Toronto’s top dining experiences in an elegant environment with impeccable service. The combination of specially prepared favourites and inventive specialties- provide guests with a memorable evening of dining.




This episode investigates the fetishism that is inherent in food from the absolutely decadent to the bizarre. Prepared by Les dames d’Escoffier, the outstanding women Chef’s of this region.





5 TOP TORONO SUPER MODELS have dinner with Toronto’s leading Chef. His task is to provide these overly fastidious non-eaters with food that they can enjoy and really eat. He also discusses food trends that have survived. What Ricky J is doing is creating another Male conquest…but he is the LOSER.





ON THE CURVE HOT STOVE AND WINE BAR: Hosts the armpit of society. It is character driven by zany, unpretentious individuals whose search for meaning revolves around the SPRITS that they consume. Join us a several Wine Merchants set up shop at the neighborhood pub.

 Suggested Show Format


Our intent is to feature our Chef’s cuisine per half-hour episode. The Structure of the format includes, the Music Video style. The following is a proposed segment breakdown for each half-hour episode of our 13-part series:

SEGMENT ONE – Introduction


A video montage with appropriate music will be used to establish the series intro. RICKY J will introduce himself and preview this episode’s Chef and cuisine to be prepared. The Host who then introduces the episode to the audience will present a brief personal history of the Chef.

SEGMENT TWO – Food Preparation

Through brief conversation between Host and Chef, we will uncover his/her source of inspiration and passion for cooking and find out what makes them different from others in their field. We will witness the fascinating progress of behind the scenes shenanigans is mixed with the funky, comedic and entertaining aspects of each guest and episode is created.


SEGMENT THREE – Food Preparation


We continue the step-by-step food preparation details for the featured cuisine. Our Host prompts the Chef for tips, techniques and titillating secrets that are revealed in this mockumentary.


SEGMENT FOUR – Conclusion

The Host will review the featured recipes with the Chef during final cuisine preparation then they will sample the cuisine.

The Host has final words to the viewers, thanks the Chef, then program extro.


FOOD DUDE is a 13 part half-hour series. Each episode will feature the preparation of exquisite cuisine by one of this regions international Chefs de Cuisine.  We will do a two-camera shoot to ensure that all elements of the presentation are covered.

Each Chef will be taped in a variety of locations as per EPISODES ONE THROUGH THIRTEEN.


Target Audience


FOOD DUDE demonstrates the intimate knowledge of food preparation and the ingenuity of our gifted artisans. The popularity of such shows that proliferate The Food Channel, HGTV and the new NETWORKS, such as HOMETOWN TV– have generated interest from the widest demographics of television viewer ship, from both men and women aged 25 to 65 with household incomes that range from $40,000 to $250,000.  Such is the wide appeal of this FOOD (MIS) ADVENTURE series.

As part of the series is merchandising. Picnic baskets with plastic dishes, cutlery, cups, compact discs, music and episodic videos and a by the scenes FOOD DUDE magazine. Click on for exciting recipes, music and much more.

FOOD DUDE is food for your viewers’ enjoyment!

Written by

 Cristoph  De Caermichael

The Book of 25 – The Sacred & Profane at a FIRKIN PUB


A real gastronomical treat. Caviar with Poutine. The lovely JESS from the Firkin Kingdom, a caviar virgin sampled the homage to the Sacred as in Caviar with the profane, the world of French fries in Guinness gravy and the earthy flesh of the wild mushrooms… Ahhh simply sublime. Watch Jess’s face as she tastes this treat – The deliciousness registers on her face. I ate that appetisers rapidment – It’s served with egg salad but the fried egg – well it was great. Topped off with a Heineken laced with lime cordial and lime wedges – Ii is wonderful. Enjoy the Sacred and Profane.


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