Teachers as Online Language Learners?

By- Marie -Therese Leroux

Teachers as Online Language Learners?

Teachers as Online Language Learners, affectionately known as TOLL, is a project to introduce teachers to the first-hand experience of learning with information communication technologies (ICTs). Teachers who have not used such technologies in their own learning, may not be aware of the potential – or the pitfalls – of these powerful media. The project will allow teachers to explore a range of online platforms in the process of exploring a new language. In this way, they will be better equipped to select and exploit educational technologies to support learners in their own classrooms.

The TOLL project is for any teacher who would like to explore a new language, learn more about learning and teaching language using ICT, develop a reflective professional practice, or simply develop professionally by re-investigating language, learning and the way technology interacts with contemporary education.

This TOLL companion website gives an overview of the project. To find out more, download the E-Book from the bottom of this page. 





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