All the world is a stage… Caitlyn Jenner

  1. Disclaimer –   I studied Bruce Jenner – and Bruce has so many markers of a serious psychiatric disorder – No disrespect – just compassion. The dude madea colossal mistake and mutilated his body. 
  4. Dr. McHugh says those who want to change their gender suffer from a psychological condition rather than a biological matter.
  5. “In fact, gender dysphoria—the official psychiatric term for feeling oneself to be of the opposite sex—belongs in the family of similarly disordered assumptions about the body, such as anorexia nervosa and body dysmorphic disorder,” said McHugh.

I begin this tale with a disclaimer. I am gobsmacked. I am perturbed, warily, accepting not of Caitlyn, as I think of nothing but positives for “Her” but of the process. It is an extraordinary experience to unveil this truth and to try to understand, what the heck happened to Bruce Jenner? The all American golden boy, the Olympian, the sire of 6 kids with a cluster of wives became at 65, Caitlyn Jenner.

 Do I know much about the Kardashian-Jenner clan? Not so much though I do know their names as if you are on Twitter or have to watch some inane TV, they are there. I do remember in my early years in Korea just looking for anything in English, as my Korean was not good nor my attention span to indulge myself in anything heavy, so “Keeping up with the Kardashians” was my white noise when no other white noise was available. I am just establishing a time line and a vague familiarity of the whole process.

Theirs is a world within a world, a microcosm of mundanity, which somehow mimicked the strange oeuvre of Seinfeld. A show about nothing special, which lived on for many years, making Jerry Seinfeld very rich and famous. I just googled and JS according to Forbes net worth is over 820 Million Dollars. Now you know what is in store for Caitlyn Jenner.

 Something akin to what “Ma-jenner” as in Kris Jenner issued forth with her “momager” stratagem, never expecting her now ex-husband to out bling her … I am not sure how to phrase this or… now “ex-wifand”. I pause for a cause here as our language will have to be altered to add in or create new hybrids to explain the relationship as it was and is now.

Anyhoo, back to Caitlyn Jenner, the extraordinary phoenix that rose from the ashes, and speaking off Ashes to be given the Arthur Ashe award for courage. I did see the Diane Sawyer interview and felt saddened as in a passing of? It was just a human emotion that saw a very veiled “hurt”. It was nothing I could identify with but I felt it. Yes, in the end it took courage. In French, la Coeur is the heart and this process is of heart felt courage. Very few can identify with 65 years of, dear I use the term, gender dysmorhpic torment.

 This whole process reminds me of the extraordinary flower of the Amorphophallus titanum, which can bloom once every 40 years. It raises 10 feet into the air, towering over everything. It’s radiant as a sculptured floral oblisque, exquisite in every detail, almost defying us to believe in its breath taking towering beauty. With one flaw, it stinks to high heaven. And there is tad of a stink in that process of transformation, again not with Caitlyn but the way the story line was delivered unrealistically in a reality show to millions of people. But all will be forgiven.

 I loved House, the TV show with Hugh Laurie as Dr. Gregory house and one episode I remembered very well, was the story of a very beautiful female model who was suffering with an unknown MI ‘lady. This malady was un-descended testicles, as the girl was once a boy at birth. A gender- identity dysmorphia was diagnosed and the enfant boy Sam became the girl Sally and voila was born-transformed into the world as a rare beauty.  The images of Caitlyn Jenner  in Vanity Fair, again on Twitter were stupendously “famazing” showing to the world that “Her” was a lady after all. Not a girl or just femme but a Lady.

 Dr. House quips, “In the end, it’s takes a boy, to make a beautiful woman.”  

All the worlds a stage and we are all actors in this grand play, orchestrated by a force that is undisputed in its ability to make us constantly question this world. But hey, if we can 3D print food and accept it with all its nutritional value, then the world can only say Brava, to  Lady Caitlyn Jenner and all the kudos that she deserves. Ooh Rah!

Cait, has gone on to transgender fame. Her TV series I am Cait, has tried to cast a light on Transgender Issues and propelled Caitlyn into becoming an Icon. The public has it seems accepted and lauded this approach to transgender issues, to the most part. Time will tell if this is a real transition. So far its a reality TV transition.

From Indistinct Chatter & The Book of 25 : I’m Cristoph De Caermichael, signing off!


After viewing the series I am Cate. I sadly had to address the issue of Mental illness in this condition regarding Trans-gender. I think it should be considered, not as a stigma or a weakness but a sign of a mental issue. We all have something.,

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