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Book of 25 Final

My name is Christopher De Caermichael. I spent much of my life abroad outside of Canada, in South Korea, Japan, Oman and Kuwait. I, can speak conversationally – French, Spanish, Korean. Also a little Japanese and Arabic.

I traveled extensively in Asia and in Europe, lived all over Canada and worked in the United States when filming. It is an eclectic existence one that led to the Book of 25. As I am in the education field, and having taught all over the world, I realized that there was a vast difference in world -wide educational opportunities for language acquisition that I was encouraged to write the book that I am offering to you.

I also discovered  in International Schools of ESL, TOEIC. TOEFL , IELTS that Academic language acquisition though the goal was extremely diluted and there is appalling disparity – of ESL education versus Academic Literacy. Education was defendant on many factors that influenced the Students POV.

The Book of 25, addresses many of the issues that a Student may experience prior to moving to International Universities. Canadian universities are profound in their educational standards. Modern standards revolve around large classes – and minimal teaching contact. Their policies of NO – RETEACH leave many students floundering to keep up in the class room. With teaching assistants that do not have the education or the experience to teach or guide beyond a cookie cutter Pavlovian expression. The Students require Skills that will determine their academic success; Skills that they require before they arrive. The Knowledge is Power idiom is a reality, students require to be taught Academic literacy. I began this study of Linguistic harmonics after I experienced living in many cultures and I became aware of Language Drift, Lexis and cognitive language development. These fields play a part in the Education of your Students. When you have time, Review Chapter 7, or Chapter 18, as they deal in Linguistic Harmonics. I have applied for a PhD program, but the material needs to be explored and developed prior to any future funding.

I am available to work with you, either remotely as in Canada or in your home country. The idea is to have your students more in control of their academic life. The Book of 25 is flexible and can be co-authored through your teachers. It can expand your Educational standards, as it’s an e-book and can be sold via chapters and guided by your financial budgets. And used through the Internet and tablets. Additionally, I can assist you in International Student placement programs that can be assessed but run through your institution at costs that your Student can afford. You set the Rates. The idea is make education affordable and to assist the students in developing their goals and if not their goals, their dreams. Imagination, desire and vision are required to make the impossible – POSSIBLE. Enjoy the journey of The Book of 25. All this and more is in the mail to you.

I can come to you and teach and study the effects of Academic literacy through the lens of your language and culture.


My Channel

Christopher De Caermichael

AN OPEN INTRODUCTION- An Eclectic Living Book that develops Writing Skills and lends itself in particular to Student – Cantered English language and linguistic cognitive language development including English as a Second language and by association English language drift. This book does not apply to English as a subject but to any subject or discipline that uses English as its chosen language of communication.


As such, the Book of 25 is a means to structure an ideal that encapsulates the way we perceive language and codify it for cognitive and memory development. In as much as, mathematics acts as a symbol of logic and resides in a part of the brain known as as the seat of arithmetical reasoning. Using a lexical approach creates an equivalency for language development.


It’s a book written to work within any curriculum that requires English language, without the need to fully study, each chapter or lesson. Parts of chapters can be adapted as per the students’ ability. All chapters can be studied in parts, based on the learners’ levels. Its ease of function allows it to be used in High School, Middle School and onto University.  Student ages and levels are addressed by the practical functionality of each Chapter and Story. So press on with your study of English language development. The book is designed to be written with your notes and stories within the book. The Book of 25, acts as a WORK BOOK and a language reference guide. It highlights many of the grammatical issues that all language learners and students will encounter, with a focus on a Lexical Approach.


I refer to writing as a Co- creative venture as we are all influenced by each other through the vast range of communication mediums. Conversely as the structure of a language affects the ways in which its speakers conceptualize their world and influences their cognitive processes. Writing is an act of Co-Creation and a lexical approach uses vocabulary to teach vocabulary and to assist in the understanding of language drifts and the creation of blended languages. Such as the Creoles,Spanglish,Tringlish, Manglish and Konglish. And it also may well create true cognates versus false cognates in language development. The Book of 25 introduces Language Harmonics as a progressive field of research.

Each chapter can be used to augment any curriculum, as it teaches Literacy through the joint motto’s of Read-Think-Write and WRITER      WRITE. The book has a high visual appeal and seduces the learner into reading, thinking and writing. It was deemed by academic colleagues as an essential learning tool. The Book of 25 is being sold as an E-Book. It’s available on Flash Drive, upholding the Green concepts that exist circa 2014.

 A Living Book that can be updated as per the Institution’s or Ministry of Education’s directives. Students can download specific chapters or parts thereof, reducing costs and keeping a green environment. The Book of 25 is a tool to build neuro-plasticity through a lexical approach to bidirectional language drift. Plas­tic­ity is the capac­ity of the brain to change with learn­ing

Questions arise based on the concept of A LIVING GREEN CONCEPT BOOK.  THE BOOK OF 25 is a limited edition publication. It’s meant to be Co-authored by any educational institution and its faculty. Who are looking to create a book that can enhance their students learning. Educational concepts and teaching methodology abound in the world and books when written are static and incapable of the plasticity of the human mind and the technology that we are developing. Books on average cannot keep up, with today’s ever evolving communication. THE BOOK OF 25 can keep up and can be adapted as its format allows co-authorship and the inclusion of material or practices best suited for a particular institution, a Ministry of Education or even that of a nation.


Available as an E-Book – A LIVING GREEN CONCEPT BOOK

Its publication costs are low as its available on a Flash memory stick and can be amended, sold and distributed at a fraction of the costs of hard cover publication. But nothing beats a good hard cover book and those are available as a Limited Edition.

This is an open invitation to allow the book to be used in all ways possible. Books traditionally cannot be updated, modified or adapted by the lens of the culture where language is used. As well as, the dictates of native English speakers has to be modified through the educators of the land, the region and the culture.

So use the book, place it in your curriculum, sell the chapters, dialogue with me as we co-author new editions and work to bring your students into a new era of communication.

Please feel free to print out a chapter of your interest and enjoy this journey into a living green concept education. Let’s sell the book on your site, either in a 3 Volumes or as a large text.

The Book of 25 – The Sacred & Profane at a FIRKIN PUB


A real gastronomical treat. Caviar with Poutine. The lovely JESS from the Firkin Kingdom, a caviar virgin sampled the homage to the Sacred as in Caviar with the profane, the world of French fries in Guinness gravy and the earthy flesh of the wild mushrooms… Ahhh simply sublime. Watch Jess’s face as she tastes this treat – The deliciousness registers on her face. I ate that appetisers rapidment – It’s served with egg salad but the fried egg – well it was great. Topped off with a Heineken laced with lime cordial and lime wedges – Ii is wonderful. Enjoy the Sacred and Profane.


The interesting comment from my Asian counterparts was – WHERE ARE THE PEOPLE ?? THE STREETS ARE EMPTY – THE PUB WAS EMPTY – THIS is the illusion of Canada. A very large country. Toronto is the largest city – but no action. Large country small population = no $..OMG


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