A definition of Greed and Corruption is the state of housing in the city of Scarborough, Ontario Canada.

Toronto and the GTA boasts so much of its world class standards. its exceptional way of life and we, the city of Toronto are in the international TOP 10 of the most desirable cities to live and and work. As a Canadian I would choose other cities to venerate in Canada that live up to this honorarium. These recorded incidents were from August 24th. 2015 to September 06, 2015. This is an exclusive report, that has been filed with all municipality heads in Toronto and Scarborough. The reports were non action-ed in any manner by any official in either blundering city. The slum housing and all fire risks continue. The search for Canadian mediation to resolve the issue was lengthy and embattled.From Justin Trudeau to Tom Mulclair, a very diluted, dismissive response. Leadership is not in their veins. However one must persevere, the coup de grace came from Michael Giles, Executive Assistant to Councillor Michelle Berardinetti Ward 35, Scarborough Southwest  thanked me, ” regarding the issues at this property” I have been in touch with City staff including the Municipal Licensing and Standards Division who will also be contacting Toronto Building and the Toronto Fire Services.  Additionally, we have made Toronto Police Services aware of this situation. They will be working together to address the issues raised. So it takes cojanes to get through,meanwhile the rest of the Canadian propaganda machine, chewed it up and spat it out. Well know I know why the majority of Canadian are “undecided” in the Canadian choices, to use the street parlance, they suck. It may be anything but Harper but who?  Certainly not Trudeau and as he is so lackluster and Mulcair can mean muddy waters ahead. There is controversy afoot and a hand. NO clear Leadership is apparent. Canadians are in real trouble as their trudeau-mulcair moronic responses were uttered and proffered as sage advice, but it was just white noise as they seem to be making a lot of that. Harperism is a disease.

The Canadian advertising council is known for blase and  pithy remarks designed by a tourism office to promote a city prone to garbage strikes, very bad public transportation and excruciatingly bad housing and flaky weather. No you are never a World class city, you are a dump.

Toronto and its inhabitants are formidable in their ability to break,bend the laws and whitewash the filth of its underhand dealings. Maybe “harperism” is at fault, or perhaps the city has such terrible housing issues which require the help of many elected officials to enforce or create government or municipal legislatures, to solve mundane issues ?

What you are about to see, is that its a ghetto, a slum world more related to some backwater third or fourth world city than its smiling post card of “Hey we are hip, cool and slick.” There is the danger of associative thinking. Torontonians are prone to clumping thoughts or words together that  are universally coded to define the uber race that they have become. Particularly in reference to breaking the laws and to defend their fantastical whims. Some endearingly call it entitlement.

I was at the University of Toronto on a brief sabbatical in the City of Toronto and working on my PhD. I was incredibly busy and I had heard that I might have to delay my return to Thailand. I live and work internationally and occasionally return to Toronto. I met the U of T, cleaner Uzra Israr and she says,  “I have rooms to rent”. I said “okay, I will come and check it out.” But I had no time, relying on the internet images and the association of well, she works a the U of T. I used associative thought.

What occurred, happened simply with no hint of the disaster I was about to enter into. As you see Uzma felt entitled to break the laws and create a fictitious reality of a room and a house that can be arbitrarily uzma-zoned to capitalize on more fiction. Though the $36.000 unreported income in cash was real enough. Though Uzma  Israr miscalculates that as she broke Ontario fire code regulations, she no longer has insurance and as 5 Commonwealth Avenue is heavily mortgaged, the Bank can now label her as an illegal rooming house operator and evict her for being a danger to herself, the banks property, the lives of the residents and the community. And what about all that blood? left unclean for months. She after all is a cleaner. Is that blood mark a “trophy?. is there some psychological condition at play in this mad scenario.

The room-listing is now gone from the web. But there is a shot of the house remaining  and I have many videos inserted, into this document that are breathtaking in the ability to record this slum house and the thefts and lets not forget all the blood, the filth, the dead rats and the fire hazards and danger that is here.

Bad Student housing -TORONTO

For 4 months I was texting and requesting the room  with Uzma- communicating with her at work and on the cell phone. I was too busy to find another place – I worked long hours opposite to any request for a viewing. And I let go of many leads as I had absolutely no time to go  hunting and find for this illusive housing. So I kept persisting with Uzma and offering her $ to take as a deposit to ensure I had a smooth transition.

All she said repeatedly was “Yes, I have 1 room and its small but not smaller than the University rooms you are in.”  There was no hint of the disaster or the cunning and deceit I was about to witness. What I found was light years away from anything decent and can best be described as this side of Calcutta or the slums of Lahore Pakistan. I had never been to Scarborough for any reason and my last drive by visit to this fair suburb was 30 years ago.So this was virgin territory.

I had recently witnessed Toronto’s increasing demise a-la-rob-ford. Its dysfunctional transit-city described as a requite evil. The services here in the city had fallen on medieval times in the modern sense. A TTC employee corrected my point of view of the transit routing system as Dickensian, a sliding wall board carousel of routes, hand written and notes that were hurriedly written with the resulting chaos that ensues. If you call the transit system (ttc)  for routing experience you will gain a look into that olde world of  dis-ambiguous chaotic misinformation. Always recheck all confirmation given to you, as its usually bogus in nature.

This I learnt as I was looking for the home of Pakistan born, Uzma Israr  at 5 Commonwealth Ave., and as I use this analogy, as a segue to me walking into another world and time. The associative thinking came into play throughout this experience.

On the web, #5 Commonwealth  Ave., shows 2 normal modern rooms, in a small bungalow  and then this, “chambre” was showed to me, on the eve of my moving in. I gasped in shock. It was the 11th hour. I had to move out, in hours and after all my months of talking to her offering the $ and ensuring I get a room, she gives me, ” The Barn”.  The Images are quite clear.

This was no room but a floating wall – dividing her living room and making an unsightly entrance into her home. I balked and starting to sputter and I politely apologized as there was some misunderstanding. I insisted that we had this long history of communication, I had seen the 2 normal  rooms and I offered $ to hold them etc. She always waved me off, saying, Don’t worry I have a room for you” , the bait and switch were set. I was on the hook.


When questioned,Uzma began what was to be her trademark way of communication.  “You- insert random, word or thought – name names – bizarre unintelligible garbage words etc. I would interrupt this chaotic staccato of bizarre umbrage with a reality check – ” That is not true Uzma, What is this? “, Please note that any official talking to her be prepared for a staccato roller-coaster ride of abuse, Paklish and a lot of threats.

“You could have easily said months ago I do not have rooms – and I would have looked elsewhere.”  And that moment I was so horrified, she says “But don’t worry, first available room that comes up, I give you, no problem. People are always leaving.” Mollified by this obscure remark and counting my schkells to find ways to get out of this state, I demurred telling myself for a few days, I will endure until other arrangements are made.  I was going to run as fast  as I could. But that meant Thailand. Not Toronto.

This entire experience is out of my purview. I had never in my life seen such utter madness, corruption or scheming played on me. I had been conned and it was about to get much worse.

The roommates as I met them filled me on the absolute disaster and danger of this house and its erratic landlord. They showed me the BLOOD left over and still to be seen on the glass-, the mattresses and the carpets. I had heard chomping sounds in my room and was on the look out for rats that were finally seen days later, dead beside the tree.  The fire hazard wall was splintering and leaving behind so much dust and debris – every day. The stench of the cupboards obviously hauled from a dump site that smelled of wood rot and mold. The bed bugs that bit me and then proceeded to attack the female roommate who went into anaphylaxis. The videos go into detail and show what words cannot fully capture.

It shows desperation and fraud, fire hazards, Bio hazards, and it shows that Toronto / GTA / Scarborough is creating more unrest and chaos by allowing very obvious signs of rule breaking and the creation of distinct harm and risk to  a community. The street-scape shows, an up and coming area with this comparable eye sore. This house has disease and pestilence and is a fire hazard.

Reports will have to be made and charges filed. But that takes enormous risks on the part of the occupants who all have to move out. The promised room – well the roommate is leaving and I asked  for the room. Uzma says,” Its rented, I have secrets and can’t tell you everything.” But next time.” A taunt of deceit. Would Revenue Canada consider her $36,000 secret income, a secret or Fraud? Her associative thinking was that she was entitled to this secret booty as after all everyone is doing it and breaking a few laws – Well everyone is doing it.

I spoke to the 420 roommate who reeked of 420’s obvious tell tale odors. He says, “Well don’t listen to her, as she told me you were getting the room? But then she lies so much that … You are the 6th person in that make shift non- room – as all others were as you, desperate took it and after they saw the blood etc and discovered all the lies, no washing machine, no central air and the filth they left.

They all paid $1000.00 to live there and left in under a month. Only one got back his deposit but he had to fight for it.” “We can’t use the back yard as with so many people coming and going, she wants the neighbors not see all these strange people that live or lived here. ” Another secret  revealed as I was in the back yard and told to not use it.

I was in state of utter disbelief – not of what he was saying, as the place with its blood stains and incredible filth spoke volumes but that this was going to be a violent experience. And the con was on. Uzma knowing the filth and the dirt had deliberately misled me,also knowing that I had no where else to go, had laid this trap, a trap that she had worked on others so many times. They come, they pay, and they leave. She becomes hysterical lies and screams and everyone becomes afraid and she pockets $1000.00 for a few days work.”

Uzma is a tiny woman – maybe 5 feet, and here I am this large man- having to be placed in a situation where – just by the share nature of all her corruption, I would be placed in grave danger. I and the other only female roommate had witnessed her first rate communication.  We had to remove this gross mattress that was threadbare, horrifically stained and infected with, you name it. Uzma says “the mattress is new”.  6 years ago she bought it and slept on it and passed it to another roommate who possibly menstruated on the bed, leaving blood or as Uzma says,” its coffee and that was 2 years ago. Its  a new mattress.”

Her associative thinking came into play as I days later entered the slum house and encountered a raging Uzma – to be berated by an incensed Uzma. Apparently I was a filthy tenant? I had no idea what she was talking about, as I was told to get out, leave immediately. The issue was rotting onions?

Suddenly rotting onions were in our cutlery drawer. I froze wondering what scenario was being played upon us at this mad hatter tea house of accommodation.  I was berated and I knew nothing about it. But that was associative thinking, since I had been played/conned  into taking the non room-room then by association I was also guilty for any filth that occurred. Well as you know there is  a scheme at foot to remove the occupant of that non-room forthwith and pocket the $1000.00 loot. The plot had Machiavellian twists upon turns, bringing to mind the tangled web we weave, when we first practice to deceive. Me thinks the lady protesteth too much and planted the garbage to frame, the person in the barn. As we have witnessed random acts of violence and bloodshed had occurred with cunning afoot. I watched this pantomime of accusation, knowing fully well, she placed the offending filth there. It fit her modus operandi. Create chaos, lie steal, attack, get the $.

In a nutshell, If it take a village to raise a child? It will take the entire GTA and its municipalities and the neighborhoods to raise the level of awareness of all this fraud, this cunning , this deceit and this danger. Its obvious with Rats, blood, bedbugs and all kinds of Fire code violation that #5 Commonwealth Avenue and Uzma Israr are in a word a danger to the community and to the innocent residents that fell into her trap. Lets see if the trap, traps the biggest rat, Uzma Israr. I fell for her SECRETS but maybe now others cannot be conned as I and many others were.

I did start the process of finding out where I could report this too. And that was another Doozie of associative thinking. Meet Bill Blair who once the Police chief of Toronto now a politician, I called his office and sent emails to ask for advice as his billboards splatter the hood. Much like the blood splatter in this abode. Blair is a native born scarberian, which now goes into the associative thinking  category. A man pursuing an election and busting illegal landlords that run a bio-hazard of a fire-hazard housing slum, that’s a candidate dream. Great Press!

The props, include doing some good to the community, hip hip hooray! Well nary a word or communique was had.  Bill was a no show incommunicado almost politician. I guess Justin Trudeau is not going to win in this election,  as his lieutenants are asleep at the wheel. Sometimes it takes a good soundbite to win a race; be it in finding good accommodation or finding a good politician. The Toronto GTA turgid housing market was blamed on bad politics and perhaps this is another associative consequence of the tale of two cites.

The twists here at 5 Commonwealth Avenue are incredible. I am leaving this fair city and land but as I leave with relief, Uzma Israr just came and scared the pants of me. She claimed that she was throwing out 2 of the 4 tenants downstairs. One was a “sofa-surfacing” Sri Lankan, off the boat it seems that ended up paying rent for a crash pad. Another of her long term “good” tenants, complained and was evicted.

I was shown another set of rooms in the basement where apparently 3 people are living, making it a total of 6 people – living here among the 7 others that floated through here falling for the “dive” as in slum do us part, accommodation.  I froze as Uzma says to me, ” You treat me good, I treat you good, If not I kill you. I know the law.”

As you see there is bloodshed on the doors, horrific stains on the mattress and carpets. Dead rats on the lawn and all manner of “funk”. The shedding barn doors are a fire death trap and the place has a rancid smell, when not covered by the 420 smell that wafts in and out. If that is not threat enough- she adds to it. Her proud disclaimer,” I will kill you, as I know the law” punctuates the experience. Scarberia you are one scary place. At #5 Commonwealth Avenue, Scarborough, you have become you epitomize the city of accommodation horrors.I had smelt at times the strong of vomit wafting up through the basement vents.  And sure enough they were people being ill in the building. This place should be razed and turned into another Happy Valley Hong Kong, where the land of the dead became the land of the living. The place needs to be bulldozed. Well for Uxma – some more time in Lahore may be required as she is sure to flee the country for,Lahore .

Written by

Andre Perez

Bangkok Thailand

Except I saw this in my travels – DISGUSTING


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