The Trudeau Legacy

The Trudeau Legacy, as defined through astrology. The great news is Justin P. Trudeau will be a great PRIME-MINISTER – UN PARALLELED in history . 

What is in a name? If your name is Justin Trudeau, and you are the scion of Pierre Elliot Trudeau and Margaret Sinclair then you are born into a political Dynasty which is your birthright. As concise as these words may seem, in Justin Trudeau’s case, it’s an extraordinary reality.

Justin Trudeau was destined to be a Prime Minister of Canada. No ifs, ands or buts. Let’s begin a fascinating journey into Astrological genealogy. We literally not only inherit the genes of our ancestors but also their planets, through conjunctions, oppositions and house positions. You can track this planetary genealogy a lot easier than any DNA test or that you may indulge in to seek out the why and the how do things happen to you or any other person. For example both Trudeaus’ had Moons in Fire signs, Justin in Aries and Pierre’s in Leo. Both have Saturn in Mercurial related astrological signs. Pierre’s in Virgo and Justin in Gemini. This is how DNA is transmuted, planets from the parent show up in the child’s chart as well as genetic material. Though we focus on Pierre Trudeau’s astrological chart, we would have to examine his mothers Margaret’s chart to further explain the DNA/planetary sharing.

Justin Pierre James Trudeau was born December 25, 1971 at 9:27 pm EST on Christmas Day in Ottawa and became the 23rd, Prime Minister Canada in 2015.

justin trudeau

The October 19, 2015 election was held during a super moon eclipse cluster and the day after Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s birthday of October 18th   1919. The super moon or blood moon lunar eclipse occurred on September 27th, followed by another eclipse on October 24th 2015.  A super moon occurs when the moon is closest to the Earth in its orbit or “perigee”, making it appear larger and it catapulted Trudeau into a landslide victory which dominated his fellow candidates.

Super indeed, as eclipses are traditionally known to be king makers and or king breakers and mimic the effect of the planet Uranus. In this case it was both, the eclipse and Uranus dethroning then Prime Minister Stephen Harper and crowning Justin Trudeau, the heir apparent. If we look at these celestial orbs of the Sun and the moon, as place holders, it is a sign that Trudeau, the incumbent was born into Canada’s highest office, at a date so personally related that it would seem that J. Pierre Trudeau was a reincarnation of Pierre Elliot Trudeau. A separation of 1, through space and time is negligible as planets change degree positions and with the blast power of super moons it’s an exceptional occurrence that diminishes the laws of conjunction from exact,  a 1:1 ratio to a degree difference of 10 degrees . Which can then now be considered exact.

pierre trudeau

In 1919, the sun was at 24 degrees of Libra and in 2015 it was 25. The actual date of the 18 or 19 October is situationally irrelevant as both the transits of the Moon, Pluto and Justin’s natal sun were forming a stellium in Capricorn this combination with the super moon eclipses is not only rare, they are exceptional redefining realities. This is colloquially known as fate. Transiting Uranus the planet that was common to both Pierre and Justin had ignited what was ordained. Justin does not have the political acumen of his father but he is as gifted as his father. More on this Capricorn stellium as the winter solstice begins December 21 and Justin Trudeau prepares to Minister to the people of  Canada.

This exceptional Leadership gift was prophetically heralded by then US President Richard M. Nixon on April 14, 1972, at a gala held  at  the National Arts Center in Ottawa where Nixon said, “I’d like to toast the future prime minister of Canada, to Justin Pierre Trudeau” Justin was barely 4 months old and his destiny was already predicted. The United States may have political dynasties like the Kennedy’s and the Bush’s but for Canada this is a new phenomenon.

Justin at 43 years old has an astrological position known as a Uranus opposition. The planet Uranus is known in astrology to cause sudden drastic changes that are electrifying. The opposition to Uranus occurs, for everyone from their 42nd  –  44th  year underscoring Trudeau’s ascension. Timing is everything, the win was dramatic and he was elected Prime Minister before the polls closed, a victory so audible that Canada applauded in testimony of his sweeping popularity.  Such is the delta power of Uranus and the moon, which represents the thoughts of the people. It was an astrological fait accompli.

Justin is the first child of a previous Prime Minister to become Prime minister of Canada. His astrological chart indicates that not only was transiting Uranus in Aries conjunct Justin’s natal moon at 17 Aries but also opposing his natal Uranus at 17 degrees Libra. This literally is translated by the events that swept Canada. The mood of the Canadian people (moon) was one of which a drastic change (Uranus) was required and the rational was the Trudeau Legacy.

When we look at his father’s chart Pierre Elliot Trudeau born October 18, 1919 they share fascinating realities. Pierre’s natal Sun at 24 Libra is a wide conjunction to Justin’s natal Uranus at 17 Libra. Wide due to age, 52 years creates an arc which is reflected in the 7th. degree difference. 7 is also a uranic number.

The Sun and Uranus reflect the dissolution of the Trudeau family through divorce and an exceptional relationship between father and son. Uranus is an exceptional planet, making the exception the rule. Wide may not just be the astrological aspect, it may also represent a gulf and style in the politics and personal life that Justin Trudeau will live. Uranus can turn your world upside down and cause Justin to  re-evaluate his fathers legacy.

Rest assured, Justin is his own man and has his own mind, which we will soon be made aware of. He will not rest on his fathers’ laurels but forge his own path for better or for worse. In the end he may find himself looking into a retrospective mirror that will mimic his father’s legacy. He is a Trudeau, after all. To make the rational even clearer, Justin’s son, Xavier was born on October 18th, 2007.

The date 18-10 also marks the engagement anniversary of Justin and his wife Sophie Gregoire. With his eldest son Xavier born on  Pierre’s birth date October 18,   and his son Hadrien born on another day important to the Trudeau Legacy February 28th (2014), the 1:1 Trudeau point positioning is crystallized. Hadrien was also born with the very famous Uranus Pluto square, so personal to this family’s political success. Will the  Canadian prime ministerial torch pass from Justin to one of his son’s or both?

Pierre and Margaret nee Sinclair Trudeau divorced in 1984. By all accounts Pierre was a driven man married to politics and his intellect. He has a notorious poor positioning of the planet Venus, the planet of love in Virgo and as well mars  and Saturn in Virgo, all are about restriction, discipline and constraint and not well aspected for a happy love life. In fact it is the reason why he married a woman 30 years younger than himself. And also why the marriage failed. Such a stellium in Virgo aligns itself to duty. Pierre needed a dutiful wife and children and that he acquired.

The Virgo stellium Indicated that “love” came through discipline and accomplishment. Pierre  Trudeau is a highly accomplished man and Prime Minister changing the laws within Canada  and revolutionizing Canadian politics. Pierre had custody of his children but Justin’s natal Uranus position in opposition to his natal moon, indicates that his childhood was very difficult and that Pierre was a demanding father with little time to spare to raising children. Justin’s nanny, Dianne Lavergne was quoted,as saying “Justin is a mommy’s boy, so it’s not easy, but children’s hurts mend very quickly. And they’re lucky kids, anyway.”

Justin on the other hand is known to be a devoted father to his own children. However it’s the exceptional potent of the utmost importance. If Justin could survive Pierre’s at times cold brilliance and scrutiny, then he can survive anything.

Pierre Trudeau, still considered a controversial Prime Minister held office from April 20, 1968, to June 4, 1979, and from March 3, 1980, to June 30, 1984. He was a media sensation, thanks to that wonderful  Leo moon Jupiter aspect inspiring “Trudeaumania” and certainly “Trudeaumania” redux 2015 took over the Canadian nation.

Sequencing in numerology and astrology bear scrutiny in the Trudeau Legacy. Pierre Trudeau’s birth date on October 18th, 1919 and the election of October 19th 2015 are 1 sequential digit removed and the same sequencing is apparent in the 15th Prime Minister or 1+5= 6 and then the 23rd, Prime Minister 2 + 3 = 5, once more repeats the 1 digit separation. One is a prime number and establishes binary coding. 5 is prime as 1 and 5 are its only positive integer factors, whereas 6 is a composite number because it has the divisors 2 and 3 in addition to 1 and 6.  This minutiae is critical to the understanding of Pierre Trudeau, he is a composite complex sophisticated man and the planets reflected his idiosyncratic ways. With legacies and in this case, the astrological positions have to be treated as Gestalt, the sum of the parts being greater than the whole. 2019 will mark the 100th year of Pierre Trudeau’s birth and undoubtedly Justin will celebrate the occasion befitting this great man. This is very rare, for a son to be able to honor his father as both are and were Canadian Prime Ministers, with 100 years of Canadian history.   This is a true  centenarian legacy.

Legacies require tenacity, it was always going to be Pierre’s way or no way. Trudeau used such mind numbing logic in child rearing. Pierre was brilliant, but the 52 years difference was a deep chasm for Pierre and Justin. The relationship between father and son is very complicated as the planets involved are higher Arcana and related more too celestial politics than just ordinary familial sequencing.

To understand this further, we only have to look at the history of a Uranus and Pluto square. From April 1496 to January 1500 marked the first 7 passes between this “symbolic archetype field” thought of as the astrology of nations. Such a rare event, a square with seven passes occurred from June 24, 2012, to March 16, 2015.

A historical foot note places, the TRUTEAU / TRUDEAU forefathers from Marcillac-Lanville in France during the 16th century and to a Robert Truteau, 1544–1589. The first Trudeau to arrive in Canada was Etienne Trudeau or Truteau, 1641–1712, a carpenter and home builder, in 1659.

Right smack in this historical Uranus- Pluto square and straight into the hands of Justin Pierre Trudeau in 2015. Nation building extraordinaire. It also proves the efficacy of Astro-Genealogy and that DNA/Planets are shared and can be traced back in time. The charted Uranus Pluto ancestral square that shaped the original Trudeau ancestral legacy circa 1496 landed in 2015 to newly elected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

There higher Arcana planets, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto  are slow and stately, stretching over decades and through the centuries, highlighting the evolving energies that emerge into the collective consciousness and group behavior of human beings that shape societies and cultures. These events paved the way for the “modern industrial civilization” we live in today. Justin Trudeau, and his catapulted win are a karmic expression of these planets through the lens of Canadian politics vis a vis Pierre Trudeau.

This is where destiny and Karma rule. It was Justin Trudeau’s Karma. Karma is related to earth bound astronomical physical laws and Justin Trudeau’s numbers were aligned with the cosmos to become a Canadian Icon as a Prime Minister. Or maybe Pierre Trudeau exercised the power of his will by his continued influence in Canadian politics through his son, Justin Pierre Trudeau.

Justin, as  the 23rd prime minister is linked to the number 5, by the designation as the 23rd Prime Minister and his Capricorn sun residing in the 5th house, Leo. Once again mimicking Pierre’s moon in leo conjunct Jupiter. 5 in astrology is known as a playful romantic number and the number 6 is a number related to work and position held in service. 6 is related to the planet mercury and 5 to the Sun. Justin Trudeau was nicknamed, by the press as the Dauphin, which ties him mythologically (6) to French nobility and the son of  the Sun King (5). “Trudeaumania” defines the power of myth in both Pierre Trudeau and his son Justin and the kingdom of Canada. In reality Pierre did create a kingdom in Canada through his legacies, which are his laws, rulings and politics.

The elder Trudeau’s motto was “Reason before passion” another number 6 quality is rationality. The younger Trudeau benefited from Passion before reason, or the number 5 and in this eclectic case the reason for the passion is Trudeau. In Justin Trudeau astrological chart, his natal sun and Venus are in the 5th house. Leo has ruler ship of the 5th house and by placement there it points directly to Pierre’s  fame making natal moon and Jupiter  in Leo. Once again the passion house demonstrates the will of the father and that of the son are conjoined. This dual succession of becoming Canada’s Prime Minister is cemented in the charts of both Trudeaus.

As referenced by historian Jack Granatstein, “The legacy is ongoing in some areas, and still causing controversy. Seldom does a week go by that the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is not invoked in some context. The Charter codified reason over passion in ways that continue to shape Canada.” It parsing his chart, does an injustice, as this references all of his planets. From the Libra Sun, the Magic of the Leo Moon Jupiter conjunction, the stellium in Virgo , the piercing intellect Mercury in Scorpio, all reference an untimely brilliance.  Pierre Trudeau may well have been ahead of his time. It makes complete sense that Justin Trudeau is now Prime Minister, he continues on to revolutionize Canadian politics.

Pierre Elliot Trudeau was regarded as the “father of modern Canada” and the same Modernity will be applied to Justin Pierre Trudeau. In reincarnation there is evidence of fathers giving birth to sons that were once their father and the 1 digit removed may forecast, that for Justin Trudeau to exist at this time, his father had to come first to give birth to the father. 1 and 5 being Prime, Justin became first. Justin Trudeau may have a light touch but it’s the power contained in this Capricorns’ silken glove that will dominate Canada’s future.

Justin’s bonhomie and flamboyance is the guile of the seducer, the number 23 or 5 guarantees his eternal popularity.   Both Pierre Trudeau’s natal planet mercury at 8 degrees of Scorpio and Justin’s mercury at 12 Sagittarius are in the center of the galaxy. The Galactic Center is the rotational center of the  Milky Way and include  the constellations of  Sagittarius, Ophiuchus, and Scorpius (Scorpio) where the Milky Way appears brightest. In Astrology this is where our leader’s planets reside and Justin may also access the Akashic records.

The Akashic record is a mythological space point where all the knowledge of all time are stored. Justin’s mercury in 2015 has aligned to the Akashic and you will soon read of his extraordinary points of view in relation to Canada’s future.  The Akashic are an infinite source of spiritual knowledge with a mental and physical framework It comprises of vast information of every word spoken, thought created and action taken.

Justin inherited his father’s brilliance. Admirers praise the force of elder Trudeau’s intellect and his deep religious convictions, these will play a role as Pierre’s will and words will help shape Justin’s responses. As above so below, if the Akashic records are considered a myth, the geo-physical reality is that Justin Trudeau will now have to consume vast amounts of knowledge in his position of Prime Minister and mastering this is akin to accessing the Akashic records. Justin will need all the facility of his progressed Sun Mercury conjunction in Aquarius, the ruler of the planet Uranus. Modern day communication technology is also Uranus, and with ultra-sophisticated devices, servers, computers, satellites and the like Justin Trudeau is at the hub of a wildly expanding technological universe.

Like his father Pierre, Justin inherited a Canada in need of leadership and economic acuity. Pierre  Trudeau struggled immensely with Canada’s economy and both Pierre and Justin   promised reforms will not curb inflation, and both struggle (d) with conflicting advice from their ministerial pundits. Like Pierre in 1975, Justin Trudeau in 2016 will discuss the economy, and citing market failures and state equally more hypothetical solutions during the complex discussion that he will have with the Canadian populace. Harperism led Trudeau, as Canada into an abyss of mangled finances. But Justin will be honest about it all and create more harmony and awareness of what Canada has to do, to regain its market strength.

Justin will lead Canada, as Prime Minister for 8 years till 2024.  The clock starts in 2016. Events in 2024 will cause a temporary change in leader ship then a resumption of Justin in a more personal political role of leadership. He may outgrow the office of Prime Minister and seek further International recognition.  Or like his father redefine Canadian political and economic policies. Justin will grow in stature as a statesman, inheriting his father’s charm and he learnt first-hand leadership from his father’s imprinting. The Trudeau Legacy lives on as Justin’s kids can carry the torch further into Canada’s future. It may well be that as long as there is a Canada, a Trudeau will be part of the political landscape.

Cristoph De Caermichael

The following are links that further illuminate The Trudeau Legacy.

Here are interesting quotes from Margaret Trudeau and Professor Bothwell.

  • “He had a huge vision. Some people would have called it extraordinary arrogance,” Margaret Trudeau said of her former husband.”I call it very determined discipline, demand for himself to achieve excellence at everything. … He gave us freedoms that no other country’s people have and we’re educated and we’re healthy and we’re well and safe. How few of the countries in the world can say that?”

Professor Bothwell,

  • We’re probably now in a period which will last a couple of decades until he’s rediscovered,” Prof. Bothwell says. “Then he’ll become fashionable again.” For better or worse, he’s responsible in large measure for the Charter, official bilingualism and official multiculturalism. Mr. Trudeau legalized contraception, abortion, homosexual acts between consenting adults and lotteries. Divorce laws were loosened, gun ownership restricted and breathalyzers introduced under his watch. Canada’s territorial waters were extended to 200 miles and its voting age lowered to 18 from 21. The Canada Health Act was enacted, restricting provinces from experimenting with health care.


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