The Book of 25 – The Sacred & Profane at a FIRKIN PUB


A real gastronomical treat. Caviar with Poutine. The lovely JESS from the Firkin Kingdom, a caviar virgin sampled the homage to the Sacred as in Caviar with the profane, the world of French fries in Guinness gravy and the earthy flesh of the wild mushrooms… Ahhh simply sublime. Watch Jess’s face as she tastes this treat – The deliciousness registers on her face. I ate that appetizer rapidment – It’s served with egg salad but the fried egg – well it was great. Topped off with a Heineken laced with lime cordial and lime wedges – Ii is wonderful. Enjoy the Sacred and Profane.


I have served this before at dinner parties and the guests consumed it with great gusto. It had chopped egg salad in the center and red and black caviar on the fries. There believe it or not is a difference with the Red versus Black caviar. The Red is more pulpy and the fish taste a lot more pronounced. The Black is more like a poppy seed and gritty and I think more flavor full.   Yummy. I have tried Beluga Caviar  and yes its delish, looks like the seeds from the papaya fruit and the caviar does burst when you eat it. However at $1000.00 per ounce – its a real rich mans treat. This lumpfish caviar version makes the Sacred and Profane more affordable and really can excite the palate.

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