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 (1) Who you are

 I am Cristoph De Caermichael. I became an educator 16 years ago, After 911, I was catapulted into teaching internationally and the direction it took in me was astounding. I became a linguistic anthropologist as I traveled the globe from Korea, Japan, China, Kuwait, Dubai, Oman, Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand to name a few ports of call that became home in this 12 year journey. To educate me on Altaic versus traditional Bi-directional languages and to understand the Altaic languages and relate them to nomenclature such as cognates, false cognates etc. And broaden our contemporary understanding of the importance of language acquisition and literacy. The study is now in the field as I have moved to Kuala Lampur, as it brings all the languages and the sub set of languages into play. The Linguistic Laboratory that is Malaysia with its incredible- organic polyglot of languages won out as the lottery to study the interaction between, Malay, English, Chinese, Indo-languages, Arabic and the subset of new languages. Much of and if not all of the past research has not been updated and is now quite controversial.  Its a huge field to be involved with but the rewards are edless. 


(2)Who (or what) you’re raising money for

This is going to get deep and fast, and I hope the message can be followed.  I was always interested in languages, cultures and education. While I only had a communication degree, that fostered my Television and film and journalistic interests. This gave me an incredible data base to share and to educate and entertain my student’s worldwide. But it was not so much what I taught them – it became what they taught me.

 I was able to get, not a glimpse per se, into their worlds but a reality check of their culture, their language and how to reach their hearts and minds. The reality of the more you learn equivocates to the more you need to learn paradigm. I needed to serve them better in understanding the importance of their cognition as it applied to language development and how their unique mental perspective gained from eons as a mono-culture affected language acquisition. Social media platforms has increased English language acquisition exponentially across all cultures and has influenced how languages are evolving. I used social media to contact students and share the Book of 25 in 106 countries and 15,000 downloads.

 This took me from just being a simple teacher into plunging the depths to understand human development from a communication perspective. Language is a universally complex function that is not only related to the realm of Homo sapiens but to every aspect of our human and interrelated species filled world.

We need to understand human language development and its anthropological aspects not just mono cultures but to comprehend the roughly 6500 languages recognized to date and explore further the interrelationship to all languages. I chose only a few at this time.

 I use the phrase linguistic harmonics, to describe this interrelationship and that there is an inherent harmonic code that links us to what is seen at first as disparate languages to each other.


The first link I am exploring is the relationship that ancient Hebrew has to the relatively modern Hangul language. It’s noteworthy that both languages were created by the positioning of the tongue to form sounds resulting in similar glyphs to be created to represent specific sound and language values. The glyphs of both Hangul and ancient Hebrew are not just translated directly, but spatially. In that the writing has to be orientated to see the meaning or translation. And that link has opened up by moving to KL and Malaysia as there the true melting pot allows me access to similar languages and rational to begin to ascertain how diverse languages through time and the lens of cultures have influenced one another.

All this will take complex computer data bases to search and to see that link and to understand fully this interrelationship and that data as to be linked to other languages in both categories to begin to unravel any and all linguistic associations vis a vis harmonies. Cross-linguistic influences have been an issue for several decades

 Both languages can be deemed Bi- directional as the writing and speaking parts are not related as per, in English or any of the Germanic / Latin based languages as they can be read fairly easily. Traditional bi directional languages were written right to left.

That enlarged vision of a bi- directional quality – led me to grasp intuitively Japanese, as well as Arabic. Having lived in Korea for most of the 12 years, I had somehow developed a wider sphere of communication. That bi-directional perspective allowed my brain, intuitively to reconfigure and see other similar languages without extensive study. It was as if – I could translate – not everything but identify word clues from an unfamiliar tongue to English. In Korean it was identified as nunchi, but on further investigation it was attributed to a mental ability to translate via sound to images that led me to an understanding of languages. Immersion studies can create a similar effect, where by an organic assimilation of any language, a sink (think) or swim survival reality is superimposed on the student. I swam and realized that if I could replicate this process in teaching, my students would develop language acquisition skills exponentially by my understanding how their brains functioned in that acquisition.  This understanding grew as I taught these ESL classes – From Korea, Japan and the Middle East and traveled through Malaysia – Indonesia and Latin America.

Having a Hodgepodge of languages spoken around me, as a child from English, Portuguese, Spanish, French and the creoles that were sub languages but grew into their language via language drift may have provided an early rudimentary language laboratory. This led me to explore other sub languages that combined English with their mother tongues for example  Manglish, Konglish, Spanglish, Japlish any hybrid language that created a language bridge between one language and another, an interesting and integral step in language acquisition but one that spawns the creation of another language.

A fascinating language that is part of the study is Malay (Bahasa Melayu)  a fusion of Indian, Chinese, English and Malay that is recognized and celebrated as its own language and that has spawned Rojak English.

This plumbing of the depth of human language development led to the writing of The Book of 25, a thesis that explored writing and language acquisition through a lexical approach. Words became my building blocks. Once, I had somehow instantly translated the diverse cultures of Korea – to the Middle East and traversed Asia back to North America I put the information into a book that explores the ideas and in part the philosophies I had explored and acquired. 

I put that work into classes for ESL schools in Toronto, as much as I was allowed. Lexical clumping seemed evident in Hangul and Pinyin. Proving in part that the glyph languages were coded and clumped information as expressed through vocabulary in a unique manner. This is student centered learning or client centered learning 500. 

My study was more academic than just the ABC’s of Toeic, Toefl, IELTS and all other testing platforms that form a philosophy of fundamental classes for English as a Second language acquisition. This proved accurate as the Students advanced into University and Colleges – their scores were simply a function of a specific testing and unrelated to the growth of their intellect or academic understanding. I was once again hired to take over their University classes and administer the information into byte size sufficient to their ability. I had foreseen this in my travels that the pursuit of international foreign education in North American could not be adequately addressed in conversation based language acquisition classes.

Tools such as mimicry of the course material being able to read and speak a language did not mean that it was understood except at face value. Their own culture and language created a barrier allowing for a questionable % value of acquisition simply for as a score on a test result function. Ethnocentricity was at play and resulted in an interesting interpretation of how language acquisition is developed. Resulting in spectacular academic failures unless directed to mathematical discipline in the sciences, engineering or accounting. Where the brains cerebral cortex, the seat of mathematics far outweighed the frontal lobes seat of language, speech acquisition. 

The results were poorly informed Students only capable of attending Diploma factories as they referred to many famous Canadian schools. Attendance in these Universities led them to acquire the degree but achieve little in the way of overall language literacy. Statics from the Ministry of Education for literacy places Ontario at only 40%.

A not so surprising rating for some of the educators who had been exposed to International education and seen firsthand what had been created worldwide and following it on the flip-side back to the countries where the degrees were being issued.

I have spent enough time on both side of the equation and realized I had to pursue this process. I am leaving for Thailand to further investigate and publish these findings as studies and to assist in the understanding of language abilities for all students.

(3)How the money will be used

In the past few years here in Canada – I went through a lot of my own funding in just surviving the Canadian reality and funding my own investigations and research.

I had to find a country to live in with a quality of life that was affordable on a restricted income and where I can continue the research with hard statistics, facts and collaborations that I could simply pay for. I had bartered, spent and made do but the researched demanded funding, other than that I could raise and or support. I needed long term flight connections to other Asian and Middle Eastern cities / countries that were affordable and not thru North American long hauls which are increasingly expensive.

The list begins with moving to Malaysia and setting up residency there.

 I have access to a pool of language acquisition students both those studying English and those studying Malay. I can interview and follow the student’s language acquisition curves, liaison with other professionals and eventually find other financial support through net-working.

I would also like to have the brains of the students mapped to see the physiological changed to the brain as both Native speakers of English acquire another language and vice versa. This medical approach as a couple of additional benefits, related to Brain Injury and learning disadvantages.  

The cost of doing this study is prohibitive in North America and as we head into an increasing immigrant base life due to all the world unrest, understanding our differences and mutual community is of utmost importance.

It is recognized that forms of Aphasia are overcome through harmonics and can relate to for example if you receive an brain injury and you are a native English speaker perhaps it is easier to acquire a bi directional language or glyph language or the incredible adaption of the whistling or click languages of African origins. Singing a language is known to override – some injuries, again relating to harmonics. This study is not done anywhere and I can piggyback onto existing medical research available cheaper in Malaysia. Again bringing added value to education and to how to handle brain injuries that may impede cognition and language development.

These studies will generate – additional revenue through publication and cooperative research programs germane to Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia as well as the Middle Eastern Arabic countries. Tracking and understanding languages that evolved over vast millennia may assist in understanding the current pervasive English language domination.

And finally once sufficient evidence is published and funding is attached the issue of Education scholarships to award Students that cannot otherwise gain funding is the ultimate goal.

Educational philanthropy is required. Getting this far for me was an incredible journey. I have seen so much and experienced these cross cultural experiences and shared and learnt much from my students. Their journey is my journey, I have students in Africa and in Afghanistan who want to study and go beyond the restrictions that life has placed on them. I can only do what I can at this time and by taking up this mantle, in pursuit of these studies I can offer them more than just words of advice, of study and support. I can sponsor them to attend Universities and or colleges to support their vocations.

(4)How soon you need the funds

My disbursement plans

I am leaving for Malaysia March 31st   2016. So the first stage of funding, $10,000.00 can be in place by then. March 31st   2016.

That should be enough to get the university study programs in place. Have the Research colleagues develop the language mapping programs to investigate the relationships in languages either through spatial orientation and or meaning. Malay and its sub languages is a true microcosm of linguistic in-vitro studies. It open up doors into the mind that allows us to perceive how unique patterns in language occurred. 

As well as begin the process in other countries as related to Hebrew and Hangul and the broader relationship to bidirectional languages. I will piggy back onto existing cognition research studies available and add in my criteria.

The 2nd $10,000.00 installment by September 1st 2016 to continue the studies. Firm $ amounts will be discovered based on the research.

The 3rd $10,000.00 installment, January 2017. To continue in Publication and attending conferences to further advance the study. Also to fund a Student in a scholarship for Norway. Norway offers FREE education for any student from any country. That eliminates expensive Student fees and the usage of Norwegian as the possible 3 rd. language acquisition fulfills the mandate of my quest.


Benefits- : Increased awareness of the underlying similarities and or differences in languages and why that is.

This allows for easier integration of language acquisition. Through Social Media and ease of travel we are increasingly communicating.

Increase awareness of how to adjust to injuries that may affect speech and communication abilities. Increase in Healing and therapeutic modalities. Allowing us to donate to the education of others through scholarships.

By the way it is also fun as I have to be creative to capture the student’s attention. YouTube is just one clever way to do this. Entertaining the Students while teaching them, opens their minds and creates an indelible experience. I have to go to the student’s level and raise them up. For example.

(5) How thankful you will be

The world is in a state of chaos and what I am attempting to do is put a little order in place, for which I am grateful. Can you imagine being able to take a Student from a refugee camp and to give them lifelong skills to support themselves and their families. That is the gratitude we should all strive for, the ability to affect a positive change.  It was Einstein that creator of modern thought of relativity that boiled down that the value of human existence came down to acts of kindness. No matter where I went in the world being kind allowed me to gain access and to possibly understand the role I had to play in education. I gained access to that world and to reach these students minds and hearts, I had to exercise acts of kindness, go to where they were and bring them to my world.

  • All material produced will be under under a LIVING GREEN E-BOOK . Providing customization and updates when required.
  • My work is put into many sites. Amazing

Cristoph De Caermichael


Donations can be made via paypal or interac e-transfer to

Thank you, so very much. Any crowdfunding campaign platforms are welcome to support this amazing endeavor. 



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