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The Book of 25 has adapted the traditional Rorschach technique, or the inkblot test, a projective personality assessment based on the test taker’s reactions to a series of 10 inkblot pictures.

The traditional inkblot test was used to help assess personality structure and identify emotional problems and cognitive disorders. Like other projective techniques, it is principally based on the subjects viewing neutral, ambiguous stimuli to project their own personalities onto them, thereby revealing a variety of unconscious conflicts and motivations. The Book of 25 has adapted these theories and applied it to cognitive language acquisition theories.

The 3 part Cognition Test consists of-:

However as the task here is not just viewing neutral ambiguous stimuli as The Book of 25 images are fused with recognisable images, abstracted into an inkblot. These subliminal random images, bring color and are more in the vivid arena of the Rorschach methodology. We are not looking for forms of mental dysfunction, strictly applying the random imagery to gain access to language skills.

The rationale for this is color appeals to the imagination and allows for a greater interpretation of imagery and this case, a presumption of a greater ability to express the Visual IQ of the test taker via language skills.

The task in this cognitive test in this adapted version of the Ink Blot test is to access cognitive function based on 3 qualifiers. The ability to view the test images and in a 2 minute timed experiment to write, in the first 2 minutes all the words in Malay they can based on viewing the images. This will be followed by a repeated 2 minute sequence in English.

The 2nd part of the test is record the subjects ability to decipher an anagram of the image in the Malay language and then in English. The participants have again 2 minutes to finish the task.

The 3rd part of the test is a numerical sequence of the Image in English based on a simple alphabet – numbering code in English where A=1 to Z=26.

While the Rorschach technique is used to elicit information about the structure and dynamics of an individual’s personality functioning. The test provides information about a person’s thought processes, perceptions, motivations, and attitude toward his or her environment.

thebookof25volume 2-600x600 (1)

In this adaptive scenario, The Book of 25 images are the environment and what has been learned from earlier tests undertaken through the writing of the Book of 25 is that language acquisition reveals the person’s thought processes, perceptions, motivations, and attitude toward language acquisition responding to the words as if the words projected images in the Students minds and that image was treated as the reality of the word, itself. It implied meaning, cognition and understanding. In earlier testing modalities Students had to look at pictures and choose words from a dictionary to describe the pictures.

The results achieved at that time related to the theories of lexical chunking where certain idiopathic word groupings, were discovered  to be only known to that subject was then applied to describe the image.  These word groupings are so specific to the particular subject and it is an indicative marker of early language acquisition and cultural bias. Note that until that particular moment of expressing these unique qualifiers, the student was not aware of any inaccuracies in their language acquisition or literacy. Nor the teacher or the group. The group operated in exactly the same manner– choosing very unique lexical chunking to express idiopathic language that though each expression was unique, the uniqueness can be applied to their Native language, race and culture. In these cases, the students were Korean, Chinese and Arabic.

Eliciting a response very similar to the Rorschach technique where information about the structure and dynamics of an individual’s personality functioning, their thought processes, perceptions, motivations, and attitude toward the visual environment can be analysed. Definitely the students inner cognition was being demonstrated and manifested vis a vis images to vocabulary. I monitored this phenomena for 10 years and made into a study of cognitive language acquisition.

In this study, there is no right or wrong word that can be applied to the subject’s interpretation of the Image. All that is required is that subject be literate enough to write as many words as possible in Malay and in English.

The use of the anagram is to record if the subject can relate the image to the anagram.

And lastly the numerical value is to see if the most basic of a tool of language acquisition the alphabet for example the letter A =1 and the letter Z=26.

The Malaysian language is normally written using Rumi, though an Arabic Alphabet called Jawi exists. The Latinized Malay alphabet is very similar to the English alphabet, allowing for a temporal ease of literal translation. As the Malaysian language has most of its words borrowed from Sanskrit, Tamil, Hindi, Persian, Portuguese, Dutch, certain dialects of China, Arabic and more recently, English.

The study of Cognitive language acquisition of  this polyglot confection of a language is required to comprehend how the human brain adapted to this mix of Hindustani an Indo-Aryan languages and the Dravidian languages which has grammatical clusters to the Indo-Aryan languages with the most speakers identified as Tamil and Malayam.

Then to compound this with Mandarin and its Malaysian dialect  as in in Peninsular Malaysia spoken are  Hokkien, Cantonese, Hakka, Hainanese, and Hokchew from northern China. And to make this an improbable hybrid we must add in the small number of Malaysians who have Eurasian ancestry and speak creole languages, such as the Portuguese-based Malaccan Creole.

The adapting of this version of THE BOOK OF 25 RORSCHACH is a sophisticated tool to simplify cognition. As Malaysia is a very unique country, collecting data of this nature, at this time via these tests is the only simplified course. As experienced in this study, complicated language bases bring extremely idiopathic visual imagery and vocabulary that is language and culture based and can vary in and not only from within families but to adjacent villages. And it’s all considered Bahasa Malaysia.

The Malaysian language or Bahasa Malaysia or Standard Malay is the name familiarly used in Malaysia. Malaysia is a literal melting pot of many ethnic groups the term Bahasa Malaysia is the government’s preferred designation for the “Bahasa Kebangsaan” National Language.

This study by The Book of 25, recognizes and values, the subjects unique histories.  Respondent’s answers will be case dependent as the subject’s education, their cultural heritage and experiences can color any language interpretation. The test will have to be administered to many Malay citizens to gain a baseline that can reflect, Age, Gender, City, Town, Village, level of education, language or dialect  spoken and level of English language education.

Latin alphabet for Malay (Tulisan Rumi)

A a B b C c D d E e F f G g H h I i
e bi si di i ef ji hec ai
J j K k L l M m N n O o P p Q q R r
je ke el em en ou pi kiu ar
S s T t U u V v W w X x Y y Z z  
es ti yu vi dabel
eks wai zed

The terms Austroasiactic and Austronesian or Asilian, Malayic, Creole and the inherent combinations were derived to quantify and or qualify this Bahasa Malaysia.

This study, shows language drift , the inclusion of Bi-directional, languages as the Arabic, Thai, Sanskrit, Chinese, extraordinary Lexical clumping and the new versions of language emerging in Malaysia, circa 2000, as in the controversial  Bahasa Rojak . A person who speaks Rojak language may begin with standard Malaysian, continue with English, then mix one or two words in Cantonese garnished with Tamil, and finish with Mandarin Chinese or some fashionable Japanese words.

 The study of Malaysian loan words to English can be seen as per example: Agar. Amok, Bamboo, Banteng, Caddy, Camphor, Compound etal to Sarong, Satay and Tombac. Provides the study with unique bench marks of more modern acquisition.


The study will like to conduct or have access to brain scans of unique test subjects to discern what parts of the brain are being affected. Healthy brains that demonstrate this multilingual application introduces further treatments for certain brain injuries.

It is recognized that forms of Aphasia are overcome through harmonics and can relate to for example if you receive a brain injury and you are a native English speaker perhaps it is easier to acquire a bi directional language or glyph language or the incredible adaption of the whistling or click languages of African origins. Singing a language is known to override – some injuries, again relating to harmonics. In my thesis I compared ancient Hebrew with Hangul, the Korean language and that led to the discovery that both languages are related through the language being formed around the anatomy and physiology of the mouth and the specific identical placement of the tongue to create specific sounds and words.  Further study is required to analyse the vocabulary as both languages have similar words in common but with different meanings. There is a spatial recognition of the early considered ancient Hebrew characters and that of Hangul.

This study is not done anywhere and I can piggyback onto existing medical research available cheaper in Malaysia, Thailand and in neighboring Cambodia. Again bringing added value to education and to how to handle brain injuries that may impede cognition and language development.

  • I am always grateful for the funding and wanted to REWARD the donors with ART WORK. As I have to use original content for my books,  I have created many works of ART that can be donated in return for funding.  Here is a Sample of my Artwork for rewards and they are for the $500- $1000 Donations. Simply as the pieces are custom made and then have to be shipped to the Donor. For lower campaign $, I can send trinkets and or T-shirts from my research and travels. 

These studies will generate – additional revenue through publication and cooperative research programs germane to Asian countries such as Thailand, Malaysia as well as the Middle Eastern Arabic countries. Tracking and understanding languages that evolved over vast millennium may assist in understanding the current pervasive English language domination.


And finally once sufficient evidence is published and funding is attached the issue of Education scholarships to award Students that cannot otherwise gain funding is the ultimate goal.

Educational philanthropy is required. Getting this far for me was an incredible journey. I have seen so much and experienced these cross cultural experiences and shared and learnt from my students. Their journey is my journey, I have students in Africa and in Afghanistan who want to study and go beyond the restrictions that life has placed on them. I can only do what I can at this time and by taking up this mantle, in pursuit of these studies I can offer them more than just words of advice, of study and support. I can sponsor them to attend Universities and or colleges to support their vocations.



Benefits- : Increased awareness of the underlying similarities and or differences in languages and why that is.

This allows for easier integration of language acquisition. Through Social Media and ease of travel we are increasingly cross culturally communicating. Increasing the need to expand our cultural awareness or be defeated by segregation.

Increase awareness of how to adjust to injuries that may affect speech and communication abilities. Increase in Healing and therapeutic modalities. Allowing us to donate to the education of others through scholarships.

Note- A sample of the Rorschach test is at the beginning of the essay.

To participate in Languages Save Lives

write to-

A Great Thanks to all.

Cristoph De Caermichael

Malaysia proved totally inadequate for this study. Time to move on and the rationale is mind blowing.

As I came here to evaluate the cognitive language skills of Malaysia and the incredibility of the what I thought was a wonderful language known as Bahasa Malaysian that in turn became a virtual tower of Babel.It was in astonishment that I realized that there are many forms of this language – all derivatives come from varying socio-economic backgrounds a multitude of tribes or villages and ancestral meanings that defy modern day analysis. As I approached many locals be they Malay – Indian or Chinese , I was advised that one group could not write , a form of communication to each other as they simply did not know if the lexicon used by one was recognized by another. Verbal interchange could be undertaken using colloquial Bahasa Malaysia –  that again could not be translated to the written word.

There was also an indication that many Malay “were not all quite there”. There was a vacuous tendency to speak in a fashion that was either staccato like and repetitive – parrot like or to use very idiosyncratic – language or even body language that as an observer was baffling at times. I was also advised that this was a society rooted in the supernatural. A world of demons, witches, hexes and a heavy occult  not just of  belief but of practices, with anecdotal stories of Black Magic, Obeah and the like. I was cautioned to be as a foreigner very discreet and not engage too deeply with the Malays as hexes can be easily placed upon you, for apparently no reason. Or reasons particular  to the persons mindset.

I did find myself withdrawing entirely from all interactions as there was for want of a better word Miasma – ancestral occultism that was still in practice circa 2016.

Then as I was in touch with people who  belonged to study groups in MARA , a warning that 1 in 3 Malaysians suffered with mental illness.  As per the following-

This was to me an evidentary clue as to the real nature of the profound occultism that is practiced. The inability to communicate via a one comprehensive tongue or language and the love if not adoration of all things occult. The most  popular movies and TV series are of this ilk and I was invited by many,  if not all to come watch some “horror” fest. Which I declined.

If a culture and a nation is bound by what may be determined as paganism or occultism practiced by many then there is an increased value towards Mental illness. Coupled with the baffling requirement that all Malays are granted a University degree without having to read a book or attend lectures. Show up for the exam – sign your name  and a degree is issued in anything. A vacant mind – devoid of education may be the perfect foil for the occult and for mental illness.  Malaysia is not for everyone except maybe the Malays. Anthropomorphism is at play here – in a way not perhaps seen before. These people may well be possessed by – ancestral spirits – as per the stories from Borneo and from Sarawakian lore where the dead are seen as un-dead and  that possession  is taken as a reality. Sarawak is western Malaysia near to the headhunting, cannibalistic  nation of Borneo, shared by Malaysia and Brunei. As a practice, headhunting is the subject of intense discussion within anthropology  as to its roles and functions and motivations.

I consider all this as Anthropological writings or themes arise in  articles of headhunting as a form of mortification of rivals and today’s westerners are  rivals, ritualistic violence on the increase in Malaysia and  Cosmological balance. I have eye witness stories of foreigners here being ritualized for the display of manhood   self cannibalism or suicide  as a form of prestige, and as a means of securing the services of the victim as a slave in the afterlife. While this is a stretch for anyone – except for those who listen to the native dialogue and its inherent dysfunction.


Anthropomorphism commonly used in literature as a device  that is ascribed as a technique in which the writer portrays human traits, ambitions, emotions or entire behavior to animals, non-human beings, natural phenomena or objects. What if this is applied to via the phenomena known as possession. We can also translate possession into Epi-genetics, the ghosts with in or the word Miasma. The definitions applied to the word  are  an unpleasant or unhealthy smell or vapor ( spirit). Another determines Miasma as an oppressive or unpleasant atmosphere which surrounds or emanates from something.

The Greek meaning may be closer to the  Malaysian reality . “In Greek mythology, a miasma is “a contagious power … that has an independent life of its own. Until purged by the sacrificial death of the wrongdoer, society would be chronically infected by catastrophe.

I can demonstrate this from the following article that I witnessed and wrote that was dictated by a  Malaysian producer of the occult. A man famous for his great charity, as he tried to prevent the unnecessary deaths of the Malaysian people. The images are of ubiquitous gore.

With a 100% fail rate on all subjects – here in Malaysia. My findings indicated a poverty of language, a poverty of cognition both aural and visual and a dangerous paradigm of what I discovered was an underlying metal illness. Rorschach tests are used to test for mental illness and my vivid version – apparently picked up this reality.  I discussed my findings with a colleague working at a think tank at Mara University and she sent me these links.  Plus with degrees of all kinds they were fairly illiterate.

  • No one seems to be surprised that Malaysia wasn’t in that prestigious list. Christyn Anysha, a social media specialist who has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication, said that Malaysian universities don’t place emphasis on updating their syllabus or keep up with the changing times.
  • “A lot of what is taught in Malaysian universities are theories and very little on practicality and things that require critical thinking. Some varsities in the UK push for one year internships and long as it may sound, the value gained from that one year is undeniable versus a three-month stint.”
  • Sandra Lim, who has a Bachelor’s Degree in Food Studies, is currently working as a marketing assistant at a foreign embassy. She too echoes the same opinion as Anysha, stating that her bosses at work observed that interns from Malaysian universities do not have critical thinking or problem-solving skills, in comparison to interns from Australian universities.

As well as criminal.
Post Crime Rating: High

Overall Crime and Safety Situation

This is one heck of a believe it or not.

Cristoph De Caermichael


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