I met Joe Eigo recently and was struck by the enormity of his shtick. The shtick was no mere appendage, it was a massive Vogel crystal.   Eigo wielded this crystal as a tour de force of spiritual energy, as if taking a lightning bolt from the heavens and blasting the earth and its beings with fields of light. It is magical and very real, as all shamans will do.  They wield and release an unearthly magic, in much the same way as we breathe. Magic as defined by temporarily adjusting the course of our reality and our understanding of reality.

Joe whilst using the rhetoric of the ages, in a crash course of controversial history means to share this history in a way that captivates in particular the millennials and the older folks. These demographics, who basked in the legends of Atlantis and Lemuria enjoy and welcome Joe’s interpretation. Eigo’s world is a splendid tale of Camelot, the Knights Templar, of Christ as an avatar of Light. A world where angels and demons, hold court with Aliens and the Illuminati thrown in.  Dan Brown made Eigo’s rhetoric a familiar parlance as both are delvers into these realms. And both make Movie Magic.

Brown’s movies courted this ancient philosophy and perpetuated the mystique that Eigo explores. While, The Da Vinci Code, Inferno, The Lost Symbol and Angels and Demons are forever embellished in the minds of all as Entertainment, Eigo’s brash reality is very surreal. It toys with our imagination, the language inveigles our minds, to try and accept a plausible explanation for these utterances.Brown and Eigo share an uncanny soliloquy of the Illumanti  legacies. Fact, Fiction, truth and reality blur in the minds of these raconteurs, making us question our foundation of what truth is.

I did watch and experience Eigo’s at times mind altering wundabar shamanic performances. As a Stunt actor, Joe Eigo defies the very real world of Gravitational laws. He tumbles up into space, free from our earth bound limitations. His body works in ways I have only seen in performance such as the Cirque Soleil, without supporting wires. Which made me consider, that these feats of defying Newton’s and Galileo’s laws may provide a gateway into why Eigo’s brand of implausibility becomes plausible and real. He is as fearless in his stunt performances. as he is as a Spiritual warrior. His in your face verbiage is as much a reality check,as he redefines our take on what is physically and spiritually possible.

When we experience wonder, we are open to consider, well yes, it’s not possible as I can’t do that “thing”. But it does not mean Joe Eigo can’t. Many have achieved the impossible just by seeing it as possible.


His passion for saving the earth, catapulted him into becoming an activist and focused his attention on the drought in Southern California. He is in love with Mount Shasta and he performed a ceremony on March 8th, in Toronto Canada. A day that held the first lunar eclipse of 2016. I watched as he wielding his crystal, asked the heavens to feed Shasta and California with water and end the drought. (The inserted photo is an example of what lives or visits Mount Shasta. Is it light play, a trick or real? You decide!)

If Intention is the will of the Universe, Mt. Shasta and California  did recently experience such a blessing. Was Eigo responsible in some way? Sure, in as much as, a butterfly flaps its wings in the Amazon and a Hurricane is formed elsewhere in the world. Our intention fuels our consciousness, so why not?  In the end, we all hold the keys to our planets redemption. Eigo just does it his way. And he envisioned storms to bring the rains to California. He kept saying at the ceremony, “I wanted a storm to manifest and drench California.” And so it did.

Joe’s love of Crystals and the magic and healing which they provide, led him to start to develop 11 CRYSTAL TAROT cards. I can provide a sneak peak at these cards. This is just another project in the making, as Eigo has many thoughts on how to assist in the earth’s healing. Each card will represent a significant being of light fused with crystals. He imagined that as crystals can be expensive to acquire in the caliber of what the world needs that sharing the images with mantras and focused intention can bring about a similar manifestation of your divine intent.  The Crystal Tarot will assist all those in need, who require these special tools of divination. Joe as always is available for world wide consultations.



tree of life crystal

Tetragramatron crystal

Stay tuned as Eigo, polishes his delivery and redefines his world and ours. We are forever a project in the making, a work of progress. As always, Namaste!

If you wish to assist Joe in his quests, don’t forget to visit his  page and make a donation. Eigo will thank you and the Earth will love you.
Cristoph De Caermichael

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