UPDATE – RE – MAY 10th 2017    

  • Arami Chong Couple nights ago, around 4am one young biker among a group was shot dead in the middle of the road near the Paragon Disco. I heard 4 continuous shots and a motorcycles with 3 persons on it drive off from the scene. Foreigners should be mindful going out in the night as more peoples are jobless and desperate.






From: <>
Date: Fri, Nov 25, 2016 at 9:46 AM



2nd. Video looking for CCTV Cameras along the Assault route.




Risk level

HAT YAI – Thailand – Exercise a high degree of caution

There is no nationwide advisory in effect for Thailand. However, you should exercise a high degree of caution due to ongoing political tensions and sporadic demonstrations in Bangkok and elsewhere in the country. See Security for more details.

Southern provinces of Narathiwat, Pattani, Songkhla and Yala – Avoid all travel

Global Affairs Canada advises against all travel to and through the far southern provinces of Narathiwat, Pattani, Songkhla (including the city of Hat Yai) and Yala. These provinces have been experiencing criminally and politically motivated violent incidents.


Good morning Mr. De Caermichael,

I am sorry to hear about the incidents you experienced yesterday and understand how insecure you can feel.

If you need to file a complaint, you can contact the Songkla Tourist Police at 074 220778, they can escort you to the nearest police station and act as interpreter if necessary.

(Please note that the police that came were very confused and only 1 Trainee officer could speak very little English. So there was a lot of pantomiming and gestures and confusion. So an interpreter was not provided and who knows what – took place. )  

I have tried to join you at the hotel but have been informed that the hotel cannot facilitate communication.

We advise against travel to the provinces of Pattani, Yala, Narathiwat and Songkhla on the Thai-Malaysia border. There is a high threat from terrorism. There have been recent incidents in a number of locations. If you plan to stay in the area, you should follow the advice of the local authorities, monitor local media reports and remain vigilant. For further information, please visit our Travel Advice and Advisories pages : which
provide Canadians travelling and living abroad with official Government of Canada information and advice on situations that may affect their safety and well-being.

The Registration of Canadians Abroad service enables government officials to contact you to provide important information in preparation for an emergency (such as a natural disaster or civil unrest), instructions during emergencies, important changes or updates to the Travel Advice and Advisories for the country for which you registered, and more.

Please register here:

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any further concerns.

  • Best regards,
    Duangdao Meckaronvitaya (Dao)
    Senior consular officer | Agente principale du programme consulaire
    Embassy of Canada | Ambassade du Canada
    Telephone | Téléphone : +66 (0) 2646 4300 ext. 3344
    Facsimile | Télécopieur : +66 (0) 2646 4345
    Government of Canada | Gouvernement du Canada
  • The compiled video -in case –
Dear Sir, 

The only thing that saved me from permanent injury as per being run down by 6 guys on  3 motor bike -who had a weapon was that I was only 30 feet from my hotel. 

So the only reason why I am able to report this from the hotel room was that I ran to safety. 
However it seems to have been misdirected as I had to show you several times that it was a crime against me. If i was anywhere else in the city – i could have been run down or beaten – severally – as I am a stranger to Hat Yai. And I would be vulnerable – the bikes can go anywhere – over side walks etc – so I could never have out run them. It was just pure luck. 
So I am doing everything to try and gain the understanding that this was a concentrated effort to harm me not 1x but 3 times and the only way i survived was by pure luck. I was Lucky this time. With the Thai police confused by it – and not looking at the  2d CCTV which I sent you. I went out to get food and the street lights are bright enough to see the bikes and people clearly – not once but 3 times. 
I guess this is what post trauma is – a reliving of the event or perhaps a warning to be careful and show what is not being done. You have pictures of the weapon – thrown into the bushes, by the police.. What if I had not been able to run to safety to the hotel, those bikes were coming straight at me –  I could maybe out run 1 but not 3 and nor defend myself against 6 guys. They came after me 3x. each time escalating to try and injure me. So forgive me if I am alarmed by the way the situation was mismanaged. 
So yes I am quite concerned that as a Farangi or any Farangi in this city that this kind of assault not only will happen again but it can be worse. 
I will not be back in Hat Yai again but it needs you to be aware – that the conducting of the interview was so confused and dismissal – I leave in a few days. 
I hope nothing else happens. 
I leave Wednesday morning but you have a problem here and I hope I have given you enough of an understanding. If the report you get from the police is so diluted then you know, that nothing i said was understood. 
I thank you for your support – but I just wanted it understood it was very serious. And not dismissed not by you but by the Thai Police. 
Thanks Cristoph 


  • I came to Thailand to explore and got more than I expected. The Videos tell the Story – From Air Asia – Malaysia – Krabi to Hat Yai. But the BS in Hat Yai took over the tone of the journey. 

I love the Art, so I start with that and then it get Mundane but – you want to see what life is like – here it goes.  FOOD – ART – SITES – BEACH

It’s all Random but at least if you heading to KRABI you know what you can find – or expect to find.

There is more of the story here;


  • CHA WON  in KRABI has Bed bugs or spiders -as these bites are intense – so beware.
  • As you see the bites have grown – it is swollen -itchy as all hell- If it’s Bed bugs? it should have gone by now its 10 days later. Its probably flea – ticks and that means as a rash has formed and growing, its a sign of LYME DISEASE. I’m treating  it as best as I can, but it requires better care than I can get in Hat Yai or Malaysia. I have stuff  to use from Canada in Malaysia. so? 
  • BOOKING.COM Kept sending me these Junk emails asking for Ratings on the Hotels and  areas. BOOKINGS.COM had many comments on Chawon regarding Bed Bugs and Critters that are biting the Guests. The Assault in HatYai is “common” I shared the info to as they are promoting a Dangerous Destination to many tourists. Not sure of they will listen.

The Little Home In Ao-Nang great staff. so try there and there are others I will add as time goes by.

Little Home Ao Nang 2-star hotel

  • email – Mathilde  She is uber Fantastic
  • 155/13-15 Moo 3, Muang, Krabi, 81180 Ao Nang Beach, Thailand

  • I was in the water at Krabi – looking at the 4 islands – and thought a Tsunami is coming soon. I had called the 2004 Tsunami 6 months ahead – having a vision while on a Jet-ski – and it happenned – so once again I am here having a great time – and see a Tsunami coming. I slapped myself and said Stop it! . It was November 21 2016. I went to bed and woke up at 4.30 tossing and turning – and wondering why as I was so agitated. I went to google news and saw  a Tsunami had hit – Fukashima  Japan. I was so pissed off – that I was too sensitive and that even if I get a POV of the future I still cant relate to it. 

HAT YAI – its-no-where to no where

SO far its a mixed bag – but I get to explore and see what I would not have ever known.

  • THE BEDROOM – THINK IKEA  DORM! DON’T TAKE ROOM 208 – no internet wifi – any room to the back of the building… is a no zone internet. The Internet failed many times. The staff are a mixed bag. One of them did a little Drag show. Her/His name is GET. 
  • I laughed as one of the Malay guests was hitting on GET not realizing that GET was not fuly transitioned. So he was wooing her. I saw him the next day after they went on a date. I asked how did it go? He looked me – and just turned white, put his face down.  I guess he got a surprise.

WARNING IN HAT YAI – STREET GANGS ON BIKES ARE ATTACKING FOREIGNERS. At 10.20 pm, 2016-11-24 I was taking a walk in this quiet neighborhood – when suddenly a group of motorbikes – maybe 4 with 2 people on each bike sped by. I had to wait to cross the street and as the 3 rd bike came by – this punk threw water all over me and they sped off laughing. It was only water could have been anything flammable. 

I was about 50 seconds from the hotel – and suddenly the same bikes came around the corner – and as they got near me again through at me a plank of wood – about 14 inches long and 2 inches wide. 
They found the wood on the streets and came around the block. Throwing it at me but it landed at my feet.  I could have been hit in the head or eyes ..real damage could have been done. What if they are casing the neighborhood ? What if they do it again. I have to go out and see sights – Is it that dangerous ? 
They were screaming in Thai? I ran into the hotel and said call the police as I was assaulted – but the issue is that its dark and that I cannot identify any of the guys. The problem is that they are roaming this area looking for trouble and yes, people have been murdered in Hat Yai. Hat Yai has been bombed and is a bit of a hot spot. I tend to go out at night and wander around but its not safe obviously.
Its to capture night shots – go to different restaurants at night – but this is dangerous. Can it happen again. ? I gave the hotel  the wood and my report and they said, “Well they came after you as you are a foreigner!” That was obvious but it means Hat Yai is not safe and who do you tell, to try and warn foreigners? 
Cristoph De Caermichael 
The reporting has legs. Details are being asked repeatedly.
Dear Sir, (etal) 

There was no information given to me at all. Like I said it was a very confused meeting, Poor communication and I am trying to give you a video that points out the CCTV camera that they missed. I thought as you or someone who summoned them would have access to my passport information – that they took. 

They just showed up – I was asleep – met them very groggy – and they were so confused – so I have no idea what was done or said, that will be reported. There was no interpreter per se – just a female police trainee – who spoke erratic  high school English ?? The lead investigator just hung in the air con lobby. And they posed to take pictures of me – not as a police investigation but as a tourist. 
I am now very hyper vigilant – watching – as I walk and startled by every motor cycle that comes too close which is every second. I stop and watch around me – turn around to make sure i can see trouble if its coming – It was an assault not once but 3 times. I am sorry that was not made clear and I doubt that the report you will receive will mention any of this.  And this is also a hate crime as I was its because you are a Farangi. Hat Yai – is a turbulent city and its not a case of being in the wrong place or time as that is every place or time. 
This is the combined video -showing the 2 CCTV cameras – the 2nd one was ignored – which may well be the result of this situation. Others have confirmed that – HAT YAI is a dangerous city.
(1) The assault had 3 phases –
The first was the water – not thrown at me – but poured on me – from 5 inches away – that is how close the assailant came- He stood up on the bike and as 2 other bikes passed me – they came so close and Poured – the water on my shoulder and arm from a 1 liter bottle. I could see clearly what was happening- and it was a shock as its very aggressive.  Then they sped away and came back as per the videos. 
(2) The second time  was them coming around the Block and driving their Motor Bikes straight at me – Vehicular assault  
(3) The third  was the throwing of the weapon –  with intent to harm me ….. which the police threw into the bushes beside the hotel. Which I will now show you. 
Here is the Video and the pictures of the weapon.
Thank you

  • Lee Garden Ancient Massage
    7th Floor of Lee Garden Plaza Hotel
    29 Prachatipat Road
    Price: 240 baht
    Service: 1 hour 45 minutes
    Other: comes with a cold towel before the massage service and also a cup of tea
  • Where I went was very sketchy. The very ugly girls wanted sex – but if you say NO! they stop massaging- the guys want to have sex and say pay 1000 Baht – and I say no sex – just strong deep tissue –  I had him massage me so hard that I was screaming in pain, but it was not him that was causing me pain but the  state of my body In Korea I had JIAP massage  and that hurt like hell but I was immediately better and stronger. HAT YAI is a place to be avoided it seems. Even the clothing was expensive a shirt 550 Baht – Jeans 1500 Baht. In size Small – Medium – not for burly dudes. ( I give up)
  • Ancient Sakura Massage (Sayuri)
    1st Floor of Sakura Grand View Hotel
    186 Niphat-uthit 3 Road
    Price: 240 baht
    Service: 2 hours
    Other: comes with 2 steam towels, one before and another after the session with a cup of ginseng tea.
  • songkhla_ds.jpg





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