HRH”Princess Harry – Megan Markle”














My Dear Prince Harry,

All we can do is Love you. The world loves you as you are that Fantastic. We – on behalf of all those who support Love, wish you the Best. Sadly your family is not a role model of love and family matters. Most are divorced – Most had scandals for what a century? Over Love? How ridiculous is that. Its 2016. Your mother died from a lack of love, thruples require exquisite handling.  Your father  Charles was an extraordinary adulterer, as it was all about “Tampon-gate.” Princess Anne Divorced, Prince Andrew Divorced, your Mom and Dad acrimoniously Diana-vorced, Princess Margaret Divorced. The list is much longer.

There is no one in your family that has been stable. HRH Her Majesty, The Queen is the only one, as she is the Queen. Grandpa’s sexual escapades were quite notorious.  Edward and Wallis a disaster for constitutional reasons? But a love affair and marraige that lasted decades. Andrew and Koo Stark theatrical drama and your uncles in flagrante delicto con fellatio.

You are BELOVED by all. Why should you suffer a paradoxical fate. You are none of these relatives. The issues that they created such unhappiness in your family are dead and are as old as her majesty herself. Yes it’s true you cannot help falling in love with the one you fall in love with. So – don’t be afraid of your heart.

Your family has absolutely no say in this as their marital relationships are tainted and dysfunctional. So what do they want to do? Strip you of your HRH – disinherit you? Diminish who you are? All  I-M-P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E. Just think INVICTUS – not the game but your life.
The World loves you as much as it did your Mother Princess Diana. So if your family dares to harm you in anyway – The world will revolt against them. Money, status and prestige, wealth and all privilege are yours forever. The British Monarchy is on its last legs. Charles is out as next in line, as he is about to make another batch of serious mistakes that take him out of the running. William ? He will draft a new modern Monarchy more in keeping with today’s realities.  
Its time for your Royal Family to accept its time to change. To change forever. Megan seems lovely – but its such a challenge to bring “love” into your family. Is she suited to Royal life?  Few are. Probably not, at first, its a 10 year plan at least – as that is a notoriously hard job for all concerned – you have to be born a Windsor and spend years being schooled in that paradoxical paradigm. It does not bring happiness as you know – it brings personal sorrow and sacrifice.
Or it did, until you came along and changed it. If you, Harry and Megan both love each other this deeply and can do the forever thing – then do it. The Future is the Future – Plus the world adores you.. So if England abandons you ? Or the Royal England – which it cannot, can it? – Brexit has taught you that anything can happen. Donald Trump is an American President? So this is a new world – and you are in all things your own Man. Thank God that the DNA test that the Palace did on you showed conclusively you are the son of Charles and Diana and not the bastard  child of James Hewitt. You look everything like a Spencer and a little like a Windsor. Making you the dashing Prince that you are. Prince Henry Charles Albert David of Wales.
If your cousins – Peter and Zara – HRH in their own rights – relinquished by their mother – so they can have a normal life, find love and happiness – then use the wisdom of hers.The Princess Royal Anne is a very wise woman. Monarchy comes first. Interestingly enough, you also have that wisdom and in many ways are THE PRINCE ROYAL. The Princess Royal married a commoner not once but twice. So lets forget that word  Commoner – a word Megan is dismissed as. Kate Middleton is also a commoner Upper Middle Class but still not Royal until now.  
Ascribing to your burgeoning intellect …You can be free – you don’t have to give anything up – or have it stripped from you. If your relatives do that – ? then we know for sure what happened to Princess Diana was no accident. Live long and prosper !
Your beloved Highness – PRINCE HARRY and if you are sure that its Princess Megan, dubbed Princess Harry or is it Princess Henry?  You want – then just Marry her. What are they going to do? Cut of your credit cards? Constitutionally ban you? – your 5th in line to the throne- so guess what you are free to live your life as you see fit. The world is literally your Oyster. 
You will never be diminished by any of this, as well the Kingdom of Great Britain falls to  William and his heirs.  The people of England and the world will support you, whatever happens. You are to Live your life Harry on your own terms. Always. And your  terms are selfless and dedicated to make the world and Britain a better place.  God Bless you, Long live HRH PRICE HARRY ! PS- “Princess Harry” as Megan will be deemed, if this goes forward to marriage. Megan only brings love, intellect and an incredible burning desire to Protect you, at all costs. 

Now, Diana spurned by Charles, walked on the wild side, finding love in the arms of many controversial suitors from the famed Pakistani Heart Surgeon, Hasnat Khan to Dodi Fayed. Men deemed unsuitable by the Palace as the thought of Diana having mixed race   half – siblings -children related to the throne of England.? It was an off with her head moment. Diana did die as we, the world knows. A sudden car crash and controversy that lives on circa 2017. Charles’s optics  was better constitutionally as a widower than a divorcee. But only marginally. 

There is certainly a great resemblance tween the Queen Mother and Ms. Markel 

Rumors may  well be based on “Reality” had Diana been “offed”? – as in murdered by the Royal family. Testimony, based on Diana’s words to her close friends told of a Palace plan to kill her via a car-accident. Well, that did happen and certainly there was the mysterious delays and circumstances that led to the injured Princess, being allowed to bleed out in the car though help was at the scene. ? A Tragic story – with a lot of questions still unanswered.

So there is a legacy left by Diana. Harry is wildly smitten with Megan Markle. But will Megan ever have that privilege to become a royal. Or is there a mysterious accident being planned by the Palace? Will Megan survive 2017 or become more fodder for the Palace?  Think long and hard.It’s a do or die situation. 

What can happen?



THE CHORUS -historia infinitum repetit se ad nauseam

While all this is speculation? The British Royal family have had more tragedy and losses to their family and loved ones; that it’s not quite random. Or are their lives more documented than  the other European royals, so we get lost in their minutia?

Diana did die and her death left a legacy that her son’s inherited. Prince Harry appears to possess her free will, the love and hearts of the commoners and to share in her joie d vivre. In Vancouver Canada the morning after her death the pall was visible, the world did mourn her.  Great to hear that camilla, lower case wants to divorce Chucky and write an expose on his involvement in Diana’s death. Only if this was true?   But as Charles as a history of his wives betraying his secrets due to  the caddish off with her head routine maybe just maybe this will occur. Truth always outs. Apparently Camilla is already threatening a tell all book much like Diana. If that occurs – Charles – will never be King.. But in the end who cares – The world  will only care if Wills & Kate are summoned to the Throne – What if Queen Lizzie made that a part of her will? I doubt she wants Camilla to follow her. Queen Camilla – a Frankenstein monster of a tale. 

Diana stole my heart a long time ago. Long Live Diana – Britain’s True Queen of Hearts!

Yet L’Histoire of similar personality traits in that Family have caused incredible scandal or the palace machinations have deemed it as such. This love match can cause a separation between the Brothers Wills and Harry due to the overshadowing of all that it historically brings. Yet that is the point its history and both young men can change history. Of course at the crux of this liaison if transformed into marriage is the Royal Prenuptial, a document so dense in its royal prejudices it will turn Megan’s blood to ice.

It will simply assure she knows her place in that world. It may take Amal Clooney, the famed human rights lawyer to make sense of it. So much for the egalitarian  ethos of 2017. This is the British Royal Family and all of its history and lineage and fables come to bear in this one document. It will simply come down to a word that is may be mocked in the Windsor families relationship. That word is Love.

The link above traces Elizabeth 2 back to The Black Queen Sophie. So the issue of race/colored blood lines in the Royal Family is a non-issue. If Harry was allowed to marry his bi-racial paramour – its in keeping with Royal tradition and the issue of divorced partnered royals is as lengthy a history.  

THE CHORUS  –  historia infinitum repetit se ad nauseam

The Other Prince William of Gloucester, had the same trait and died tragically. Edward ? Wallis? similar fates, death by abdication and banishment.  Megan Markle  brings incredible Glamour to the British Royal Family.  But she is not another Princess Grace of Monaco, the former Grace Kelly of Hollywood Legend. Who by all accounts struggled for years in the austere realm of the Royal House of Grimaldi. Becoming a Monegasque took years. Princess Grace did befriend Princess Diana and understood her nightmarish realities of not being born Royal but marrying into that paradigm.

Rachel Megan Markle – has much against her. That Royal Family has a dark side and we do not refer to the Schwartz blood line of Queen Sophie Charlotte of  Mecklenburg-Strelitz who married Britain’s King George  “She was Queen of Great Britain and Ireland from her marriage in 1761 until the union of the two kingdoms in 1801, after which she was Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland until her death in 1818. She was also the Electress of Hanover in the Holy Roman Empire until the promotion of her husband to King of Hanover on 12 October 1814, after which she was also queen consort of Hanover.” She flourished as Britain’s First Black Queen. But that Monarchy has a blood feud encrusted past. Just because we are supposedly civilized in 2017, much haunts that Royal  House of Windsor. As you know. 

This exotic allure of Megan  Markle would certainly have  delighted Princess Diana as it has captivated her son – but ouch that Palace has a mean dangerous spleen. Harry and Megan would by the very nature of Glamour – overshadow – William and Kate’s charm. Is Harry going to be allowed to be his own man and make his own life?  Or will he have to Sacrifice Megan or himself for that matter? There is already an heir to that beleaguered throne. The question is  do you. i.e. England still need a spare?

  • So is the Palace going to sit idly by and let history repeat itself – ? The Duke of Edinburgh is now 95 and has a history that rivals that of Mephisto.

So the danse macabre will continue. Harry and Megan, like Romeo and  Juliet or Charles and Diana are star crossed lovers.  Can Megan handle the discretion that is required? She can not respond to any Media questions, family or friends. Its a time of  deep quiet and reflection. At what time does the insidious investigation into Meghan’s life, her medical reports, her schools, her past loves everything becomes scrutinized. Red Flags are flying all fairly normal take into her normal life. But the palace can take the flags and turn them into a conflagration. All that scrutiny can cause any romance to flounder and that is the plan.

Both Harry and Megan will have to pace this romance and then wait it out. How long did it take Gladys and Fred aka – Charles and Camilla to make their liaison  legal, but it caused tremendous pain and angst to many. Harry and Megan have just a new love and an ideal to follow. Purity without the pain. Yes sometimes love be that easy versus the Palaces Sturm und Drang. One of my girl friends was Norwegian and English and loved her ennui. 

  • These pictures tell quite a story. For one, the very young Elizabeth Bowes-Lyons looks a lot like Rachel Megan Markle.  So Harry may just be smitten by the Best of the Royal Family. Megan and the Queen Mother share a lot as you can see. Birth dates and allure. And the mesmerizing beauty of Diana Princess of Wales. 


Markle is born on August 4th 1981, the same day as Elizabeth Bowes-Lyons and will turn 36 in 2017. Princess Diana died in her 36th year of life. E-B-L is the Queen Mother. Megan literally does have an explosive year in 2017. There are so many similarities between Princess Diana and “Princess Harry – Megan Markle” that this makes this relationship extremely fated and as destructive. The Chorus-  historia infinitum repetit se ad nauseam. But lets appease the Gods with songs and lull the tores in infernum Britanniae Regis.


The only way out of the mess that this is – if Harry wants Megan he will have to tempus consumam (quicquid id est)  his family. The Royal family will ensure that this wonderful woman Megan Markle suffers a similar fate as Diana. Scandal, will abound. As that is what they know to do best. Be sinister – use cunning and vast will-power to protect their version of the in vetustatem  Monarchy. 

Megan never planned to be involved with this Prince or any Prince. Her life happenned as it has happenned. No Harm no foul. Her past cannot be used against her, as with the true nature of love, you are never prepared, nor can you prepare for a Fairy tale. That as you know are the words used to describe Charles and Diana. And Megan’s past is what, perhaps “normal” “common” and now it’s stellar. The Palace dare not insult the world with trumped up dalliances and youthful exuberance all a norm for a California girl. Because if the Palace dare too throw stones at it’s own glass house,  the Collateral damage may cost the Monarchy, The Monarchy. BTW – I saw her United Nations speech and the woman has no guile. At least in the UN. 

 Queen Elizabeth ends the known Monarchy when she expires, which is soon. Megan is chaste in comparison to the conniving Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall. For many years, Camilla was in a relationship with the Prince of Wales before and after their former marriages. The relationship became highly publicized in the media and attracted worldwide scrutiny aka Scandal. And resulted in Diana’s demise. Quid pro quo.

So Harry, there are many things you can do. First protect yourself and Megan, your lives are on very shaky ground. Get a job- A real job away from the machinations of the Palace. Also take up residence outside of Britain for a while. Use your extended Family connections – there are many Royal titles that you can bear that need not be ‘granted’ by the noblesse oblige.

Suggestions for a real job –  THE GOVERNOR GENERAL OF CANADA – Justin Trudeau will love you. A real coup, THE UN SECRETARY GENERAL but not yet. Your Buds Barack Obama, Bill Clinton,  Bill Gates et alia all have mega jobs for you.  Plus your own Charities. The world is your Oyster. But get your own Security Detail. 

Now I know Granny has to give you permission to Marry, preferably.. but does she really? Megan is not a Royal. She is a Divorced, American,  Catholic Actress of mixed race blood.  That combo seems made for a Vegas Wedding Chapel. I am not diminishing Megan at all. She appears to be a wonderful woman and you are both madly in love. I am parodying what is probably being said to you and her and it causes you great concern. To the “neigh” Sayers – I say – 0a4217546fcdfc218ee2232bb81a731b.jpg

But lets look at History again, Caroline, Princess of Hanover is married to Ernst August, Prince of Hanover, the descendant of Black Queen Sophie Charlotte. This union was intricate, (Adultery-Betrayal etc)  but Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, issued this Order in Council, “My Lords, I do hereby declare My Consent to a Contract of Matrimony between His Royal Highness Prince Ernst August Albert of Hanover, Duke of Brunswick-Luneburg and Her Serene Highness Princess Caroline Louise Marguerite of Monaco…”. So the Queen in her wisdom did not stand in the way of love, no matter how  convolutionally abstracted. So if for her cousin – ? Caroline’s vast wealth obviously played a role in this decision. Her family’s wealth is greater than that of England. 

Then why not for you,her last grandson? What could her concerns be that she has not already experienced from her tortured family? Their is no marital accord of note in the entire family. 

The Instuition you belong to Harry is ancient, anachronistic, lugubrious and dysfunctional. And you are not. So its quite clear what you are going to do. As Gandhi purportedly said,  “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”

Yours is a pure love. Devoid of the history of your dubious family. By the way all of this information is common knowledge to the world and easily accessed. There are no secrets here. 


Dieu et mon droit

 Part 2 – Harry and Megan

This is a really serious relationship – a once in a life time kismet of love. It is so strange that in the British Royal family matters of the heart tend to go to constitutional crises realms. There is no need in this case. However I am pretty sure that the Royal family consider Megan Markle completely unsuitable to be Harry’s wife. Or a Princess or some noble title. She came out of nowhere.

THE CHORUS -historia infinitum repetit se ad nauseam

Being Royal is not really a charmed existence, it just looks that way from an outsiders POV. It’s a lot of hard work, a lot of sacrifice and a lot of internal pain. Its angst driven and bordering on a sacred vow that belongs to an old hierarchy.

Let’s say that Harry perseveres.  He will not take a Royal No. The Palace aka HRH Queen Elizabeth will not budge on that matter. Harry will pitch his plea – and poor Megan will suffer horribly. Her Love for this Man, not Prince is real but she is beginning to realize he may be unattainable for now.  He belongs to England. Lock stock and barrel.

Yes and It will take a constitutional change to make this love match end In Marriage.    So let’s suppose they take it slowly. Bide their time – though they are in a hurry to have a family etc and Harry is not a Casiraghi. Being far too Brit for liaisons that create pregnant girlfriends etc. Or children out of wedlock.



So as this is musings on my part. My  Portuguese Highfalutin  parents did dine with HRH Elizabeth and Prince Philip in Trinidad in 1966 with Governor-General Hochoy. I did meet Princess Diana in Vancouver and worked on a St. Paul’s Hospital Ophthalmology Aids event later. So there was some correspondence with St. James Palace over the years with her charities. So forgive the sense of familiarity I have, I just grew up in a world that briefly touched that realm. Acquaintances of Diana in Vancouver chatted a bit about her story.  She was a lovely woman.


So all this Harry-Megan conundrum fascinates as it’s a once in a life time experience as much as Diana’s life was. So how will it end? It’s a 2018 question –answer as both Meghan and Harry will have to be discrete in 2017.

But If I look to the Horizon for light at the end of this dark tunnel. In 2022 – 5 years from now HRH Queen Elizabeth gives up her reign. Prince Philip passes as well he is 100 years-ish. Her Majesty suffers a stroke from his passing and she leaves the mortal realm in her 96 year and after her 70 years as a Monarch.

So with this in mind – if her majesty would know her time is nigh, it could soften her stance on Harry and Meghan. As they both deserve to be happy and in Marital bliss for a long time. The rules of yore are now legend and bear little to Harry and Megan’s life or that of Britain. Aside from this she has to dump Charles for William. 

The issue of Charles coming to the thrown – Gasp- comes down to a Queen Camilla, something no one wants. Her ruthless ambition for the crown, undermines the throne. There is absolutely nothing Royal or Queenly about that one. But she is salivating at the thought as per this picture. Can the world really tolerate a Queen “whatshername”? Ah yes Camilla. 

I watched this and it chilled me to the Bone as it depicted The House of Windsor as ruthless. Circa Czar Nicolas and Princess Di. Look at the salivating one. No wonder she earned rottweiler as a nick.

Queen Elizabeth And Prince Phillip Attend The State Opening Of Parliament

As for William and Kate. William will be King – as he should, Kate? A consort title awaits her. The Conflict of Royal lineage – and of peerage – takes time and maybe given ..time? The Title of Queen comes with a lot of DUTY.    And a huge dedication to service to the crown.


So – the answer is wait and see. If you see what I see then it’s a No for now. But not a no forever.

In the end the Harry-Megan contretemps will eventually be sorted out by the Privy Council, as it will be one way of dealing with a situation the Royals don’t want to deal with. Harry and Megan’s relationship is one of statehood and not only that of a love union. Megan must be able to join the Firm in a suitable manner that supports that state. While none of the Queen’s own children marriages have lasted, unless you count the lavender of Wessex. Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex and Sophie Rhys-Jones, then that arrangement has lasted. Megan literally came out of nowhere and previous such arrangements went nowhere. Edward and Wallis were banished. Koo and Andy. But hey if Grace Kelly can do it and it was never easy, Ms Markle can easily do it as well.

I love the line from Downton Abbey, why are the British so British…” Dame Maggie quips, 


“Opinions differ some say our history but I blame the weather”.

Her Majesty’s Most Honorable Privy Council, usually known simply as the Privy Council, is a formal body of advisers to the Sovereign of the United Kingdom. Its membership mainly comprises senior politicians, who are present or former members of either the House of Commons or the House of Lords.

I of course am rooting for them – as it’s the dawning of a new era and they are cusping that era. There is some flack about Megan’s family causing her to loose her man Harry? Due to their dysfunction. Megan has made it clear that she rose from her ancestral muck and mire to create who she is. It made her successful and compassionate and she knows what LOVE is as she shares that in her good deeds. So Megan will never loose either. Both Harry and Megan  deserve the best and the best is about to be established. 


In watching THE CROWN – The Netflix series I was reminded again of all the constitutional drama surrounding the then Princess Elizabeth about to marry Philip Mountbatten. He was not considered acceptable by many . He had a colorful past,  a mother  who was declared mentally ill and escaped her hospitals a few times until she became a NUN. His philandering father who had declared his wife mentally ill so  that he could be free to have his many mistress. The agony of Princess of Margaret and her ill fated love affairs. When Margaret had to step in to fill HRH Queen Elizabeth shoes when she was away on state business she was removed as she was too colorful and had too much personality. Diana the same but she was killed for it. Now you have the wondrous Harry and Megan Markle two charismatic  people full of life, love  and the pursuit of happiness in their work serving humanity. A relationship frowned on by “The Palace” and the Royal family.

Exciting times does Harry break the curse of the Windsors ?or must he suffer the fate of that family who for the past century have suffered dramatic love losses.   

I always root for love. 

So Long live Prince and Princess Harry.


To put this into perspective Princess Mary of Denmark, was a commoner from Australia. But she is the Beloved Princess of Denmark and Prince Freddie.  Denmark Royals have realized that Love as shared by Megan and Harry is what life is all about. So the Brits got all wrong on the Love score. But as they are enshrined in conspiracy and age old conflicts, they can;t get it together it seems. Love, Duty, Fidelity and Happiness  are all easily achievable. Maybe Harry can get through to these numskulls that Love actually works. 

just click the You Tube notification 

Britain’s ruling Monarch, the steadfast and wise Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2 has left an incredible legacy to this world. And before she shuffles of this mortal coil may she have the wisdom and the will to see that personal happiness is not a deterrent to the CROWN.

As mentioned she has so many examples of the Windsor Marital Dysfunction that her heart and mind should relinquish to the new lives created by Harry & Megan. Her world disappears upon her death.  She should gladly and willingly give her blessings to HRH Prince Harry. He still and only will have a 50% chance of any Marriage he partakes in succeeding. So why not a love match to the spare and not the heir. He can do no harm in that regard. If he could have he would have chosen another Royal but that was not to his liking. He could have chosen another British commoner but he chose Rachel Megan Markle. Fate has intervened – the mixed blood that flows in his blood chose another mixed blood to Marry. These are enlightened times and so let the light shine. 

I was thinking at – what it would be like for Harry to borrow another royal family with say, a European main land Monarchy. He is related to so many. Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg, Norway, Span and Sweden. Simply as he may find that his married life easier to bear without the crud of the British Royals. I mean no disrespect but this man Harry has a lot to offer the world and to be stifled by the myth of the Windsors seems unnecessary. 

The cross that the royal Windsors bear is no longer required circa 2017. Its like they did not get the memo. Harry did and he chafes at the leaches of time.  He is a great guy.  I know what LOVE is and this is Love. So let LOVE blaze  a trail to life-long happiness. Be it star -crossed or fulfilled, the clock is ticking on this petite royal romance.  The Palaces machinations will exhaust Megan and numb Harry. A fly on the wall can say- “But Darling. I love you so much, but its just not going to work is it? Your a dashing Prince and the great love of my life.  But truly your family sucks and I  cannot be suckered no more.” So let’s call it a day? A bientot mon cher! MM



Ps. I did have a weird encounter with a “spirit’ That took on the shape of P. Diana. I was covering a piece on dangerous roads in Malaysia, where people were being killed adhoc. I pondered on it for a while and eventually decided to write P.Harry  and introduce him to the Cause célèbre in Malaysia.  Was it real or not? Malaysia has a profound history with and off the supernatural.And as the road where I was on had a few recent deaths, in fact a wake was taking place at the time of the shoot. I never said much about what I saw as I was totally doubtful, but for months the image did in a way haunt me and I am of the policy nothing ventured nothing gained, sent PH the letter and the history of the Malaysian Madness due to high road deaths. These deaths have occurred vis a vis the highway infrastructure collapsing and causing sudden large potholes and or sinkholes. In Malaysia anything can happen. It mimicked P. Diana  Land Mine cause and when I looked into P.Harry was now the heading the cause.

St james – Prince Harry

THE CHORUS  –  historia infinitum repetit se ad nauseam

Part 3. of endless parts

The Markle/Wales conundrum still exists? Both are lovely people or so it seems – but does Meghan really want to be a Royal? History has proven that these Windsor relationships are by their nature stunted due to Britain’s behemoth monarchy. Its clear that Meghan does not really stand a chance – not that she does not deserve it – as its a karmic bond. But its way too ambitious a marriage. Harry is just great but he is a cog in a lugubrious wheel  of that Houses destiny. Its a very intricate web to get the Palace, Her Majesty, Charles and consort etc to agree to it. Her Majesty again historically while she may agree in Principle to love in a Marriage also is very protective of the crown.  Her refusal of MM is not personal but a royal zeitgeist. She as Harry’s grandmother obviously loves Harry BUT … BUT … in 100 years of Windsor’s history, hers is the only marriage that lasted. As she is the Queen.  So no Bueno – maybe in 5 or 6 years time, this marriage can take place but at this time. 

Harry does channel his beloved mother Diana. Diana’s strength to take on the impossible and to win and then loose her life. OMG! what a champion she was for life and to live it based on the bespoke authenticity of what a modern Royal Princess and a woman should be. Strong, compassionate, a natural leader and Harry is carrying that torch in his soul. That torch also includes MM. So much of this MM & PH  relationship is pure HRH Diana. Its so obvious that Diana is truly present circa 2017.


10 things that Princess Diana would say to her boys. (If she could)

  • Harry choose your wife wisely and give the Royals a birdie and say Chuck you Farley.
  • Harry, yes Charles is your father. You are 100% a Windsor and no you can’t use Hewitt even if that was not the case.
  • Harry, I am down with the Brown. Aside from which it’s also in your Royal DNA. So? Next?
  • I was never pregnant by Dodie. Mohammed wanted me to be but really… I am DIANA.
  • Wills – You have to learn how to dance. Kate sign him up. Wills, shaved heads are very sexy. Lose the diminishing locks, hit the gym and get a tan. Woof!
  • Kate you lovely girl. Keep Wills safe. The Rottweiler and the Tampon need to move on. A good flushing will do. 
  • Charles can never be monarch. Why? Give me a letter from A-Z and I will tell you why. Lets start with the letter M. Mystery-Murder-Monarchy
  • It’s time for Britain to be a Republic and ditch the Monarchy. The past Royal favor has hit its Best-Buy date.But if my boys RULE BRITAIN- forget Brexit. 
  • Life is way too short and what the world needs now is love, sweet love.
  • Harry stay away from Donald J. Trump and Ivanka.

Love Mummy!


Maybe MM T-shirt line will sell out – lol


They need a strong courageous man.



  • Prince William and Harry to re dedicate Diana’s grave in private service

  • No royal wants to be king or queen, Prince Harry says

  • PRINCE HARRY and Meghan Markle engagement ring made from Princess Diana’s bracelet

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