The Plague @ Cocobay Resort Leptospirosis diseases Port Dickson Malaysia 2017 Coco-bay resort

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– I am in the midst of dying from a horrible infection – Leptospirosis in Malaysia. I am Canadian but according to Justin Trudeau – And Canada’s consular division – not Canadian enough to be rescued. Malaysia refuses to treat me – and I collapsed many times – became bed ridden ad occasionally surfaced and begin to fight for my life. Its now a very complicated story and I am now having to appeal to a selected few countries to fight Canada’s King’s Prerogative that JT insists – he can use to block my care – But that means will die -or succumb to the infections myriad – smorgasbord of illness- all leading to death. So I am appealing to the Vatican- France – England – Australia – Germany & Sweden for Refugee Status – based on urgent medical grounds – as the disease increases – i will have no choice – Yes, the laws support my only decision – and as I will be on deaths door in the next few weeks. I either die here in Malaysia in bed – disowned by Canada – and as I have been warned – Malaysia is so horrific that more than likely – after I am deceased- Malaysia can actually just dump my body anywhere. I did alert Interpol in the event – The Vatican finally responded and now i must wait for directions as to how to proceed and which countries will take me. Italy, England – Sweden – France – Germany are all positioned to accept me – once The Vatican proceeds. I am just not sure I am going to make it.
Cristoph De Caermichael

The Queen can ignore or overrule ministerial advice in “grave constitutional crisis.”
While the overwhelming majority of the Queen’s prerogative powers are devolved to her ministers, there is one exception that allows her to wield power herself. Only “in grave constitutional crisis,” the Sovereign can “act contrary to or without Ministerial advice.” With no precedent in modern times, it’s not clear what would actually constitute this, but the possibility remains.
Prerogative Powers
Prerogative powers are defined as “the residue of discretionary or arbitrary authority which at any given time is legally left in the hands of the CROWN.

“The Royal Prerogative remains a significant source of constitutional law which is largely immune from scrutiny by the courts.” The question here is, do we agree with the view that the Royal Prerogative is immune from scrutiny by the courts, and whether it remains a significant source of constitutional law. In addressing this view, the first point to consider is the definitional controversy of the term, ‘royal prerogative’ and its origin, then consider its nature, modern position and its significance within the UK Constitution, and finally, whether or not the royal prerogative is immune from scrutiny by the courts. Under the UK Constitution, all actions of government are undertaken in the name of the Crown. Historically, the term, ‘royal prerogative’ has been applied to those special rights and privileges, which the King had as a feudal lord. There are two schools of thought on the definitional controversy of the term. Blackstone advanced the first ‘narrow’ or ‘restrictive’ interpretation. Blackstone defines the prerogative in his Commentaries1 as: …..that special pre-eminence which the King hath over and above all other persons, and out of the ordinary course of the common law, in right of his regal dignity
In some statutes, the prerogative power is expressly preserved, for example, the Immigration Act 1971, s33 (5).12 The prerogative is divided into that which is exercised by ministers (in the name of the Crown), the ‘political prerogative’ and that which is personal to the monarch, ‘personal prerogative’. While regal powers are exercised in the name of the Crown by the government of the day, the Crown nevertheless retains important residual power. Of these, the dissolution of Parliament and the appointment of Prime Minister are the most significant. ‘There still remains the prerogative notion that the Crown never dies and can do no wrong’13, thus placing the Queen outside the jurisdiction of the courts and guaranteeing immunity from prosecution in her own courts. The political prerogative is usually sub-classified into Executive, Judicial and Legislative prerogatives. The Executive prerogative relates to international and national affairs, covering matters such as: disposition of the armed forces, conduct of the realm in time war and emergency, declaring war and peace, issuing passports, making treaties and the general conduct of external relations, including recognising foreign states and the consequential privileges and immunities flowing therefrom.14 The Judicial prerogative include that of mercy (power to issue pardon for offences)
The prerogative seems not to be subject to a satisfactory degree of accountability, either through Parliament or the courts. There have been a number of proposals for the reform of the royal prerogative by academics such as Professor Munro and Professor Brazier. Former Labour MP, Tony Benn campaigned for the abolition of the Royal Prerogative in the 1990’s, arguing that all governmental powers exercised on the advice of the Prime Minister and Cabinet should be subject to parliamentary scrutiny and require parliamentary approval. In conclusion, it is clear the view that the royal prerogative is immune from scrutiny by the courts, as the citation of the different types of prerogative powers and the reference to decided cases illustrate, is not quite accurate. However, saying that the royal prerogative is not immune from judicial scrutiny would be inaccurate, as the personal prerogative powers of the Queen is at least one element of the royal prerogative that supports the view above. It would be more accurate to say that royal prerogative powers within the UK are immune from judicial scrutiny to a certain extent, depending upon the nature of the power, not their source

Dear Marc Oliver

Death by Viral Persistent Human Leptospirosis

have resumed poxing

Andrea Orlando
Ministry of Justice (Italy)
Address: Via Arenula, 70, 00186 Roma RM, Italy
Corte Suprema di Cassazione
Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace
Cardinal Peter K.A. Turkson,
President, Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace
Pontifical Biblical Institute
Via della Pilotta 25 – 00187 Roma

 Damaged Heart from the infection –

   THE BOOK OF 25 -August 12 2017 update – the Leptospirosis Pain





Address for cacabay- the ratresort: Jalan Pantai, Tanjung Tanah Merah, 71050 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia




Persistent Human Leptospirosis

 Due to the type of my attack and the presences of many pathogen bearing vectors, Parasites, bed-bugs and fungus. I have developed Persistent Human Leptospirosis, now VIRAL – GREATER DANGER.

 Humans do not have immunity to the leptospirosis bacteria. 10% of patients go on to develop long term PHL. Treatment of PHL is an unexplored area. There is no defined reason for this continuation of symptoms. Some of the effects are sequelae (lasting damage to the body that takes time to heal) left after the bacteria have been removed, and a compromised immune system from other zoonotic exposures.

  • Time line – Infection January 13, 2017
  • Infection confirmed as LEPTOSPIROSIS March 10 2017
  • Heart Scan confirmed Damage – March 20 2017
  • Brain Bleed April 01. 2017
  • LEFT COCO-BAY – APRIL 10th 2017 
  • Date of Death ? TBA NOVEMBER 13th 2017 


  • Always first the Beauty – before you see the BEAST! 

D’u ne manière ou d’une autre, la peste va vous prendre! Soit son Yersina Pestis ou Leptospirosis

  • (other Hotels with Rats in PD) 
  • From a Grand Beach Resort Hotel guest – Rat in my room and they change my executive room(with view) to a cheaper smelly dungeon-like room (balcony facing their trash pile) without compensations and without apology from the 6 different staff (3 receptionist, 1 manager and 2 housekeeping staff) that we spoke to. And yes I saw the rat 4 times with my own eyes. It was running around the room at night, climbing wall and biting the snacks we bought. I cannot believe that NOT ONE staff bothered to apologize. The rat bit my earpiece cable which caused me sad $90, I only found out when I got home…that was the price of the room for one night.

The journey here began innocently enough.  I was on the last legs of the Malaysian – Misadventure.  Basically as I have come to understand squalor is a mind-state paradigm here.  The journey was not successful or happy. I was exposed to – Les Malais Je veux dire sans manquer de respect, mais appelons une pelle une pelle sont sale sale.  


Again no disrespect as the amount of doctors that I saw have told me the same thing in regards to COCO-BAY RESORT – PORT DICKSON. I mentioned Coco-bay and they shudder. All the staff shuddered. But I do have to mention that FILTH is endemic  here in Malaysia. The videos are revealing- you have never seen anything like this. Well in context I have but as a drive by – one does not inhabit the La Bas  – one drives by it. Windows up and air on.

 The Video’s document the journey. I had no idea that anything like this could ever happen and that other people actions would prove detrimental to my life. I now see that once i was infected on January 13 and the illness that caused me high fevers – body ache and massive headaches and blurred vision also damaged my ability to process this reality. In many ways I just shut down – trying to cope with this abuse. I lived in a half world. Neither truly alive nor dead. I felt as if I was green all the time.

Here are the PHL – pix Persistent Human Leptospirosis 

  • Please note that the supplier of the vaccine – does not supply the vaccine. This is Malaysia where false information is de rigeur. So death is on the table.
  • ———- Forwarded message ———-
    From: <>
    Date: Tue, May 9, 2017 at 11:10 AM
    Subject: RE: SPIROLEPT / VaxSpiral (R)
  • Dear Mr Cristoph, Thank you for your e-mail below.
  • Kindly be advised that Sanofi does not market any vaccine against Leptospirosis in Malaysia. Please consult your healthcare provider regarding your medical condition as appropriate.
  • Best regards,
  • Dr. Shahnun Ahmad
  • Medical Excellence Manager
  • Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei
  • Level 18-1, Tower B, Plaza 33 – No. 1, Jalan Kemajuan, Seksyen 13,  46100 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, MALAYSIA
  • Tel : +603 7651 0910  Mobile: +6013-391 0110

Coco-bay Resort Malaysia is a hop, skip and skid-row Jump from Kuala Lumpur but light years away from the year 2017. It’s still 1346-1353 here at Coco-bay. The tale I have to tell you is a cautionary tale. History does repeat itself. Port Dickson is a place lost in time in all ways.  Its heyday was in the late 1980’s 30 years ago, when people flocked to the area for a little R&R making this a Malaysian Miami. But that gold rush period ended quickly and many large hotels now lie, like discarded desiccated whale carcasses. It’s known as a very “haunted” region due to the towering structures sightless in their permanent windowless, gray guano caked exteriors. They appear to stare down on you. It’s now a home to Monkeys, Rats, mice, Birds, Bats and CATS. Kochings (cats) are everywhere. Sitting on your dining table, your seats and there is always a sense of forlornness and mange from these creatures that I love.  These koching are parasitic.

Toxic plasmodium can also be added to your menu of selected diseases, served up on a platter or your bed.

But you need to see this list that CACA-BAY RATSORT has for you a brilliant smorgasbord of death.

  • Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome expanded.
  • Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome collapsed.
  • Lassa Fever collapsed.
  • Leptospirosis collapsed.(MALAYSIA EPIDEMIC) 
  • Lymphocytic Chorio-meningitis (LCM) collapsed.
  • Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever collapsed.
  • Plague collapsed.
  • Rat-Bite Fever collapsed.

The haunting element is real documented by many. I too saw things and felt things hard to define. So I asked the security guards,  – “this place is creepy I think it’s haunted?”  He/they say, “Yes many a guest is complaining of that as well. You are not alone. People are afraid to sleep here” Great just what I needed. More hoodoo to this voodoo. Let’s put the really cre-cre into the bizarre – a haunted strip of hotels that releases the plague. This needs to be a movie. But interestingly in the paranormal world haunted places are also notorious for harboring deadly diseases.

I walked into 1, hainted condo the other night to film and as I walked in the door slammed shut behind me. I tried to get out and the broken door with NO LOCK was jammed. I could not open it. So I had to force it open. 



 He has lived in desolate cities, in houses no one would inhabit which are destined to become ruins.  (Job 15:28)



  • THE MALAYSIAN PLAGUE – Leptospirosis diseases



 Discovering / Confirming the LEPTOSPORISIS

Malaysia is still quite a dangerous place to live and visit and I was lured to Coco-bay Resort even after telling my acquaintance, I cannot go to a mold filled environment, having experienced the worst black mold at The Swiss hotel in Penang, Malaysia.

It never dawned on me to state and plead no exposure to vermin, rodent’s rats. Mice feces/piss etc. As to I guess, all concerned that travel, that world of rats and mice  as bed mates is not considered de rigueur in our modern times. I have only seen rats in garbage in Toronto. But as a cream filling in my bed linens – no Kapiche!

  I guess – well that proves that COCO-BAY MALAYSIA EST UN DÉCHARGE DE DÉCHETS . The Medical staff here though aware of the issue at COCO-BAY, are indifferent to any concern that you have. Stingy with medications – offering bizarre objections NOT to give it? Or maybe more sinister is that I am foreign and that the medicine may be for the locals as supplies though not hard to get, have to be ordered. They practice a delinquent form of medicine more related circa 1300 as per YP, the plague. These following -pix are a Coco-Bay reality. I wondered if the Goh(st) furnished his condos from these places within the very floors of the building. 

  • The above photos are from other condominiums in the condo buildings where I stayed. The level of decay and pestilence is beyond comprehension.  No wonder I was infected. This I find out after the infection. I was only there for 10 days and then infected, for the rest of my life. 

I have to write this event for several reasons. My impending death?, impairment – danger all the same- from this – the lives of others to follow . No I don’t have the plague – well – its ‘A-plague’ – and not contagious human to human, I am told by the now – 10 doctors I have tried to see and get help for a massive infection. That came out of no where.  It does or can kill as it has no known cure – just treatment – until the veil parts. These doctors hedge their bets? But I see that it’s not laissez faire but I /we just dont care, its abject cruelty in nature. And I suppose its sado-masochistic fun to see the visitors just go crazy trying to get medical assistance, which they will deny. (Again I was told by Malaysians – Welcome to Malaysia!)  

 No one knew at the time exactly for sure what I was exposed to but, 01-13-17- 03-10-17.  I did find out. A culinary hodgepodge of desiccated – rat feces and urine and lizard covered in mold and parasites? Which had dined on the feces – and urine.. Was now in my body. From a rat/urine infused blanket. Leptospirosis Indeed. Which triggers ongoing severe anaphylaxis making treatment more challenging . 

 Madre dos dios – tuez-moi maintenant!

Caveat- Upon seeing more doctors, they said, its not “the YP plague” its a plague vector LEPTOSPIROSIS – I am exposed to. Difference being as that the critter -el rato de cocobay – does not carry “the Bubonic plague” however it does carry a ton of other diseases in situ. Since it has been 2 months since the infection and though I am very ill. NO one else is being infected by me. Is my body at risk,? Yes as I have to have an ECG – and some brain scans to see if the infection has caused a recorded damage. As the disease vector is the same – Rat- then as the rat based infections will -appear similar. High fevers, severe rashes, and illness. It includes attacks to the major organs degrees of neurological impairment. If untreated. Death, paralysis that kind of thing?

 Apparently the doctors here in PD are accustomed to treat many patients with all kinds of diseases from the insect, bacteria and vermin filled world that is here. But they all refused to treat me. as I am canadian. Problem I never went looking for it. It was in my bed. X2. So it’s a HOLY FKCU you experience.  So no B.plague Yersina Pestis is the deadly contagious version. Per se but death rides on the coattails of any rodent exposure that is up close and personal and its associative world, a critter that has carried YP in its history. I know not much consolation. Still seeking Medical help. And it’s too late. As you see the doctors in Port Dickson are a motley crew and practice 13th. Century Medicine. They i.e. doctors back in the day used to be called Quacks and in PD these Docs. are quackers. I had to go there- Gallows humor plus cracking awful jokes – is better than crying or depression. 

But the reality is its day by day. I can’t due to anaphylaxis take the antibiotics as prescribed. No bueno – plus – the disease lingers – I have come 10 minutes away from Death. Dying is a mofo experience you feel and experience such dread, such pain as if your soul is leaving and you sink within  yourself so deeply. Everything ceases to exist and the blackness is deafening.  You scream internally and you slip further and further away. There is a tunnel but there is no END-light. 

P.S. They actually use Google for diagnoses and dosage protocols – Google is their Medical Journal. Another WTF Moment!


 Finally after 3 months I got replies back – but it’s too late.  The infection is now in its tertiary stages and my heart is damaged. But Sunway Medical Center  (KL) after weeks of my emailing all departments responded from January 13 th. 2017- March 27th 2017.

Leptospirosis is in the Malaysian news every year and the news stresses its very dangerous – Reality, So any and all expats and Visitors. Be aware and in the end stay away from Malaysia. Or come highly prepared.

Try and Get the vaccines SPIROLEPT / VaxSpiral ® – usually not available in the US or Canada but you need them FOR MALAYSIA. So far I cannot find it. 

 It’s not from the water or soil – it’s in your Hotel/ Condo Beds, placed there deliberately by Malaysian housekeeping staff. This is CRIMINAL! Please note that as the Malaysian Doctors will ignore you – send you on Wild goose chase and deny you their assistance 100%of the time. You will get very ill before you get better.   BTW I met a man in the pool whose brother contracted Leptospirosis and died in 3 days. He says I have not seen you before today where have you been? I said sick with leptospirosis.  He says and you are not dead yet? I said no, but it will happen. ? (We all die sometime.) After the April 3 rd Brain Bleed. I had crushing headaches- a feeling of illness so deep that many times I put my hands over face in agony. I thought my soul is trying to leave my body. The blackness was overwhelming. 

Then a rush of warmth in my brain and sweat poured out of me like a river and I used my hands over my head to wipe the sweat-water away.  The pillows – the sheet – my clothing were soaking wet. And my hands were stained RED. I looked at my hands in disbelief – Blood wtf? I lost time then – fell asleep? Or passed out? I woke up 5 hours later – stunned – what just happenned. I spent the next few days in bed – medicated – and then felt better. I told the doctor in the Klinik , he said you had a Brain Bleed- ? He looked at me and you are still here – standing – in front of me? I replied, ” well I was in bed for 3 days – just took the pills and rested”. He says next time come in. Hmm lets see – NO – these  events take place at 3-5am. There is no car – no bus – no ambulance-  no doctor!  So no bueno. 

 These are the best hospitals that are supposed to treat Leptospirosis are- But don’t expect to get treated. I asked for this January 14 and got it March 28th. While the condition is known as Rat fever – there is no known cure and the untrained doctors – will REFUSE to treat you. They say – You cant have it as you should be dead. And that is what is happening. 

 PD District Government hospital.  Address: KM 11,, Jalan Pantai, 71050 Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia        Phone: +60 6-648 7333
2. General Hospital Kuala Lumpur   Address: Jalan Pahang, 50586 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  Phone: +60 3-2615 5555
3. University Malaya Hospital Kuala Lumpur  Address: Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya, Lembah Pantai,, 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia  Phone: +60 3-7949 4422 

Lokman Hakim Sulaiman

The health ministry’s deputy director-general for public health, Dr Lokman Hakim Sulaiman, is aware of the issue.

 But he is not aware of it at Cocobay Resort, I guess I have to tell him.
Les politiciens malaisiens sont connus pour être endormi en permanence au volant de la vie..

I did finally look at Videos on Rats and their infections and its as bad as I expected. Leptospirosis diseases in Malaysia is endemic. So far no doctor made an attempt to diagnose only saying yes, you have been exposed to a virulent vector but we don’t know what to test for. Disambiguation or just plain incompetence. 

Though this info is available everywhere. Treatment is hard to get and testing is not now possible, yikes. Apparently, you have to be tested as soon as you are infected. I could not find a doctor or Hospital and began massive antibiotics. Any tests will be skewed as a result.  So once again into the breach. But there is also the medical reality is to get Doxycline etc. As soon as the infection starts. Prior to any diagnosis. Which makes it a challenge to be diagnosed.


 As we live in a closed  circuit world – meaning we are affected by all life forms on this planet, nothing by virtue is of little in-consequence anymore. Cause and effect is more visible now. Is that Karma? So Coco-bay is Karma for us humans? Interesting? So does the Butterfly that flaps its wings in the Amazon responsible for the massive storms that destroy human lives and buildings? In this case yes. 1 encounter with this beast at Coco-Bay Resort Malaysia has changed my life forever.  Now is the pen mightier than the sword? 

Exposure due to Rat Feces in bedding. Massive bites and infection. Infection Date January 13th 2017.

A big Question.  Why is human leptospirosis neglected and under-reported? Leptospirosis may present with a wide variety of clinical manifestations. These may range from a mild “flu”- like illness to a serious and sometimes fatal disease. It may also mimic many other diseases, e.g. dengue fever, typhoid, viral hepatitis and other viral haemorrhagic diseases. Icterus (jaundice) is a relatively common symptom in leptospirosis but is also found in many other diseases involving the liver such as various forms of hepatitis.

They are, therefore, often not recognized as a presenting feature of leptospirosis. Icterus may be totally absent even in some of the severe cases that present with complications involving other organ systems such as severe pulmonary hemorrhage, which develop early in the course of the disease. Such cases are being reported in increasing frequency from various places in the recent years.. The diagnosis is confirmed by laboratory tests, but these are not always available.

For these reasons, leptospirosis is neglected and under-reported. Is leptospirosis an endemic or an epidemic disease? Leptospirosis is endemic in many countries, across the world. It often has a seasonal distribution, increasing with increased rainfall or higher temperature. However, the disease can occur throughout the year. Epidemics may be associated with changes in human behaviour, animal or sewage contamination of water, changes in animal reservoir density, or follow natural disasters such as cyclones and floods. Fuck that shit it was in my bed. Put there by a nasty vicious MR.Goh. This was not an act of god, this was an act of filth.

What happens to the pathogenic leptospires after they have penetrated the human body? After infection, leptospires appear in the blood and invade practically all tissues and organs. They are subsequently cleared from the body by the host’s immune response to the infection.

 However, they may settle in the convoluted tubules of the kidneys and be shed in the urine for a period of a few weeks to several months and occasionally even longer. They are then cleared from the kidneys and other organs but may persist for up to a year. So bitching!

ENCORE – Madre dos dios – tuez-moi maintenant!

Les événements du 11 mai – sont exceptionnels. J’ai maintenant besoin d’une aide extrême. Je suis sur le point d’assassiner. Si l’homme que je connais seulement comme Goh est d’obtenir, c’est un moyen. Je me battre pour ma vie à partir de cette Leptospirose humaine persistante et virale que j’ai prise à la main de Goh. Hier en parcourant le parking et en faisant de ma vie simple. Goh était là – dans le parking, me voit et commence à crier –

– il commence à crier au sommet de sa voix – dans cette guttural – Toi désagréable – baise toi et je vais te tuer! Où vas-tu, d’où viens-tu? Je vais te tuer … Je vais te tuer!

Les gardes de sécurité à la porte – ont été témoins de l’événement – ils ne me connaissent pas – mais ils connaissent GOH – alors j’ai dû écrire et demander des conseils – du Canada. Rien ne peut être fait – jusqu’à ce qu’il me frappe – mais – au moins je laisse les gens savoir à ce sujet. Mais c’est tellement dangereux. Je suis un Canadien dans une mer de Malaisiens – facile à repérer – facilement chassé.

 Vaccines not available – SPIROLEPT  & VaxSpiral ®



Here are some of the Medical findings. The heart has a serious? Malfunction, sitting on recorded vector that place a value to coronary heart disease – That was sudden in appearance. I do not have personally heart disease – but the family of origin does. So I take care but it’s this kind of miasma that brings a possibility into a probability.

Receiving the Bad Heart News, LUKUT MALAYSIA

Dr.Teh, March 20th 2017, upon looking at my medical history and injuries, analyzed my heart, looked at the x-rays of my jaw and abdomen. What he said was extraordinarily important. ” I see, so you had untreated exposure to natures best bacterial warfare and without receiving the appropriate Medical care at the time.

The infection stayed in your body and attacked your bone and nervous system, giving you massive septicemia. And causing your near death experiences. This is a lot of damage. Now your heart is damaged from exposure to Rat feces.  My response, ” So when I said it felt I was covered in ACID, it was a not just a verbal reality. It was reality”

Dr. Teh, continues” Which can happen again if you do not continue treatments. Your Heart is experiencing the same issues due to a recent acute infection. You are now cusping on Permanent Heart Disease.

  • Les Malais Je veux dire sans manquer de respect, mais appelons une pelle une pelle sont sale sale. Et dégénéré. Si je suis en colère sa réponse correcte. Comme je suis horriblement abusé par ces malais.

I will update the condition as it develops, so that it is understood. I did not video the pox marks -with its syphilitic or plague like expression. However based on these pictures yikes they are similar to what I had. These 50 boils (with the plague you are consumed by pox) – of a variety of shapes, colors and sizes lasted for about a month and there are flare ups if I am exposed to? Touch? It could be in the water. The itching was so severe – that I used 3M scouring pads for the kitchen to scour and exfoliate these gross lesions.

  • Leptospirosis in Malaysia is endemic and recently has made in roads from the accustomed Malaysian flooding’s into the condos of Port Dickson. Port Dickson is a sleepy town 60 kilometers from Kuala Lumpur. The Resort condos have decayed and Rats, mice and Monkeys have moved in. The Squalor is aberrant and the Leptospirosis once relegated to the outdoors has moved inside. The rodents defecate on the furniture and the bedding, leaving unsuspecting guests to become infected.   
  • Adventure vacations become misadventure and infections untreated lead to death.

I poured Dettol and Bleach on me. I went into the Sea spending hours to drain them and used sand and its minerals to help heal them. I felt disfigured. I could feel the pox on the back of my eyes. I lay in bed analyzing my body as it failed. I listed, all the sensations, as you can feel the body as it fails (I was in 4th. year pre-med, 40 years ago, so anatomy, physiology- Bio-chemistry-virology I know)  – and reported to my doctor in Toronto.

 I am trying to get through to my doctor in Vancouver as he was the only Doctor that had taken the time when I was last so ill in 1998. It seems that zoonotic infections are rampant. Leptospirosis indeed! 

January 13-27 – 2017 -The incubation period is 2 days to 3 weeks. The acute phase (approximately 7 days) presents as an acute febrile illness with symptoms including headache (can be severe and include retroorbital pain and photophobia), fever, chills, myalgia, nausea, diarrhea, abdominal pain, uveitis, conjunctival suffusion, and a skin rash.

The second or immune phase is characterized by antibody production and the presence of leptospires in the urine. The icteric or severe form of the disease (Weil disease) occurs in 5%–10% of patients with leptospirosis.

 Symptoms include jaundice, renal failure, hemorrhage (especially pulmonary), cardiac arrhythmias, pneumonitis, and hemodynamic collapse.

Weil disease-So it’s a mess.. I complained of cysts, a feeling of pressure that was on my optic nerve retroorbital pain and that when I went outside I threw my hands up over my eyes, reacting like a TV vampire – and covering my eyes -in great shock. And my heart beat a fandago -till meds of March 21, 2017. 

 Can you imagine with all the care I am taking that I had to end up. Like this? Yes, I am looking for answers. But it can’t be here. Malaysia will kill me faster. Canada is too far away and it has to be Vancouver. But can you imagine the horror if I say to the customs at Vancouver Airport – sorry but I have been exposed to the/a plague and just flew – 12,000 miles in a tube in the sky? They will kill me too? I am going to get more shots – of everything – and I have the heart scan in a few hours and a brain scan coming up. Does exposure mean you have it? or ?  In the end – it’s more than a nightmare. How long do I have? Leptospirosis indeed!  Pills and Poo. The insanity of treatment is a reflection of the filth I was and am exposed to. 

MEDICAL RECEIPTS & notes – Thus Far! 

  1. Receipts for RAT -CRAP
  2. Multicare pharmacy PD Malaysia
  3. klinikteh
  4. PatientMalaysiaPD
  5. The Malaysia WHO Representative
  6. To whom it may concern
  7. christopher de caermichael 20.3.2017.pdf ( 1)
  8. christopher de caermichael 20.3.2017
  9. Dear Doctor greatdeal4world
  11. klinik asia receipt
  12. more on the plague
  13. CDCHEART SCAN 20.3.2017 (1)CDCHEART SCAN 20.3.2017 (2)
  14. Dear Canadian Embassy in Kl
  19. Sunway
  20. Doctor SUMMARY June 12
  22. Contacted Dr. Hedy Fry & Dr. Lawson Baird

I am on weekly shots of Rocephin, a week by week script of Flagl, Doxycline, Dapson, pain killers.  Many vitamins – Vit C and a calcium blend 3x a day to stop the Anaphylaxis. Some TCM herbs to offset any kidney -liver imbalances. A beta blocker for the Heart which conflicts with all these and though lowering the high Blood pressure – causing hypertension that aggravates the Anaphylaxis, which makes me swell- bloat etc.. I react by not sleeping – so Xanex – and the antihistamines a lot of different varieties. Not all pharmacies have the same nor all doctors have the same. I rest – mediate – swim in the sea and do a lot of Hail Mary’s- the Maha Mitryanda – om mane pad me hom-Koranic prayers. etc. 


klinik asia av receipt

Le INCREDIBLE – Vancouver – Canada -Cabinet privé unique  Droit fils Barbe

Barbe est un médecin extraordinaire. Il doit être cloné car son attention au détail est exquise. Il n’y en a qu’un seul et nous ses patients exigent tant. Mais Kudos sur une vie servie si bien, pour aider les autres. Il fait une différence. Et devrait être applaudi et appuyé. J’espère le voir bientôt. À Vancouver. Comme son mon blog et je tente une intervention internationale. Je fais appel à tous. Et avertissant également le monde du danger extraordinaire que Coco-Bay – Port-Dickson – le personnel médical non formé dans cette région. La maladie des rats est aussi proche de la «peste» que vous voudriez jamais En Malaisie, il est encore une réalité Et oui, je peux encore mourir de cela Il faut un an pour enlever la maladie de votre corps.

new script with doxy 001

Yes, the medications that I brought are a profound what’s what of a script that I could tolerate. I did at the time go through all the normal responses you would  do when you are travelling but you have not factored in Port Dickson – or its populace or its raison d’etre exist on the fringes of time.  As so is its Medical support and basically anything related to this place that can support the Black Death. Or the Malaysian version Leptospirosis indeed! 

Is your appetite whet as yet?. It does go into the Mundane. As it was a slow decline into eternal obscurity of potential death. The final chapter. The last hurrah. The videos may help. But at least I did one last deed – I tried to warn all others. This Rat feces/urine was in both condos in the beds.  Leptospirosis indeed! The videos establish el rato de cacabay, beyond any shadow of doubt

 They are a few characters in this almost Kafkaesque twist (The TRIAL) of a modern tale of Horror.

I, as the victim/conqueror am Xtoph De C am I the lead or Principle Victim?

The second Mephisto – a  malaysian scoundrel callously dispatched me to this funerarium.


With his minion Gollum, a bizarre character a Gho (st), the 3rd, ( the wraith of a housekeeper) the drunk, miserly enraged SOB who planted the toxic bedding filled with a juicy filling of Rat Feces that had festered with mold, parasites, worms and Bedbugs all waiting for the feast, my body. Stinging me to the point that it felt as if Acid had been poured all over my body. I am trying to find or take a pix of the  Goh (st) and the DOBI- GOLLUM resemblance is quite famazing. Literally! 

 This is the beginning of the tale. Formally written that had no response from the Officials at CHC. For some reason I went into excruciating detail, possibly as every word recreated a moment in that time, a haunting tune of the brain, mind-vision dying. But holding on to life. I am reeling as the images that I gathered to plug into the piece actually showed precisely what I was exposed to and experienced.  

So, yes, I have a rat based -plague(ish) related infection. Or its ancestral version 2017 a great x6 removed. Apparently not contagious only deadly to the victim. So a WTF moment. This is a CRIME! 

Dying is an intense experience and I am all alone. The doctors here say its not the YB plague as they are thinking 13th century but its 2017 and a new version may be on its way. But I will probably die, from lack of care before its a contagion. Health is wealth and the expenditure are adding up too fast. All this is not just hap-chance. The illiterate and destructive LL GOH – and the hapless Y. Djuly once combined with the coco-bay resort became the perfect triad of illness and near death.   Leptospirosis indeed! 

I had medical tests done prior to coming to Malaysia. To establish a baseline plus I want to get Chelation here in Malaysia and 1 clinic had asked for all this.  They confirm -No history of Heart disease. No history of any disease.

 But Malaysia is known for all kinds of corruption. From INNET – CATCH-THE-BUS – TM- CIMB – MANY HOTELS – OTHER BANKING INSTITUTIONS- TREFOIL – COCO-BAY – And all I get in return is WELCOME TO MALAYSIA !  SO NO THANK YOU ! 



The following I found as posted by Canada but not on the CHC Malaysian KL homepage.

 Overall Crime and Safety Situation

Post Crime Rating: High

Coastal areas of southeastern Sabah – Avoid non-essential travel

Global Affairs Canada advises against non-essential travel to to the coastal areas of southeastern Sabah, from the northern district of Beluran to the southern town of Tawau and all nearby islands, due to the risk of kidnapping and violence. These areas include, but are not limited to, the beaches of Sandakan, resorts along both the Kinabatangan River (district of Sukau) and the Sabahan River (district of Kunak), the islands of Kapalai, Lankayan, Ligitan, Mabul, Mataking, Pom Pom, Selingan, Singamata, Sipadan, and other resort islands off the shores of Semporna. They should add Kl, Shah Alam and Port Dickson. Or just say MALAYSIA. 


 Dear Canadian Embassy in Kl,

High Commissioner Judith St. George

Street Address:
Canadian High Commission
Immigration Section
18th Floor, Menara Tan & Tan
207 Jalan Tun Razak
50400 Kuala Lumpur

Tel.: (603) 2718-3385
Fax: (603) 2718-3311

The story is truncated here for brevity. Its in the above list. NOTE CHC added only more chaos the staff are completely untrained to deal with real life situations, preferring  to act as  google operators. 911 state your emergency please? Leptosporosis? I see one moment.  You can get your nails done at Dairy Queen is the response.


Discovering the LEPTOSPORISIS March 10th.

Before coming on the journey I had discussed with a doctor Dr. Anthony Chen what Travel meds to take and out think the possible bacteriological or any pathogen that I may encounter. As I was allergic to so many meds (antibiotics) I/we had to choose carefully.It was now 4am and I was in quite the state. There was no one to call and I had to solve this emergency. I started taking Dapsone a heavy antibiotic that was prescribed in the event of such – a situation.

 I took it and within a couple of hours, I started to get better. The pain went away and the fever reduced. I then turned my attention to what was in that bed and what had happened. It was now around 7 am and I was a bit delirious due to this unknown attack. I threw the blanked and sheets in a large bucket. I had bleach and Dettol and soap and the bedding in the water – turned RED. It looked like BLOOD – and there were bits of what looked like feces in it. ? (Rat feces is blood/red in color and when you el rato de cacabay poop you piss- instant LEPTOSPORISIS  ) All this is gallows humor. I’m so disgusted bordering on vitriolic. I have to use Gallows’ humor to deflect the enormous pain.  So there you have the Red/Rust of the Rat Feces that was in a blanket that I had on me. Its beyond gross – by this time shock had set in with exhaustion. I scrubbed the bed, the floor etc – put the mattress outside and fell asleep exhausted. On the couch.  A few hours later – as in 8.  I awoke and looked at the body damage and the absolute mess of this place.

I contacted Dr. Chen in Toronto. Contacted the Dr. in Vancouver leaving messages and also my Homeopathic Doctor in Toronto.  I also had started calling the local hospital – and emailing Kliniks to get directions as to what to do. But this is Port Dickson and the locals mainly only speak Malay and very little English. It was important to know where to go as to find medication etc and who could provide it. But also remember I was at this time very ill and based on the recent history of anaphylaxis. I had to be careful. I only had 2 attacks in Shah Alam of the reaction versus every day in Toronto and when I was in Thailand at the Beach. I had no reaction. Here at the beach from the 3-till the 13th I was in great shape.I had once I was in the sea my health improved immediately. I was taking long walks etc. Beginning to run and hike etc. This may be mundane to you dear Canada. But to me it so important that I was getting better. After 4 years of great struggle in Toronto – I had finally stopped taking all these pills – allergy and whatever meds that they gave me that caused me to be so sick.

I had no replies from any PD Medical establishments – 1 reply from Dr. Chen, saying that as I was away,  seek, DUH,  local care and take the meds that he had prescribed. As I had a lot of these meds. I took them but I was aware that I was very ill. And from history in Canada – Dr’s had a hard time treating it – and had caused more problems. So going to a hospital / Dr.– or even getting ill was never an option here in Malaysia, though I did try and the experience here makes, any Gothic drama a Disney production. Malaysia in Port Dickson is singularly hell.

 The locals say – these places will KILL you! 


I reported “the attack” to the rental agent and he called Goh-s and he said it’s the housekeepers fault. He, the corrompu fou Goh,  is the housekeeper as it turned out.  From January 13 – to the 29th – I would say now I was so out of it. I was in daze and though the medication was working? I was getting weaker and weaker.  It was a slow process. This is told 2 months after the event. Time was needed to get better and also to establish it was a  huge problem. As there was a massive event but this outcome was unknown, until March 10th 2017. The reason being is that it was no ordinary Bed bug/ parasitic attack, mold, fungal attack. The “blood” red color and feces I saw in the water was due to it being rat/mice feces. Any bacteria / mold / bedbugs/ parasites came from Rat/ Mouse feces that is blood/rust red in color. Treatment has to be in turns out specific to that species and realm and it us known to damage all your major organs.  Leptospirosis etal indeed! 

  • Here is a video of the absolutely Gilla – Goh and the corruption and confirmation of his decrepit personage. Goh is Dobi, the Gollum. Legal bodies were contacted to access Goh in case of my death. 

By this time, I had my first encounter with the corrompu, fou, alcoolique, dérangé, violent Goh-st. 12-2-17He was insane and came at me – screaming, swinging chains and muttering all kinds of madness. I had no idea who he was and what he was shouting -talking about. Alice should go back to Wonderland and take her minions. Or is it more Macabre and related to Dante’s inferno?



Donc Yu m’observait et inconnu – mes signes de maladie qu’il n’approuvait pas – en fait, il était incroyablement offensé que j’étais tellement malade? Il a commencé à faire des remarques insultantes sur ma faiblesse à? moi – ?? Je ne connaissais pas ce gars du tout. Je suis amené à un endroit que je ne connaissais pas. Vous avez été infecté par? A été exposé à la folie de Goh. Il est tombé très malade et il a été offensé? Et il m’a amené ici. Viser une flèche directement à l’enfer. Tout simplement génial! Mais c’est aussi facile.Un faux mouvement et votre monde est changé pour toujours.

  J’ai simplement et poliment expliqué que c’était la maladie qu’il observait et c’était tout. J’ai essayé de trouver un autre hébergement – loin de Coco-Bay – de GOH et de Yu. Comme je me suis rendu compte que cette situation se détériorait pour des raisons si peu claires pour moi. Yusuf a disparu pendant un certain temps, ce qui signifie pas de contact de lui. Aussi je ne l’ai pas engagé, car ses réponses étaient inattendues et confuses. Je m’étais arrangé pour sortir de l’appartement de Goh. J’ai contacté Yusuf pour expliquer la situation via FB – je lui ai envoyé un message sur les effets secondaires et que je dois repenser tous mes plans – de quitter Cocobay – d’organiser mon voyage au Canada via la Thaïlande – sa réponse était pour moi de fermer! ? Il regrettait de m’assister? Et de le laisser tranquille. La diatribe est ci-dessous. Au total, nous avons eu peut-être 12 rencontres – en 5 mois – la situation de GOH – l’infection et mes collapses ont été malheureux pour moi. Une situation que d’une certaine manière il a arrangé et je paierais peut-être avec ma vie … semble dramatique mais pas. Je peux seulement conseiller d’autres que vous simplement ne pouvez pas faire confiance à tout et éventuellement tous les Malaisiens car ils sont de ce côté de Loki et détourné et les interactions deviennent facilement catastrophiques.

 I called all the KLINIKS and Hospitals again. I finally got through to the Hospital – and 5 of their staff – stated DO NOT COME HERE – DO NOT COME TO EMERGENCY – GO to Klinik Kesihatan Port Dickson : 75C Jalan Dato K. Pathmanaban, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan, Malaysia Phone:+60 6-647 2800. Later local PD residents said, “Good thing you did not go there as for certain they would have killed you. And there are reasons for that.

In Malaysia, the indigenous Malays are given a free pass in education. They do not have to study or apply themselves to have an education. They are just granted degrees just for enrollment and attendance and I saw the assignments.

 The lecturer in a biochemistry course posed a question involving ATP and asked the S’s to submit an article?   The article? Was 50-80 pages of Reference material? He only wanted a bibliography. No written material from the S’s. NO analysis – nada? I asked is this all you do? They said yes – I asked about tests? They said – it’s an open book – all are open book and the answers are provided by the lecturer. So it’s a no fail.  So – yes they can kill you! 

The following supports the realities that I found. Is ignorance bliss?  Or as I uncovered earlier in research, this Malaysian reality is outré!. View the vids. 

No one seems to be surprised that Malaysia wasn’t in that prestigious list. Christyn Anysha, a social media specialist who has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication, said that Malaysian universities don’t place emphasis on updating their syllabus or keep up with the changing times.

“A lot of what is taught in Malaysian universities are theories and very little on practicality and things that require critical thinking. Some varsities in the UK push for one year internships and long as it may sound, the value gained from that one year is undeniable versus a three-month stint.”

Sandra Lim, who has a Bachelor’s Degree in Food Studies, is currently working as a marketing assistant at a foreign embassy. She too echoes the same opinion as Anysha, stating that her bosses at work observed that interns from Malaysian universities do not have critical thinking or problem-solving skills, in comparison to interns from Australian universities.

  • Tout ce que je décris est la capacité malysienne de créer la FRAUDE, voler votre argent, vous nuire de toute façon ils peuvent. Ne faites jamais confiance à ces malysiens, car ils sont tous des gens dangereux.

In Malacca – I became very ill – the antibiotics had finished. So I was still unaware of what had bitten me in the attack.  But it was revealed in the move. Malacca was useful in making me aware that I could not go anywhere- The Visa chop – the extension to stay in Malaysia would have to be done here in Malaysia. In Malacca

 I simply collapsed- the heat – the walking around – in 2 hours I was lying on the benches beneath the museum – overcome. Yu was looking for me as I had just wondered off to sleep. Anaphylaxis had hit and I was stiffening up. Meaning I was experiencing – a physical response from the bacteriological attack – parasitic attack that led to joint pain and stiffness. I need a tetanus shot or anaphylactic shock injection. Epi Pen injections run at 1700 ringgits. A tetanus shot is 40.00 ringgits.

I was too leave Malaysia via Dumai, Indonesia. Yu was going to come along as he knew the city of Dumai, plus I was unsure of my physical ability or get the extension by the 28th. On the 27th. I was in many doctors’ offices. They were on lunch or? I was told come back at 5 or 7 etc. Pm. It was just 1.30 pm. I went to Klinik Kesihatan Port Dickson and what I experienced on the phone with The Hospital and the lack of response from the Klinik it was much worse in Person.

  • I paid my fee – and saw a Dr. who then upon listening to my analysis of events and though having the Anti- Tetanus shot, in his hand, decided to NOT give it to me – on the grounds that I could get it anywhere? I was shocked – “what do you mean. Anywhere?” 

 He says you can go to any Klinik in PD and they can give you any # of vaccines including Tetanus. Since this was not the case – as I had called and sent requests and got no response and prior to getting to the Kesihatan, I had gone to 3 of them near the bus station in PD – and the staff said no – GO TO Kesihatan. Dr. is not in and we don’t carry any of this stuff – or go to KL.  I said I require at least a tetanus shot, he said NO – and called a Klinik on the phone. The surrealism of it all – was to see this doctor pantomime all kinds of good news – a thumb up and say Hurry and go to Klinik Ang. They have it all- I said are you sure – this is 5 hours of a wild goose chase. He says yes I have confirmed it all.

 After seeing many doctors, I found that the Doctor at Klinik Asia to be the most helpful. But he will NOT notarize any of my scripts, or give me a letter explaining that he was treating me for any infection. He has many of these documents in his possession but refuses to officially document my experience. He just said NO- your case is too complicated. Its only complicated based on all this written experience. But I am documenting it with the Canadian High Commission – who also is hands off in all situations. By the time I am done – I hope they change their mind, for all our Canadian and world traveler sakes.

PD is a slow coastal city. There are few buses – few taxis and few conveniences or niceties. The people here are so rough- I asked how to get there – The response was Get a taxi – I asked where from? They said I will call you one. Half hour goes by and no taxi. So they said go – outside on the street and get one. That has never worked for me here in PD. In Kl or Thailand taxi hustle you. Here they just drive past you. When I first got to PD – we got a taxi and we had to load my suitcases and the driver came out to look and jumped back into his car and drove off. Leaving us stranded.

 So I ended up walking in the heat back to town. It was now 5.30 the Klinik closes at 6pm . I finally got there – and waited to see Dr. Ang. He calls me in. I explained who I was and what I wanted and that the Dr. from Kesihatan had confirmed you have what I require. Dr. Ang says – “I did not – I told them I have to order it from Kesihatan” Go back to them and GET OUT. IM BUSY. Now I am really confused. I left – but by then it was after 6pm and I finally got a shot of tetanus from another Dr. and the other Klinik I had seen was open and I went in – told them the story and he said  you need ROCEPHIN.

 Rocephin is a very powerful multi spectrum antibiotic for infections related to the pathogenic world I had encountered. I was also given a lot of different other antibiotics for everything. This was late on February 28th – I took the drugs and went spiraling into side effects. They were very powerful releasing massive fevers- and the side effects were to make me dizzy and nauseas and had triggered anaphylaxis.  The first few days I barely remember of early March – I knew I slept a lot and sweated and time just was lost.

  • I finally moved into B1 – 6 – 08 – Cocobay on March 10th…. under the Auspices of another Dark denizen- but the denizen that proved Leptospirosis exist cacabay plague ratsort. 

 All this you need to know, as Trust the shlock is great here. Do not ever make the mistakes I have. DO NOT COME TO PORT DICKSON OR MALAYSIA- it’s a sub reality into Leptospirosis madness. 

  The place was adequate. It was a corner suite lots of light and air and it was cleanish. I did ask them to clean it, again. I moved my stuff in at 2- 6 am. But it quickly became critical – another horror story – the aircon had flooded the bed room suite. Again something I had not experienced before. I started videotaping the flood and the amount of water. I actually had to put in a 6 foot baby pool that I had to contain the flood – it’s on Video. So no exaggeration.

But and this is important – I had to move the bed- and it was  completely rotten – it was nothing but saw dust. I had checked the mattress – but not the bed. Once I moved the bed, I was faced to face with my nemesis. What I videotaped and took pictures off was the Rat Feces. This particular feces is red/rust in color exactly the same look and color of what was in the blanket and wash-water. Coco-bay is Gilla. Gilla is Malay for crazy. 

March 25th. There is more to this tale, as I temporarily stuck here. I am still hunting for treatment. I still have to prevent COCO-BAY – FROM ……..

I want all my $ refunded from all the rents – and Medical expenses.

 This ain’t over till – the cow jumps over the moon.
Date: Wed, Mar 29, 2017 at 5:13 PM

As for the issue we highly recommend you file a police report if you feel your safety is threatened.  There are several police stations in Port Dickson and I’ve listed them below.

Port Dickson Police Headquarters

Address: IPD Port Dickson, Ibu  Pejabat Polis Daerah, Port Dickson, Polis Diraja Malaysia, 71000 Port Dickson.

Tel : 06-6472222

    • Bukit Pelandok Police Station, 71960 Bukit Pelandok, Port Dickson. Tel: 06-6673212
    • Chuah Police Station, 71960 Chuah, Port Dickson, Tel: 06-6581422
    • Linggi Police Station, 71150 Linggi Port Dickson. Tel : 06-6970223
    • Lukut Police Station, 71010 Lukut, Port Dickson . Tel : 06-6511143
    • Pasir Panjang Police Station, 71250 Pasir Panjang. Tel : 066619 343
  1. Asha Nair Chandren
    Consular Officer | Agent Consulaire
  3. Telephone | Téléphone: (60-3) 2718-3333, 2718-3363 (direct)
    Facsimile | Télécopieur: (60-3) 2718-3399
    17th Floor/étage, Menara Tan & Tan, 207 Jalan Tun Razak, 50400 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia | Malaisie
  4. High Commission of Canada | Haut-commissariat du Canada

In Port Dickson Malaysia I contracted Leptosporisis. A rat feces/urine disease and it made me violently ill. I tried to get local medical help and failed the 1st go around. From January 13th- to February 26. I did all the normal things to get medical attention but they, the Dr’s and kliniks kept blowing me off, People watched me as I displayed all the signs of a terrible deadly disease and complained to me that i was so ill and weak,…I asked for help and they walked away.. wow..people – I did not know it was a Rat based disease until March 10th. That the owner-caretaker of the condo had deliberately placed Rat feces infused bedding for me to use. So there was no way to escape it. By the time i got help for that species of infection it was too late. My heart was damaged and my body was in deep trouble. So now as I face this final breach into a the other place – I say good-bye to y’all. I don’t know exactly how much much time I have left. I write this as my brain started to bleed. It bled right through my skull onto pillow case. A visible aneurysm. I felt awful at the time of this. Weird – a feeling of total collapse – and that I was facing a darkness and a feeling as if my soul was detaching itself from my body. Was life fun – sometimes – but mostly it was a drag. Oh well – trying to get more rest and see if I can make it through this but a fucked up heart and an aneurysm. Yes at times its very painful but then I may loose consciousness etc.



  • pharmacy bills phl

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