Death by Viral Persistent Human Leptospirosis in Malaysia.


Doctor SUMMARY June 12

I have resumed poxingbanner_black_death

Death by Viral Persistent Human Leptospirosis in Malaysia.

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The project continues work carried out by Professor Paul Hunt, firstly as a member of the UN Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights, and later as the first UN Special Rapporteur on the right to the highest attainable standard of health. Since stepping down as UN Special Rapporteur, Professor Hunt continues to work on health-rights with Essex colleagues, such as Dr Linsey McGoey and Genevieve Sander.

First of all – I am deeply sorry for the passing of Professor Sir Nigel Rodley KBE.Due to my horrific situation – i decided to Google about Canada’s human Rights and was dismayed that Sir Nigel was not only keenly aware of Canada;s violations – but as I was baffled by the non responses as well as the strange – unprofessional remarks ad conduct of the CHC in KL – my life is in danger. As in death could take place in weeks.

I am in a very dangerous situation and I require some advice. I am/was on Holiday in Malaysia. When disaster struck. On January 13th 2017 prior to my leaving Malaysia I was deliberately infected with what turned out to be then was Leptospirosis which became Viral Persistent Human Leptospirosis and now weil’s disease. Immediately upon infection I became violently ill and started a baffling – hunt for Doctors – Medication and I was routinely denied and finally after months of trying to get care – I was told by 2 doctors – 1 a local doctor in port Dickson and the Other a Large Medical Center in KL that the doctors here in Malaysia PREFER to not treat Visitors and will deny them treatment and medication. I had contacted the CHC in KL in March once i saw this at the time unconfirmed dangerous pattern. I thought they as the CHC would no better – but as it turned out they did not. As the infection was placed in my bed via the housekeeper – LL and it was one of the most fatal in the world. If untreated and or even if treated it must be in time – as all cases were eventually fatal. The Rat feces / urine colloquially known as Rat fever is a very established disease here in Malaysia. As this was an act of violence done to me – I did report to the authorities. My Visitors visa expired February 28th. I was told by immigration it would be okay – just bring my documents to prove it. But in speaking to the vice counsel of CHC-Kl he emphatically stated that I was facing arrest for an overstay. Then said they would provide transport back to Canada. The Vice counsel behavior was quite unusual and proved disingenuous. I asked for advice and never received a response. So as time was passing and the illness is very dramatic. Fevers – massive poxing – periods of blindness – weakness – my heart was immediately damaged etc. As the CHC -Kl was so questionable – I contacted Dr. Hedy Fry in Vancouver, a month ago – via phone & email. I received no response. In a few short weeks I may no longer be alive. I wrote incessantly as there was/is neurological impairment – and I could lose my memory and or develop issues that due to sepsis, could no longer speak. Hedy refused to respond. So does Canada want me to die.? I have details and more but soon there will bet a dead body. Please advise.

I came to Malaysia for a medical vacation. Toronto was a bizarre melange of illness, apparently environmentally acquired. It was all considered sudden onset – from weeks to months to years. That created a phenomena known as a shut in.  So as tests after tests indicated fairly normal responses yet I had extreme physical responses. Bleeding feet that peeled of – vomiting that makes a scene in the exorcist seem Disneyesque.

There were comas and the list goes on and on. Finally after 6 years, the tests proved that whatever medicines I received prescribed by many a Toronto doctor. I have always favored a holistic approach and after many urges from my Asian doctor, who had suggested that perhaps taking time out from Toronto and allowing the body to heal naturally.

Anaphylaxis a word I had no connection to or meaning. But it was a massive health risk, complicating any normal reality. So Malaysia and Thailand were chosen. I tried to save my life.  I have videos to help explain what I went through and I am going through. These mere words of this trial are not sufficient to impart on your minds the extraordinary events that I am suffering through.

The only plan was too get better, nothing else. Malaysia was very trying, corruption, lies, deception and at times sheer madness ensued. As the following will attest. It all goes horribly wrong and death beckons.

I left Shah Alam and was taken to a place called Cocobay Port Dickson on the beach. The place is so maligned in Port Dickson with locals shuddering at its name. It’s known for great filth. All this I did not know at the time. It took weeks and month to get to this information, I now know. 

I had arrived on January 03, 2017 and was fantastically better. The sea air had removed any lingering “anaphylaxis” but on January 13th. All hell broke loose and I was face to face with a reality that meant I would no longer exist unless I got back to Vancouver, Canada.  ASAP. I did not know exactly the cause of the infection. @ 3am – I went to bed on the 13th. And as I had washed all my bedding that had not dried from the winter rains, I placed a blanket so infected with, as it turns out to be Rat feces- Rat urine – that had fermented and was fed on by Bedbugs – parasites and fungus. And it was deadly.

I woke up screaming, as if bathed in Acid – bitten and in great pain. I was burning and my skin was bubbling up with gross poxes – hives- blisters in minutes. Fevers – shaking – I could not know as yet what had happened.  I had thrown the tweed I thought Blanket into a bucket of Hot water – bleach etc. what I saw freaked me out – I saw blood – well red pigmented water – what I saw and thought was blood clots? Menstrual blood – ? It was so disgusting. The blanket was beige not tweed.  The place was a dump and was rented by an agent- in his name – The disaster happened so fast – and I was very ill and reported the filth back to the agent. I did not meet the Landlord/ Cleaner and when I did the danger grew exponentially.

I spiraled into major illness. I called the Hospitals – Kliniks – as I had some antibiotics from Canada and all he said my doctor was get local medical help. As the antibiotics seemed to work? I had no real idea of what I was dealing with. Time flew by and I was just bed ridden till about February 12th.  He came – this strange Dodi of a Gollum man – with a chain, screaming – and incoherent. He was lurching, I found out later he was a very bad local drunk. He was threatening eviction and all kinds of madness.

This man was so threatening and violent – I wanted to get out of there fast. But I needed Medical care and I had to go away to get my last Visa re-entry to Malaysia. The illness had made me blind – blurred vision – very weak – confused. He extorted $ from me – and to get him away from this crazy – I paid. I was so bewildered by all these crazy people and events and just shut down. The agent trying to cheer me up suggested a walk that became a hike. 

Then I went on a hike. It was then I realized that my heart was acting really strange and it continued beating erratically – my chest was heaving. I had never had – any of this before and it was pounding in my ears. I had to find out what was wrong. But I later collapsed and could not get out to get the Visa or even get up out of bed.


Fast forward I found the Rat feces – and spent days tracking down doctors. I was refused in every Klinik, the Malaysian doctors at the Hospital and Klinik, denied me treatment – even though they had it. They just sent me all over Port Dickson – to Kuala Lumpur and the result was there was no Doctor or hospital in Malaysia that I contacted and went to that would help.  I went back at different hours and forcibly insisted and I got a lot of I don’t know maybe and they listed off – and I tried to buy it and they had no stock. Plus they all said, all the DOCTORS – YOU ARE GOING TO DIE! And that was the reason for the no treatment. I had been deliberately infected with a deadly disease, by a crazy man Mr.Goh. With no known cure in a country that has a history of this as Endemic. I contacted – all the Hospitals to get the vaccine and treatment. To NO AVAIL. THERE WAS NOTHING! There is brilliant crimson of the Rat feces. OMG! 


The Disease marched on and I got worse. I was staying in another place – hidden and taking a ton of medicines – that brought back the Anaphylaxis and the conflict of medications brought side effects.

I was trying to survive – day by day. I knew I had to get back to Vancouver to my Doctor Lawson Baird and get into hospital for a long journey of medicines.  By this time the Human Leptospirosis had become Viral and Persistent. I was covered in poxes – high fevers that flooded my bed – and very weak.

I am dying. The crazy man – Mr.Goh stalked me – and when he found me – started screaming – I will kill you – and running after me. Security Guards – talked to him. That was May 11th. It was then I realized further – I had to leave ASAP – I was going to be murdered. I was already deadly ill and now here was GILLA -GOH about to murder me – on top of the murder of the disease. This man was responsible for harming me – to the point of death and I could not get help.

Police refused – as they considered it a miss understanding and just told me to leave. I could not just leave – I had no $ to cover the flight – the meds were expensive. The disease was growing more intense.

I called SOS CANADA – for immediate evacuation. That went into another spin cycle. The Vice Counsel did a number on me. Scoffing – laughing at me – and causing me to panic further. I had to get more specifics – from my doctors? He wanted to talk to them. The Vancouver doctor had basically said get here – we can talk then. The Hospital said the same thing as this disease was not going to be easy to treat. And where was I to stay. ?? Plus to avoid incarceration from the delay based on the illness? I require a lawyer. I called the CHC to be defeated by them. Help? Maybe not?

Questions I could not answer. I did find out it was so complicated – and that I would need access to a lot of $ to get me back to Canada. And to get treatment. The treatment was very complex that it was uncertain what was going to work. My doctor said try crowd funding. As you will not survive Canada without $ to pay for these extra treatments you require. And accommodation in Vancouver was so expensive especially for your needs at the moment. You may qualify to be taken in – but it’s very basic and rough and after this Malaysian ordeal – the Canadian Ordeal may be worse.

A figure of between $20-30 thousand was floated. He said rent close to the hospital is about the $2000.00 range. I can’t share a place as the pain may make me vocalize and irritate any roommates.  Food costs? Furnishing? Treatments to cure this – are not covered – by any medical plans. So a hefty price tag. OMG !

So good luck he says. I did look into Bangkok hospitals – in Thailand and it was cheaper and if I get there – and get treated and then go to Canada. ?

Problem was I never had encountered all of this before and now my life hangs by a thread and the kindness of strangers.

Please help as this is beyond belief.


The following is the reality of Malaysia. Never come here. It’s a disaster! And no one seems to be aware of it.

Please Read the journey into HELL is all here.




But you need to see this list that CACA-BAY RATSORT has for you a brilliant smorgasbord of death.

  • Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome expanded.
  • Hemorrhagic Fever with Renal Syndrome collapsed.
  • Lassa Fever collapsed.
  • Leptospirosis collapsed.(MALAYSIA EPIDEMIC) 
  • Lymphocytic Chorio-meningitis (LCM) collapsed.
  • Omsk Hemorrhagic Fever collapsed.
  • Plague collapsed.
  • Rat-Bite Fever collapsed.

To ensure that Malaysia emphatically wants me dead? I use a poultice of Mustard Oil and Turmeric and I became GOLD. A beautiful tan but also the color of the Barracudas favorite food. I was attacked. Chased out of the sea. The sea bathing was de rigeur now I cant do it as much. It helped to get rid of this or calm down its poxing. I know people will never believe until they see. 



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